25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Amaranth Oil

Amaranth is a flowering plant. This plants that have the scientific name Amaranthus can produce many health benefits of amaranth oil. An amaranth oil is produced through a cold pressing process on its small and dark brown seeds. There are several ways used to obtain amaranth oil such as by extraction. But, by using the […]

25 Health Benefits of Primrose Oil for Natural Treatments

Primrose is a family of flowery plant. This wild flower grows in Eastern and North America. Beside the beauties of the flower, there are also some health benefits of primrose oil. The oil is derived from the cold pressed seeds. It is then made as a capsule for daily supplements. Primrose oil contains large amounts […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil

If you think that nut makes your face get acne, this one is surprisingly very good for your skin. Yup, we are now taking macadamia nut into the stage. Macadamia, of which has dark skin and super yummy yet crispy texture is one called as the magic nut. Many people who have given a try […]

25 Science-Based Health Benefits of Anise Oil

Anise is known by another name, “sweet adas” that has a scientific name (Pimpinella anisum) is a kind of flowering plants that come from the eastern Mediterranean region (Egypt) and southwest Asia. This anise has a licorice aroma. Compared with other herbal oils, this anise oil is not widely known. Though there are many health […]

15 Powerful Health Benefits of Ocotea Essential Oil

Ocotea is kind of flowering plant that lived in Americas. It lives specifically in Ecuador. It produces essential oil which rich of champor and safrole. With the most active ingredients are alpha-humulene and beta-caryophyllene. There are many health benefits of ocotea essential oil. Therefore, people is start to use this oil due to its benefit. […]

15 Scientific Health Benefits of Apricot Oil (No.3 Works!)

There are many oils that we already know the benefits. Such as Coconut Oil Benefits, Health Benefits of Olive Oil , Benefits of Fish Oils , or even Health Benefits of Avocado Oil . However, have you ever heard of apricot oil? This oil comes from a fruit that has the scientific name of Prunus Armeniaca that is […]

25 Health Benefits of Emu Oil Explained

Do you know Emu birds? Emu birds have an ostrich-like shape. This bird is from Australia. The fat from this bird is processed into oil. That’s what people call emu oil. Treatment using emu oil is also derived from Australia and has been done by native Australians since thousands of years ago to deal with […]

25 Powerful Health Benefits of Pistachio Oil – Nutrient Facts

Many people hear about pistachio nut. But, not many people know about the pistachio oil. Pistachio is known can give some health benefits for people. So does the extract oil. There are some health benefits of pistachio oil to human body. Therefore, the demand of this extract is increasing recently. Pistachio is one of the […]

20 Health Benefits of Avocado Oil – Experts Just Discovered

Many people must know avocado, right? Avocado can be a fresh and delicious juice to fill our thirst during hot weather. Avocado can be one of the fruits that mixed with other fruits to complement the “es campur” menu. In another way, we can eat avocado directly by adding sweetened condensed milk and some people […]

22 Pure Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil for Health

Do any of you know ravensara? Ravensara is some kinds of tree and can only be found in island of Madagascar and Comoro Islands. All parts of this plant are useful as essential oil. The essential oil is widely used in medical worlds. You might not know the form of the plant, however, the oil […]