12 Secret Benefits of Asystasia Gangetica for Medical Uses

Asystasia gangetica, or more commonly known as Chinese violet, coromandel, creeping foxglove, or just asystasia in most countries, is one of plants used in herbal medicine. In Africa, it is a popular plant and often used in herbal medication. From the description of this plant, it seems Africa is largest producer, as well as its […]

20 Surprisingly Health benefits of Alum for Everyday Life

Alum is one of the chemicals in the form of crystals that can easily dissolve into the water. Alum itself is known as a material for treating water or often called chlorine. The water mixed with alum can change the color becomes clearer than the original color. Alum itself has many forms such as stone, […]

12 Amazing Benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage for Health

Reflexology foot massage has been acknowledged as one of ancient medical methods with many benefits. Some countries even have their particular method of reflexology. In China, there are two methods of reflexology massage; they are Tu ina and Zhi Ya. Japan is also well-known for its reflexology method called shiatsu. Not only reflexology, Japan also […]

9 Benefits of Taking Estrogen after Menopause

In this article, I will explain the benefits of taking estrogen after menopause. Menopause happens in middle-aged women (48-55 years old). Menopause is a condition where menstrual cycle stops, or the end of reproductive period. This is a natural condition, and all women will experience this. But the menopause symptoms give anxiety in women, since […]

15 Health Benefits of Urine Therapy (No.8 Shocking)

In this modern era people have tried many ways to solve disease problem and find new cure that is more effective than the conventional medication. Some medication ways is maybe seems weird for certain people but some others believed that those ways are effective to be done. One of unique healing method that human ever […]

9 Advantages of Laparoscopy Over Open Surgery (#Facts)

Maybe we are not familiar with laparoscopy, and even some people don’t know the meaning of such term. Laparoscopy is a new way of surgery which has been practised by modern medical surgeons. The term laparoscopy is derived from Greek word “laparo” which means the flank and “skopein” the examine. Actually laparoscopy has been familiar […]

4 Health Risks of Colonoscopy (No.3 Most Danger)

Colonoscopy is a procedure for detecting abnormalities in the colon and rectum. In medical, it is a procedure that allows the examiner to a gastroenterologist to evaluate the inside of the colon. This process is done by inserting a colonoscope with a camera into the rectum. Colonoscope is a flexible tube that has a length […]