20 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Long Pepper

Long peppers may sound unfamiliar to some, but not in the ears of Javanese people. In Java it is also known as Javanese pepper, with the scientific name being Piper Retrofractum Vahl. It is considered as spice, and commonly used for jamu, which is traditional Indonesian herbal drink, hence its nickname being “cabe jamu” or […]

28 Inevitable Health Benefits of Raw Shallots

Not only cooked, raw shallots also bring health benefits to your body. Although raw shallots are cooked, for example, fried onions bring a tasty and savory taste, but actually, there are more health benefits of raw shallots. Read also about Health Benefits of Red Onions. Nutrition content of raw shallots! In 100 g of raw […]

22 Health Benefits of Bird’s Eye Chili #1 For Digestive System

Bird’s eye chili, or chilies in general are classified as vegetables. They are widely used in cooking to spice up food, which gives a hot and spicy flavor, thanks to capsaicin that creates the main taste of bird’s eye chili. Bird’s eye chili has the scientific name of Capsicum Frutescens, which is classified into the […]

5 Secret Benefits of Black Chili for Health

The black chili has a Latin name Capsicum sp. This chili is called black chili because the fruit will turn into black after maturity. The shape of the black chili is the same as cayenne but larger in size. Black chili can grow optimally at low or high temperature. To get the results can be […]

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic for Skin Treatments

Garlic is known as one of the most common spices used by people in cooking because garlic is able to give a distinctive taste for the cuisine. The strong aroma of garlic can give an additional and distinctive fragrance to the food, even though some people don’t like the aroma of garlic. But, you should […]

16 Health Benefits of Shishito Pepper You Need to Know

In this early 2018, food bloggers and foodies are raving over shishito pepper. They talked about the amazing taste of this green heirloom Japanese pepper. They even start top grow it all over their garden. The most special thing about this pepper is that although shishito is considered into a pepper, it doesn’t taste hot […]

17 Top Health Benefits of Pepper Flakes You Never Know

Do you like to pour some pepper flakes to you pizza, pasta, and the other foods? It tastes great, right? It gets rid of the greasiness and adds your appetite. In addition, pepper flakes also appear to be simpler than using the fresh pepper or chili for you cooking. It has longer storage time and […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Japanese Garlic

Garlic is originated in central Asia where now it is not difficult to be found in all over the world including in Japan, which is known as Japanese garlic. For thousand years, it has been used for culinary consume as well as for its medicinal benefits. The wide of Japanese garlic is from three to […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of African Nutmeg

During this time only known nutmeg as cooking seasoning. Though the benefits of nutmeg a lot of including for health. One of the famous nutmegs is American nutmeg. Nutmeg is one kind of rare fruit. Because this fruit cannot grow in all regions. As the ages grow, many people know the amazing benefits of nutmeg. […]

14 Health Benefits of Bitter Ginger for Traditional Cure

Bitter ginger is a kind of herbal plant which is utilized as traditional medicine. This plant is also named as Zingiber Zerumbet L and it is known by several names according to each region where it lives. The utilization of this plant is very popular in Indonesia because its benefit contained. The bitter ginger plant is a plant […]