20 Surprisingly Health benefits of Alum for Everyday Life

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Alum is one of the chemicals in the form of crystals that can easily dissolve into the water. Alum itself is known as a material for treating water or often called chlorine. The water mixed with alum can change the color becomes clearer than the original color. Alum itself has many forms such as stone, pencil, powder, crystal and so forth.

Alum is identical to a water purifier, but do you know if it turns out alum not only serves as a water purifier. But it can also be used for other purposes? The following are the health benefits of alum for everyday life such as:

  1. As a toothpaste manufacture material

Alum can be used as the main ingredient for making toothpaste. The use of alum in toothpaste can make your teeth look cleaner so that self-confidence can increase by itself.

  1. Pickles

Traditional pickling methods can be made by using alum powders. But keep in mind not to use alum excessively, because it can cause poisoning, especially if used for food.

  1. Processing water

As is known by many people, alum is one of the materials to treat water. In this case, alum can be used as a water purifier. Alum will capture fine particles in water and make aluminum hydroxide to settle at the base. This will make it easier for users to clean the sediment.

For those who use wells as a water source, can use alum to make the water clearer so it can be consumed and to be used for daily activities. Water that is not clear becomes one of the problems for our citizens especially in the rainy season arrives. In using alum as a water purifier, you should not rely on the principle of the more alum used, the faster the water becomes clear. This needs to be straightened out because the excessive use of alum can be bad for health.

  1. Hair removal

The hair on the feet and armpits can make a person feel disturbed trying to eliminate them. For those of you who lack confidence with dense legs and armpits, you can enable alum to clean hair that you do not want. How to use alum as a hair removal is relatively easy and safest to wear.

  1. Treating canker sores

Maintaining oral hygiene is the job of every individual especially if they want the mouth and teeth always in a healthy and strong state. But unfortunately, not many people who care about the cleanliness of the mouth so that bacteria cause mouth disorders can easily disrupt oral health and cause interference where one of them is sprue.

Treating canker sores can not only be done by red lettuce health benefits or increasing the consumption of foods that contain vitamin C benefits but can also with alum. How to use it is easy enough to put alum on the wound sprue.

  1. As hair cream

Having beautiful hair so eye-catching is a desire for many people, especially women. Many of them use creams or other beauty products to beautify their hair. One way to beautify hair is to use alum. The use of hair cream from alum makes your hair beautiful and tidy every day as the coconut oil benefits. The use of alum is widely used by men in the 1950s to style their hair to look cooler. 

  1. To make the crystal

Alum can be used as a crystal-making material. You can use alum to get a nice crystal as you wish. How to grow the crystals using alum can be done easily by pouring half a cup of hot water into a bottle and then add alum into it. Wait all night and see the results tomorrow morning, the crystal will start to appear at the bottom of the bottle.

  1. Photography

Alum can be used as one of the traditional techniques in printing movies. Alum is useful for hardening gelatin film.

  1. To expel the arrival of snails

The existence of snails sometimes quite disturbing for some people. This can be tricked into using alum. How to use it is easy enough by mixing 1 teaspoon of alum powder with 5 liters and pour on areas that are often bypassed by snails. Solutions from the alum can also be used to kill snail eggs. By using alum, of course, you do not have to worry about snail attacks on your ornamental plants. 

10. Whiten armpit

Alum mixed with lemon can be used to whiten underarm skin. This can be done by using alum and lemon. Vitamin C contained in alum can be used to whiten skin. In addition, the use of alum for armpit, it can also be used to help the underarm skin avoid the smell. The combination of lemon and alum can also be used to whiten crotch. For those of you who have black armpits use of alum and lemon are practical and easy to make your armpit skin more visible bright.

  1. Used as deodorant

Sweat becomes one of the causes of the coming of body odor that is a problem, especially when socializing. Body odor caused by sweat or bacteria can be removed using alum. Besides alum, you also can get the benefits arrowroot powder in deodorant.

  1. Shaving cream

Not only can be used to clean the face as a shaving cream, but alum can also be used to prevent bleeding due to carelessness when shaving. So, you are able to get the benefits shaving hair.

  1. Firefighter

In the fire extinguisher, there is a foaming that uses alum as one of the ingredients of manufacture.

  1. Submerge the fish

Water used to soak the fish to be used as bacon, usually mixed first by using alum. The benefits of fish soaked with water with the alum mixture can produce a fish that is more rounded, chewy and whiter.

  1. Making candied aloe vera

In addition to processing fish meat, alum can also be used to make candied aloe vera. Not only that, but this alum can also be used as one of the vermicelli processing materials so that the vermicelli is not easily broken or brittle and to make it whiter. In addition, alum is also widely used to blacken stuffing bakpao is green beans.

  1. Anti-flame material

Alum can be used as an anti-fire agent if applied to other objects such as cloth paper or can be of wood. Its use is easy enough that by coating these objects using alum solution.

  1. Hemorrhoids

To treat hemorrhoids and prevent bleeding, can be done with alum powder.

  1. Skin whitening

Whiten skin can also be done with alum. No wonder if alum is often used as a material of beauty products up to now. Alum contain vitamin C which is suitable for whitening the skin as the benefits of ginger for skin.

  1. Candle toys

In children’s toys as well as clay toy candles are generally formed with interesting shapes to make children interested usually use alum in it.

  1. Preservatives

The use of alum can also be used as a preservative. The thing to remember is that you have to be careful because it can pose a danger of poisoning.

Alum has many uses for everyday life. Alum itself is antiseptic, deodorant, antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent. The use of alum is useful for the body and everyday life. However,  you should not use alum indiscriminately because it is seen from the structure of the components that form alum, alum contains heavy metals in the form of aluminum which will be very toxic when used excessively.

Exposure of excessive aluminum can damage the liver that acts as detoxification in the body. Incidentally accidental on the eyes, can cause irritation to the eyes while the alum is not accidentally ingested, can cause irritation of the digestive organs.