14 Health Benefits of Bitter Ginger for Traditional Cure

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Bitter ginger is a kind of herbal plant which is utilized as traditional medicine. This plant is also named as Zingiber Zerumbet L and it is known by several names according to each region where it lives. The utilization of this plant is very popular in Indonesia because its benefit contained.

The bitter ginger plant is a plant in which its rhizome is utilized as the medium of natural treatment by many people. The habitat of this plant is in the tropical area and it is able to grow in 1-1200 mdpl of height.

The bitter ginger breeds with rhizome pieces that have been sprouted where the slices of the shoot will be propagated by using seeds as the medium.

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The Substance of Bitter Ginger Plant

Bitter ginger plants have various benefits because some of the substances contained are good if absorbed by the body. In fact, the substance contained in the bitter ginger rhizome can be made as the main ingredient of traditional medicine because it contains anti-seizure substances and can be used to relieve high fever. For more details, here are the substances of bitter ginger plant:

  • Amount of Oil Content in Lempuyang = 0,62%
  • The amount of moisture content in Lempuyang = 9.39%
  • Total Content of starch content in Lempuyang = 52.14%
  • The amount of fiber content in Lempuyang = 10.76%

In addition to some of the above content, there is the list of some substances or compositions contained in the oil of atsirin as below:

  • A-curcumin
  • Bisabolene
  • Zingiberene
  • Kariofilen
  • Seskuifelandren
  • Zerumbon or anti-seizure agent
  • Limonene or natural fragrance that is carminative
  • Saponin
  • Flavonoid
  • Spicy gingerol
  • Shogaol
  • Zingerone
  • Paradol
  • Hexahidrokurkumin
  • Dihidrogingerol

The bitter ginger plant is one of the most spice-rich herbs. Besides known as the main ingredient of traditional medicine, it also can be used as fresh vegetables. But in the health world, there are several health benefits of bitter ginger as follows:

1. Relieve Fever

Fever that occurs in children can cause seizures if it is not treated promptly. Therefore, you should use bitter ginger as a traditional medicine that can relieve the heat because of the content of anti-seizure substances in it. As well as the benefits of white radish which is used to relieve fever, the benefits of this bitter ginger will relieve a fever that also contains paracetamol.

2. Increase Appetite

The bitter ginger has a content similar to health benefits of Curcuma which is able to increase appetite. Decreased appetite should not be underestimated because the lack of nutritional intake and vitamins will derive several health problems for the body. 

3. Inhibit the Growth of Cancer

The content contained in bitter ginger is able to inhibit cancer cells that will grow in the body. Cancer cells induced will be inhibited even prevented the growth of cancer. So that, the body will be protected from the attack of cancer. Read also benefits of yoga for cancer patients.

4. Overcome Diarrhea and Dysentery

The rhizome of bitter ginger plants is very effective content to help symptoms of diarrhea and even dysentery. Health disorders that attack the body’s digestive system are prone to attack children, adults and even elderly.

5. Slimming Body

The slim and ideal body would be the desire of everyone, including the men. The content contained in bitter ginger is able to make the body’s metabolism becomes more smoothly so that the process of burning fat becomes more leverage. Read also benefits drinking ginger tea weight loss

6. Relieve Cough

A cough is a health disorder that must disturb your activity. Don’t worry because bitter ginger can help to relieve a cough. Here is the way of processing bitter ginger to treat a cough. First, mix the rhizome of bitter ginger with roasted onion or baked and cinnamon. Then, crushed and wring it out to remove the liquid that will be drunk.

7. Treat Rheumatic

Legs are part of the body that can experience health problems in the form of excessive feeling accompanied by a sense of pain in the leg bone. One of the health problems occur in legs is rheumatic. Rheumatic can be treated by bitter ginger. As for how to use is by mixing the rhizome of bitter ginger with chili java that has been crushed and then added with a mixture of dry rice. The various compositions are mixed evenly and then attach to legs or body parts that feel pain or rheumatic.

8. Relieve Skin Irritation

Some people are used to experience skin problems due to allergies to food that they consume. Therefore, it needs to be treated by using traditional medicine made from bitter ginger. As for the way to use it is, first, sliced parts of bitter ginger rhizome and then brewed like tea and drink regularly until allergy symptoms healed. Read more about benefits of ginger for skin.

9. Overcome Low Blood Pressure

The body that has low blood symptoms will disturb the daily activity. Because the body will feel weak and the vision will be blurred, so that will lead to unconscious conditions or fainting. The content contained in the bitter ginger can increase the number of platelets in the blood. How to use: First,  shred the rhizome of bitter ginger then mix with sugar and water, then boils it. This drink can be drunk 3 times as much as one tablespoon in one day.

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10 Treat TBC

TB disease is a disease that cannot be underestimated because of the symptoms and its effects on the health condition of the body. So, we should treat it using traditional medicine with bitter ginger as the main ingredient. The content in it can neutralize toxins in the body. How to use: First, prepare bitter ginger that has been washed and then cut and boil using clean water. After that, drink three glasses in one day to treat TBC.

11. Treat Malaria

When the body gets symptoms of contracting malaria disease, then you should treat using rhizomes of bitter ginger combined with the other plants. How to use: First, prepare bitter ginger that has been smoothed, then add one cup of pineapple and salt to taste. Finally, drink with a half cup in one day to increase immune system of the body. Check also health benefits of papaya leaves for malaria.

12. Overcome Colds

There are many health benefits of bitter ginger. A weakened immune system can cause a cold that will disturb the potential of body’s performance. To overcome these health problems, we can use bitter ginger as an herbal that can be combined with other natural ingredients.

How to use; First, take one rhizome of bitter ginger that has been washed, grated and squeezed. Then, filter the juice of bitter ginger and add two spoons of honey in half a glass of boiled water in warm temperatures. Drink twice a day regularly until the condition of the body gets improved. 

13. Overcome Swollen Foot After Giving Birth

Some of the women who have passed the process of childbirth usually experience swollen foot. To overcome this problem, you should make a concoction of bitter ginger to recover the condition of feet. How to use: First, take the rhizome of bitter ginger and chili Java and then crushed with a little water. Squeeze the cloth and then the juice is drunk at the appropriate amount.

14. Overcome Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid will be a dangerous health disorder if not treated promptly. To avoid the negative impact of the symptoms, we should use bitter ginger to relieve symptoms. How to use: First, take the ¾ segment of bitter ginger rhizome that has been washed and grated. Then, add two tablespoons of boiled water and salt with a small dose. Drink the juice twice a day at a tablespoonful. Read also health benefits of mayana plant for hemorrhoid.

Suggestion of Using Bitter Ginger

It has been explained about the health benefits of bitter ginger and the various content contained. Due to the variety of content in bitter ginger,  there are various benefits also in it.

Although the use of this bitter ginger plant has no side effects, but we still have to pay attention to the amount or quantity of bitter ginger that we consume in order to avoid the negative effects that may occur.