25 Science-Based Health Benefits of Anise Oil

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Anise is known by another name, “sweet adas” that has a scientific name (Pimpinella anisum) is a kind of flowering plants that come from the eastern Mediterranean region (Egypt) and southwest Asia. This anise has a licorice aroma. Compared with other herbal oils, this anise oil is not widely known. Though there are many health benefits of anise oil for our body as well as Health Benefits of Anise Seeds

Anise oil is produced from the steam distillation of dried fruits of anise. In the past, anise oil was used as one of the natural remedies to treat some diseases such as a cough, convulsions, jaundice, infections, bronchitis, menstrual cramps and more.

What are the nutritional contents of anise oil?

Anise oil contains 80-90% anethole. Then the anise oil also has estragole content (about 10-15%), eugenol p-resolve: propionic, butyric, myristic and anisic alcohol, alpha-pinene, anisaldehyde, beta pinene, camphene, Linalool, cis and trans-anethol, safrol, and acetoanisol. Anise oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, stimulant and expectorant properties.

Anise plant itself has nutritional content:

  • Protein             18%
  • Fat Oil             8-23%
  • Essential oil     2-7%
  • Flour                5%
  • N-free extract 22-28%
  • Crude fiber      12-25%
  • Humidity         9-13%

What are the health benefits of anise oil for our body? Have a look at the list that we have collected about the benefits of this oil.

1. Overcome epileptic and hysterical

Anise oil can be used to resolve epileptic and hysterical attacks. Because when this anise oil is given in high doses, this oil serves to slow the circulation, respiration and nerve response. Anise oil has been prove to calm nervousness, hyper reactions and seizures.

2. Overcome arthritis disease

Many oils that have benefits to overcome the arthritis problem. Like other oils, anise oil can also be used as a treatment to treat rheumatoid and arthritis diseases. Because anise oil works to stimulate blood circulation and also the use of this anise oil can reduce the pain in the affected area.

3. Antioxidant

Dr. Bhatnagar from Devi Ahilya University (India) has reported in 2007 that anise has antioxidant properties. Therefore, anise oil has also been proven to have antioxidant properties. Properties of antioxidants have been known by common have functions to prevent cancer and also protect the body from free radicals that can cause cell damage, heart problems and cancer. You also can get benefit if you see this How to Prevent Cancer Naturally With Foods and Habits

4. Healing the wound faster

For those of you who have a wound, want the wound heal quickly? Immediately use this anise oil. Anise oil has the antiseptic properties that needed to overcome this problem. The antiseptic properties of this anise oil work as a protective wound from infections and sepsis attacks. Thus, the wound on your body can heal faster.

5. Smoothly digestion

Other benefits of anise oil are to facilitate digestion. After you finish eating, you can add a few drops of this anise oil into drinking water, which will speed up the digestion process in your body.

6. Overcoming flu

Anise oil has a role as an expectorant that works to loosen the phlegm in the chest and prevent congestion of sputum quickly. Thus, anise oil can help to relieve flu and cold symptoms.

7. Overcoming muscle cramps and spasmodic problems

Anise oil can help to overcome the problem of muscle cramps and other spasmodic conditions such as severe cough, cramps, convulsions, impaired blood circulation, sore on the stomach and chest and other symptoms.

This is because anise oil has antispasmodic properties that can relax the contraction experienced by the respiratory tract, muscle, nerves, blood vessels and internal organs.  You also can try to get the Benefits of Glutamine Supplement for Athletes & Muscles

8. Release excess gas

Excessive gas in the body can be very dangerous. It can cause indigestion, abdominal bloating, pain on the chest or stomach, muscle cramps and pain, long-term rheumatism, hypertension and other problems like hair loss and reduced vision. By giving a few drops of anise oil in warm water and drinking it, this method can help the body to release excess gas on the body.

9. Anti fungal

A study has been conducted in Korea. The results show that anise oil can be used to treat fungal infections such as candida. This is because anise oil has anti-fungal properties.

10. Good for the heart

Anise oil has the benefit of improving blood circulation that has an effect on heart health. This anise oil function stimulates the heart to keep working actively. In addition, anise oil also keep blood pressure in the body remain well controlled. Take your time to see what Heart Attack Symptoms : Preventing & What To Do

11. Increase metabolism

Anise oil can stimulate hormones in the body and stimulate enzymes thus increase our metabolism. Another benefit, anise oil has a detoxification effect that serves to remove toxins from the body so that the body’s metabolism remains to work optimally. In conclusion, anise oil is beneficial for maintaining overall health.

12. Calming and help to overcome insomnia

Anise oil contains the contents of thymol, stigmaterol, linalol, terpineol, alpha-pineno and eugenol that serves to calm anxiety and nervousness. This content also serves to help us overcome feelings of depression and stress. With the right dose, anise oil can also be used to overcome the problem of insomnia.

13. Overcome headaches and migrain

Not just to calm the mind or feeling, the contents that mentioned above have benefits to overcome headaches. Anise oil also can even cope with migraines that are very disturbing to us. Apply this anise oil on your forehead, and your headaches can be overcome.

14. Repel insect

Do not like insects? Drive out with anise oil. T hrough a study has proven that oil anise has a smell that insects do not like. So, by using this oil as a spray, your house is clean from annoying insects. Or, you can apply it directly to your arms, legs, or face so that the insects will not bite your skin.

15. Overcome the worms

Anise oil also has insecticidal properties. The insecticide properties possessed by anise oil not only serve to repel insects, but also can work in the body. How? Insecticide properties can kill the worms that present in the intestine. This properties is needed by children who suffer from intestinal worms. We recommend that you start using anise oil as one of your complementary of your food.

16. Overcome cough

Anise oil can also be used to overcome a cough. Add a few drops of anise oil to the water, drink it so the anise oil can start the process to cure a sore throat or a cough.

17. Increase milk producing

One of the Anetholes present in anise oil called galactagogue has the function of increasing milk production. This fact is based on statements issued by John Gerard in Great Herbal (encyclopedia of herbal medicine). In addition, researchers recommend that breastfeeding women can consume some of these anise oils (dose based on doctor’s advice) in order to get the benefit from this galactagogue.

18. Antioxidant for skin

Another benefit of antioxidants that this oils have is to make the face look younger. Antioxidants work against free radicals that can also cause premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Massage your skin using anise oil mixed with other carrier oils, and feel the benefits for your skin. You also can see another Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin

19. Benefits for hair.

Anise oil has detoxification that works to keep hair healthy. By applying it to your hair and scalp, anise oil can increase your hair growth, and eliminate any infection on your scalp. This article will tell you about Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair and Scalp

20. Overcoming stomach cramp due to menstruation

Often experience abdominal cramps during menstruation? An Anesi oil can be very beneficial for women. When you suffering abdominal cramps during menstruation, apply Anesi oil on the pain area. Anesi oil can help reduce pain due to stomach cramps.

21. Useful for your dog

For those of you who have dogs that have respiratory problems, you can rely on anise oil to solve this problem. In addition, anise oil is also useful for repelling fleas in dogs.

22. Help the respiratory tract

Anise oil can facilitate the work of the lungs by cleaning things that can inhibit the performance of the lungs. Thus, anise oil has the benefit to overcome respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

Uses of Anise oil

Another health benefits of anise oil:

1. Refresh your breath – Anise oil can you use as a mouthwash by giving one or two drops in warm water.

2. Anise oil is used as a complimentary spice to make your food more delicious, for example when you make a salad or soup.

3. Anise oil can be used as a fragrance by adding it to soap, detergent, or skin lotion.

Caution of using anise oil

In some people who have sensitive skin, it has been informed to avoid using anise oil. In addition, anise oil is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Use anise oil according to the dose that recommended by the doctor. Because of the use at high doses, anise oil can aggravate some types of cancer. This is caused by estrogen that owned by anise.