25 Health Benefits of Primrose Oil for Natural Treatments

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Primrose is a family of flowery plant. This wild flower grows in Eastern and North America. Beside the beauties of the flower, there are also some health benefits of primrose oil. The oil is derived from the cold pressed seeds. It is then made as a capsule for daily supplements.

Primrose oil contains large amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid. It is also containing the omega-6 essential polyunsaturated fats. This required by the body for a variety of vital functions. It protects the cell membranes and a variety of hormones.

There is no further explanation on the nutrition facts of primrose oil. Except that most of primrose oil is made purely 100% from the seed of the primrose plant. While to plant the primrose in the backyard is not difficult. This plant is suitable to growth in the garden. The flower is easily to adapt. Therefore, it is easily to find in America. Below are the 20 health benefits of primrose oil:

1. Rich of Vitamin E

Primrose oil is rich with vitamin E. Health Benefits of Vitamin E can be use to maintain healthy skin and works as an anti-oxidant.

2. Rich of Vitamin C

The oil is rich of vitamin C. Hence, it helps to increase the immune system of the body. Therefore, the body is not easily to get sick. Furthermore, it helps the body to against disease and produce a fast curing of any diseases such as cold or fever.

3. Anti-Oxidant

The oil is capable to be an anti-oxidant. It helps to prevent the negative effects from free radical. Furthermore, it avoids early sign of elderly to the human body. It helps to renew the damage cell by produce a good cell to the body.

4. Anti-Aging

The anti-oxidant helps the body to avoid early aging signs. It avoids wrinkle and prevent dementia. Therefore, it produces a younger and healthier look. The same as Health Benefits of Starfruit. Starfruit also has the anti-aging properties.

5. Maintain Healthy Skin

The oil has proven to be a good treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. It can help with age-related structural and functional changes in skin tissues, such as redness, firmness, and roughness.

Eczema caused by lack of fatty acids. While primrose oil is rich with fatty acids. Therefore, it is effective to relieving the eczema symptoms. To be noted that psoriasis happens due to skin cells replicate too quickly. Therefore, primrose oil is able to naturally cure psoriasis.

6. Maintain Healthy Hair

Essential omega-6 fatty acid can be highly effective to fight against hair loss. The result will appear in six to eight weeks. It helps to produce a shiny hair. Furthermore, it strength the hair and stimulate the hair growth. Therefore, it can maintain a healthy hair.

7. Maintain Immune System

Since it contains high of vitamin C, it helps to maintain immune system. It helps the body to produce white blood cell. This white blood cell will acts to cure any infection. Therefore, it can help the body to against disease. Furthermore, it helps to strength the body.

8. Promote Healthy Heart

The oil can help to maintain a healthy heart. It can manage the cholesterol level and reduce the blood pressure. Therefore, the oxygen supply to the heart can be optimized. Furthermore, it helps to avoid coronary disease. Hence, it can prevent heart attack or any other kind of heart diseases.

9. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Another health benefit of primrose oil is including manage cholesterol level. It increase the HDL level and reduce the LDL level. Hence, the artery can be maintain. The artery wall will become wider, since there is no fat blocks inside it. Therefore, the oil can help to prevent cardiovascular disease such as stroke.

10. Promote Healthy Joint

Primrose oil, the same way as Health Benefits of Taking 10000 Steps A Day, can help to strength the joint. It stimulates the joint tissue to perform optimal. It prevents lack of lubricants between joints. Furthermore, it helps to strength the muscle around. Therefore, it can maintain the joint and help to avoid injury.

11. Anti-Depressant

The oil can be a treatment of relaxation. It can work as an anti-depressant. It helps to bring a peaceful mind and calm thinking. Therefore, it is suit for people who get stresses due to their problems. It also help to manage stress during PMS. Hence, it gives a natural therapy and maintain a healthy soul.

12. Balancing the Hormone

The fatty acids content in primrose oil can help to balance the hormone. It is produce a healthy environment for conception. Therefore, it helps with the fertility.

13. PMS Syndrome

The capability of balancing the hormone help to soothe PMS syndrome. It helps to reduce menstrual cramp and pain. Furthermore, it gives a relax mind so that it release stresses from the body.

14. Increase Fertility

Another health benefit of primrose oil is including manage the reproduction hormone. It stimulates the blood circulation to the reproduction system. Therefore, it increase fertility by optimize the reproduction hormone.

15. Ease of Labor

Some mention that the health benefits of primrose oil is including to help the labor. The aromatherapy essence bring relaxation and some good mood before labor. The anti-depressant works to bring a calm thinking which bring an ease labor processes. It is naturally induce the labor and helps to manage contraction. Therefore, it is good to have the oil during labor preparation. But caution shall be made and better to consult with caregiver for the correct dosage.

16. Anti-Inflammatory

It has anti-inflammatory properties which can use to soothe down any kind of inflammation. Therefore, it is good to relieve sore throat and stomach sore. It ease the symptoms of arthritis and helps to reduce the pain. This is the same Health Benefits of Arnica.

17. Prevent Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can occurs in joints on both sides of the body. It’s an autoimmune disease which attacks a healthy tissues. The cause is a combination of genetic, environmental, and hormonal factors. Another health benefits of primrose oil including as a natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. It would take one to three months for benefits to appear.

18. Prevent Osteoporosis

Primrose oil can helps to bring nutrients that able to maintain the bones. The content of vitamin C help to produce collagen, which able to strength the bone. The fatty acids also help to optimize the calcium absorption to the bone. Therefore, it produce a healthy strong bone and prevents osteoporosis.

19. Reduce High Blood Pressure

The fatty acid onside primrose oil can also benefit to reduce high blood pressure. Therefore, it can maintain and stabilize the blood pressure. Furthermore, it can help to avoid high blood disease. Hence, primrose oil is suitable for High Blood Pressure Treatments.

20. Improve the Nerve

Peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of diabetes and other conditions. Older research has shown that taking linolenic acid helps reduce neuropathy symptoms, such as hot and cold sensitivity, numbness, tingling, and weakness.

Recommended Intake of Primrose Oil

There are several ways to gain the health benefits of primrose oil. The ways are mentioned below:

  • By directly apply to the effected area, such as skin, hand and foot.
  • By orally, the dosage shall be in accordance with medical practitioner advise. Otherwise, generally for adults can have 8g/day and for children is 4g/day.

Primrose oil is now also available in the form of softgel and capsule. Therefore, to consume this kind of products, it is recommend to read the correct dosage. Since, each manufacturer might have different percentage of primrose oil content.

Side Effects of Primrose Oil

The same as other essential oil, there are also some side effects of primrose oil. Below are some of the side effects:

  1. It can cause an upset stomach for people who consume the oil during an empty stomach. Hence, it is recommended to consume the oil after having some meals. The upset stomach can also be signs of allergic reaction to the primrose oil.
  2. Consuming primrose oil with medical prescription can interfere the effectiveness of the medicine. Therefore, people under medical treatment shall consult with medical practitioner before consuming the essential oil.
  3. Pregnant woman recommends to avoid consuming the oil since it can lead to miscarriage. Even though there is no further evidence on this issue, it is recommended to consult with the caregiver to avoid further negative effect.
  4. In some people it can cause nausea and dizziness. Therefore, it is recommended to stop consuming the oil if those signs are happening.
  5. People with allergic history shall test the oil first. Since it can cause itchiness, swollen and inflammation on the hands and feet. Furthermore, it can cause rash and even difficulties in breathing. Therefore, it is better to taking minimum amount to reduce the effects.