Top 10 Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

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People out there are starting to realize that natural way is actually the best way to maintain their health. Unfortunately, those people just don’t know where they should start. Taking all advantages of the benefits of healthy eating and doing healthy habits are the great starts but finding out more about home remedy solution is also highly recommended. Essential oil is likely one of the ways people should know due to its amazing home remedy benefits and this article will discuss more of the health benefits of frankincense oil.

What is Frankincense Oil?

The words frankincense oil may trig some Goosebumps in your neck, whether it has connection with Frankenstein or something? Well, that’s why very important for you to learn about information thoroughly instead of giving impression just by hearing the name. Actually, aside from its strange name, according to Bible, this essential oil is one of gifts brought for baby Jesus by the three wise men, so the history of this oil could be traced back for over centuries. So, it is not strange at all if this essential oil is also well known as ‘the king of oils’. Frankincense oil is derived from the sap certain herbal plants with has scientific name Boswellia sacre tree. This kind of trees could be found in Middle East regions like Yemen, Oman and some parts of African regions like in Somalia and Ethiopia. So, it is not kind of essential oil you could not grow naturally in your back yard since it is parts of unless you live in Middle East or Africa since this herbal plant is part of important and essential list of Arabic herbs and spices.

Before some studies have been conducted regarding the medical properties of frankincense oil, this essential oil has been widely known due to its aromatherapy properties. To learn more, below is the top list of health benefits of frankincense oil you should know.

  1. Natural Immunity Booster

Just like the benefits of peppermint oil which is one of the most popular essential oil and contains antimicrobial properties, frankincense oil also contains antiseptic and could act as excellent disinfectant. It means, this essential oil could help preventing further infection in the open wound and at the same time working as immunity protector. Some studies even mentioned that the amount of antiseptic and disinfectant found in frankincense oil is enough to provide one more layer protection to open wound from tetanus.

  1. Natural Oral Care

Do you know that brushing your teeth regularly is never enough to protect your oral organ? One of the benefits of calcium is maintaining your teeth but even that is not enough if you don’t take care of your oral organ thoroughly. Some people may add mouth wash to provide better protection but to make sure everything is under checked, perhaps adding frankincense oil for oral care is highly recommended. The strong antiseptic found in oral care could help preventing infection caused by bacteria. The great aroma of frankincense oil could help fighting bad breath while the astringent property founds in frankincense oil could strengthen gums.

  1. Reduces the Symptoms Caused by PMS

Well, everyone woman must have known that mood swing is not the only problem they should face during PMS. Symptoms like fatigue, headache, nausea and pain in abdominal region are common to happen during PMS. It is something they cannot avoid and most women should learn how to endure it no matter what. Frankincense oil contains some properties that could help reducing the symptoms during PMS similar to the health benefits of oregano oil that has the same effects. It is because frankincense oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that could help dealing with pain effectively.

  1. Promotes Healthy Digestion

There are some studies have been conducted to find out the relation between frankincense oil and digestion health. Well, some patients with acute digestive conditions were given frankincense oil and the results were amazing. Unlike antacids that are only helping patients to deal with the symptoms, frankincense oil is a step ahead by promoting healthier digestion and speed up the metabolism process in digestive system. If you combine it with the health benefits of almond oil that contains probiotic will help in detoxification as well.

  1. Potent Anti-aging Quality

The combinations of antioxidant and astringent properties found in frankincense oil make this essential oil excellent anti-aging solution. As cytophylactic, frankincense oil could help optimizing the cells regenerations and slowing down the aging. The result is, no more premature aging. It means frankincense oil is excellent for skin health and recommended for those who always want to look younger than they really are. It has the same benefits or raw milk on skin to provide nutrition to your healthy skin.

  1. Effective to Cancer Treatment

It is not only what people said but scientifically proven that frankincense oil has been used to treat patients diagnosed with breast, ovarian and skin cancers. Some studies showed effective result that therapy using frankincense oil could cause breast cancer cells stop growing. More studies even stated that this essential oil could kill the cancerous cells. The anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense oil is great to help patients dealing with the pain while astringent properties will make sure the optimal cells regenerations to replace the dead cells. Some studies even stated that there is correlation of the benefits of aromatherapy to cancer patients since the aroma of frankincense oil could provide better feeling or relaxation.

  1. Stimulates Healthier Urination

There a lot of people out there who always have reasons to delay urination when the fact is excessive water in your kidney could lead to more serious problems. It means, those who have problems with urination should find the solution immediately because in long term kidney stones and kidney problems are likely to happen and the result could be fatal. Medications like Lasix could help dealing with the problems but it comes with side effect while frankincense oil could act as effective as lasix but comes with almost no side effects.

  1. Help Dealing with Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues are not only about asthma but there are also bronchitis and some lungs problems. Some people are depending on the use of anise, since of the health benefits of anise oil is to improve lung performance. Now, you have another alternative because some studies stated that frankincense oil could help encouraging better feelings or relaxation, something that strongly required by those with respiratory issues. Furthermore the antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties contained in frankincense oil could help relaxing the breathing passages and the antiseptic will provide protection to nasal tract and lungs from infections.

  1. Natural Stress Relief

Sometimes what you need is just a relax time you could spend by yourself, unfortunately not everything you want will come naturally to you. Stress is likely to happen when people are under pressure no matter how good they control their emotion. Frankincense oil could act as sedative that will help relieving stress naturally by providing you a short cut to mental peace through its aromatic properties. The mental therapy using frankincense oil will bring relaxation not only to your breathing but also to your blood pressure that will lead to stress relief. For those with symptoms of depression could use this essential oil as aromatherapy as well to help them reducing the episodes that may come unexpectedly.

  1. Great for Women

One of the things that ever women should face is menopause and dealing with it is never easy. The chance of getting uterine cancer is higher in women during this period and frankincense oil contains properties that will keep uterus healthy. It promotes the healthy production of estrogen that also could help delaying the menopause period and regulating healthier menstrual circle for those who have problems with it.

Cautions of Frankincense Oil

Aside from its natural being, frankincense oil also well known as essential oil with almost no side effects. However, there are some words of cautions you should aware about this essential oil and not only about the health benefits of frankincense oil.

  • Allergic reaction is rarely reported but those who have history with allergic after using certain essential oils must aware of this possibility.
  • Though frankincense oil is great for women but this essential oil is not recommended used by women during pregnancy. It is because the astringent properties and its ability to regulate menstrual circle may be dangerous for women during pregnancy.
  • You have to make sure from where your frankincense oil comes from. Some people just have no idea how to differ essential oil from each other. So, it is important for you to get your frankincense oil from the reputable supplier only.

When talking about essential oil with health benefits, there are great list of eucalyptus oil benefits, more health benefits of olive oil and even longer list of proven jojoba oil benefits. Well, the list above are the top of health benefits of frankincense oil and actually there are more about this essential oil you could find out easily just by simply Googling it. When it comes to essential oil and aromatherapy, some people take them as part of traditional remedy that nothing to do with modern medical world. It means, those people prefer to avoid it because they have no idea about the great health benefits of frankincense oil are. So, for who are currently looking for natural way to maintain your health, don’t forget to always add frankincense oil to your list.