12 Amazing Benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage for Health

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Reflexology foot massage has been acknowledged as one of ancient medical methods with many benefits. Some countries even have their particular method of reflexology. In China, there are two methods of reflexology massage; they are Tu ina and Zhi Ya.

Japan is also well-known for its reflexology method called shiatsu. Not only reflexology, Japan also has its popular alternative medical method, which is health benefits of Japanese Water Therapy. Besides the two Far East countries, reflexology is also popular in Europe, especially in Sweden.

The pioneer of reflexology foot massage from Sweden passes down the Swedish massage method which includes deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy. The Sweden massage is the recent most widely used method of reflexology foot massage.

Health Benefits of reflexology foot massage

All the Reflexology methods basically involve the application of pressure to the feet or hand. The pressure is believed to affect the nervous system which is centered in hand and foot. The pressure or massage in some point may affect some certain nervous and even internal organ. Besides its physical benefits of reflexology foot massage, it also gives some beneficial value for your mental health.

  1. Increase energy

Reflexology massage on your foot will increase he metabolism. As we know, during metabolism process, the nutrition carried within the food will transform into energy. the slow metabolism process is one of the main culprits of fatigue and the sluggish feeling.

  1. Release toxins

The normal body metabolism will also enable the body to actively release the unwanted toxins. In this case, reflexology has a big role in improving metabolism and further, activates the function of bladder. The bladder activity will enable to release the toxins and the other unwanted substances through the urine and prevents any disease related to the urinary system.

The detoxification will also be better if we support with sufficient water supplement. The popular water for detoxification these days is infuse water. Here are the Benefits of Drinking Berry Infused Water Every Morning.

  1. Relaxation

As mentioned before, reflexology is not only good for your physic, but also for your mental. Some people take regular session of massage to maintain their mental health. During the reflexology session, we will feel more relaxed and get rid of our anxiety, nervousness, and adrenal exhaustion. We can also try the other method of relaxation, such as  Pyramid Meditation for Soul

  1. Relieve insomnia

As the ability to keep your body relaxed, reflexology is also able to help you sleep well. The sense of calmness will help you relax, and maintain the normal circadian rhythms. We know that insomnia have a close relationship with mental disorders.

As reflexology is aimed to heal the sleep problems, we can prevents the problems by doing some fun activities like sleeping in a hammock. We can find the Unexpected Benefits of Sleeping in A Hammock. 

  1. Improve blood circulation

This alternative medical method is also known for its ability to improve the circulation of blood. The good blood circulation will carry the oxygen throughout the body and make sure the vital organ effectively get the oxygen. Therefore, the vital organ will also work better.

The improved circulation will also prevent some diseases such as heart, kidney, and liver disease. The other physical activity good for internal organs just like health benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

  1. Boost memory

Although reflexology foot message concern is in the foot, it has significant effect for brain. It is because the foot massage will improve the nervous system and the function of brain as the center of nerves. The good improvement of nervous system will also be good to boost your memory.

  1. Help recovery process

In addition to the improved nervous and metabolism system from the reflexology foot massage, it will also help in the fast recovery process. Reflexology will help the body cell to quickly regenerate. Therefore, reflexology is able to relieve pain and heal wound quickly.

  1. Relieve chronic headache

Some people call reflexology as analgesic treatment. This is the reason why people take reflexology foot massage session. It relieves any pain, including chronic headache. There are some factors of headache. It may come from the high tension of muscle.

In this case, reflexology is bale to loosen the tension and relieve the pain. The other factor is the psychological factor of headache. As we know, the relaxation effect from taking the massage session will set you free from stress as the main culprit of headache.

  1. Relieve pain from menstruation

The analgesic effect of reflexology is able to relieve any pains. It includes the pain during the menstruation. As we know, during menstruation, women experienced some undesirable symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and stomach cramps.

  1. Improve digestion

Any methods of reflexology are known to have the beneficial effect for digestion. As the following effect of the normal metabolism, reflexology is able to prevent constipation. It will also keep the good function of intestines.

  1. Ease the effect of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is an essential method to fight cancer cell. However, the cancer patients are often suffering from the effect of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy may leave pain throughout the body and the digestive problems such as vomiting and lose appetite. It may also cause some psychological effect such as anxiety.

In this case, the reflexology foot massage will help relieving pain and the other digestive problem. The relaxation effect will also sweep away the anxiety of the patients. In addition, reflexology is also able to stimulate antioxidant to actively fight the cancer cell.

  1. Relieve fatigue in pregnant women

It is common for pregnant women to experience some health problem during the period. One of them is fatigue. The increasing weight followed by the decreasing body performance make the mother is very potential to fatigue.

Therefore, reflexology foot massage is able to both energize and relieve fatigue. It will also improve body performance. Reflexology is also good for the unborn baby health. Well, there are many health Benefits of reflexology foot massage.

Cautions of reflexology foot massage

Reflexology offers some methods. Each method also provides some different health effect. However, the most important is that the therapist should know the technique of good massaging. Here are some considerations for the therapist:

  1. Make sure the hands are cleaned. the fingernails should also be finely trimmed. Therefore, it won’t hurt when the therapist touch the feet.
  2. Give the great care for the ticklish foot. Avoid light touch or bruising. It may distract the nervous system relaxation.
  3. Pressing the reflexology pint firmly yet gently. Make sure to press the correct points for the intended effect.

Recommendation for reflexology foot massage

The beneficial values of reflexology foot massage has been believed for thousands years. Some research has also proved the beneficial effect of reflexology. However, the result of the research about reflexology toward human health is not highly significant. Therefore, experts recommend reflexology as the alternative method or the supplemental medical treatment to any formal treatment.