25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Amaranth Oil

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Amaranth is a flowering plant. This plants that have the scientific name Amaranthus can produce many health benefits of amaranth oil. An amaranth oil is produced through a cold pressing process on its small and dark brown seeds. There are several ways used to obtain amaranth oil such as by extraction. But, by using the cold pressing process, it allows us to get the most natural oil with complete substances.

The amaranth oil has a soft flavor and has a delicious flavor with a greenish yellow color. This amaranth oil is widely used as a flavoring ingredient that is incorporated into soups, casseroles, salads, and omelets. In addition, there are some people who use this plant to make bread and some also use it as wheat. Moreover, amaranth oil can be used as cosmetics, shampoo, medicines, and as aromatic.

What are the nutritional contents of amaranth oil?

An amaranth oil is one source of high fatty acids because it contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid.
The high content of amaranth oil fatty acids are:

  • Linoleic acid 50%
  • Oleic acid       23%
  • Palmitic acid 19%
  • Stearic acid    3%

An amaranth oil is also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E (tocopherol and tocotrienol), and is rich in mineral content. The content of potassium, phosphorus, and copper is also owned by this oil. 100 g of amaranth oil has 736 kcal of calories and 81.8 g of fat.

The special content of amaranth oil is squalene. Squalene is the same as squalene that owned of shark liver oil. Unlike olive oil which has 0.7% squalene or argan oil with 0.4% squalene, amaranth oil has 8% squalene substances. This substance is very useful for our body. We will see the benefits in the list below.

The health benefits of amaranth oil for the body are:

1. Squalene protects the body from free radicals.

Free radicals are very harmful to the body. Free radicals can be obtained through pollution, radiation, or even pesticides. It can cause various dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular, cataract and cancer. So, to fight free radicals required a lot of antioxidants. Squalene substance inside amaranth oil acts as an antioxidant that can protect the body from the risk of free radicals.

2. Benefits of unsaturated fatty acids

The amaranth oil contains linoleic acid (omega-6) that needed by the body to overcome diabetes, arthritis, allergies, menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis. The amaranth oil also contains oleic acid (omega-9) which helps overcome cancer and also speeds wound healing.

3. Rich in calcium

An amaranth oil is rich in calcium.  You must be know about Benefits of Calcium . It has been found that amaranth oil has more micro-substances than that owned of natural milk. This substance makes amaranth oil used to overcome the problem of teeth and fragile hair.

4. Maintain oxygen in the body

Squalene is a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial to our body. Not only to prevent our body from cancer, but this squalene also works to help our body retain oxygen. When we are born, we have a high amount of squalene on our skin, but as we age, the amount of squalene decreases. Squalene can work to provide oxygen to our cells and organs.

5. Overcome varicose veins

An amaranth oil contains flavonoids that help to treat varicose veins by providing support for weak capillary walls. Other than that, squalene also works to start the production of collagen in the skin. Both substances present in this amaranth oil work together to fight varicose veins.

6. Good for skin

In order to have beautiful skin, we need squalene, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. All of these substance are owned by amaranth oil. Therefore, amaranth oil can moisturize and nourish our skin. In addition, amaranth oil can act as a protector for our skin, because it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

7. Prevent cancer

A study has shown that if our bodies have low oxygen levels, this could be one of the triggers for the growth of cancer  cells. But, with the help of squalene in amaranth oil, it can help you how to Prevent Cancer because squalene works to supply oxygen to the cells in the body thus your body can avoid the growth of cancer cells.

8. Benefit for immune system

Cold, the entry of virus in the body, allergies and fatigue can be caused because our immune system is weak. Squalene has immunostimulant properties that can improve the functioning of our body’s immune system.

9. Healthy skin

You definitely want to have healthy skin right? But, this will not be achieved if our skin undergoes lipid peroxidation that occurs due to free radicals. Squalene has a role to prevent your skin from lipid peroxidation. In addition, squalene also acts as an effective moisturizer for your skin. An amaranth oil can also work as an anti-aging,  Prevent Acne from growing on our facial skin and how to Get Rid of Acne

10. Helps to lose weight

Want to lose weight? Try using amaranth oil as an addition to your diet. The anti-inflammatory content of amaranth oil also works to help your body to lose weight. An amaranth oil also helps the body to detoxify so that it facilitates your digestive system.

11. Good for heart

Using amaranth oil can keep your heart healthy. An amaranth oil helps maintain normal blood pressure, maintains cholesterol levels, and has plenty of fiber that serves to reduce plaque in the arteries. All these functions are needed to keep the heart healthy. Squalene substances in amaranth oil also have a role in reducing the risk of heart disease.

12. Benefit for digestive system

Amaranth has a high fiber content. Fiber is needed by your body to facilitate your digestive system. By consuming amaranth oil, you will avoid constipation and also keep your intestines healthy and work well.

13. Good for hair

Undoubtedly, we want to have beautiful and strong hair. An amaranth oil bring benefits for your hair. An amaranth oil can add moisture to the hair and protect the scalp. In addition, amaranth oil has lysine content that can support hair growth and prevent hair loss. Try to apply amaranth oil on your hair. An amaranth oil can also prevent rapid gray hair growth and keep your hair’s natural color.

14. Regeneration of the skin

Got a scar? Apply amaranth oil to areas with scars. An amaranth oil can help in accelerating the regeneration of the affected skin area, burns, acne, herpes, neurodermatitis, and also ulcers.

15. Good for bone

Amaranth is rich in minerals. Amaranth contains calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. All of these contents are the contents that needed by our body to build strong bones and muscles.

16. Rich in vitamins

Amaranth is rich in beneficial vitamins. Amaranth contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, folate, niacin, and riboflavin. All of these contents act as antioxidants, control hormones, and increase energy in our body. Look here to know what the Vitamin C Benefits and Benefits of Vitamin B6

17. Improve metabolism

An amaranth oil has a phospholipid component that works to repair and improve the body’s metabolism. The phospholipid component has an influence in all tissues and organs in the body.

18. Benefit for overall body

Squalene substances have many benefits for the body. Squalene substances have antitumor and anticarcinogenic properties, increasing resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungal infections thereby protecting the overall body.

19. Protect body from cardiovascular disease

A study has shown that squalene substances also have a role in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease.

More Uses of Amaranth Oil

Another health benefits of amaranth oil:

  1. The amaranth oil serves to improve mental performance and memory function
  2. The amaranth oil protects the liver tissue from CT damage.
  3. An amaranth oil works to reduce blood pressure in the body.
  4. An amaranth oil is used to relieve pain for those of you who suffer from joints pain.
  5. An amaranth oil can serve to prevent sclerosis.
  6. Because the good taste of this oil, amaranth oil is beneficial to make your food becomes more delicious.

How using amaranth oil?

  1. You can directly consume amaranth oil
  2. Use amaranth oil as a hair mask. Apply amaranth oil on all hair and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then, rinse with a little shampoo. After that, apply amaranth oil again on the ends of the hair only.
  3. Apply amaranth oil on your skin. An amaranth oil is easily absorbed by the skin and provides plenty of hydration to your skin. For your face, put a few drops of amaranth oil on the fingers, and apply on facial or neck skin. Do this in the morning and evening before you go to sleep.
  4. An amaranth oil can also be added to the lotion, cream or on your shampoo.

Caution of using amaranth oil

Although we get many health benefits from amaranth oil for our bodies, you should still ask your doctor about the proper dosage of using this oil. Excessive use of amaranth oil can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and headaches.

The use of amaranth oil should also be avoided by people who suffering pancreatic diseases, gallbladder stones, duodenal ulcers, and gastrointestinal disorders.