Excellent Health Benefits of Wearing Carnelian – #Healthy Stones

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Many people wear carnelian to promote their beauty. In the same way, they use carnelian to get the benefits of it. Carnelian made from microcrystalline quartz, this bright and cheery version of Chalcedony gets its brown and orange-red specks, bands, and stripes from iron impurities, which look best when polished. In this case, carnelian itself known as the singer’s stone. It is the crystal that is a warm, vibrant stone that boosts confidence and the power of true expression. Moreover, as its name, many singers like Adele wear this gemstone while performing. More than that, it has healing properties as well. Thus, if you are curious what benefits that carnelian can give to you, check the health benefits of wearing carnelian below.

1. Prevents Stress

The first health benefit of wearing carnelian is to prevent stress. In this case, the gemstone has the positive effect to heal the body. It is also associated with the use in middle ages that shown the stone has been used in easing the tension and stress of Viking marauders sacking villages and other drawbacks to living in the dark ages. Indeed, this stone will give you the warm and sunny vibes. Then, are you interested to wear it? You can also check on Benefits of Black Zircon Stone for Spirit And Wellness

2. Promotes Mental Health

The way carnelian promotes mental health is by creating harmony between mental focus and creativity in the melding of the right and left parts of the brain. Indeed, wearing gemstone can promote unexpected benefits you have never imagined before. In addition, to have great mental health, you may need to train your brain by playing some games like chess and sudoku. You can also check on Benefits of Playing American Football for Mental Health

3. Promotes Sexual Desire

One of the health benefits of wearing carnelian is to promote sexual desire. At this point, this stone has been linked with Rose Quartz that has a role in balancing sexual energy with the vibration of love. Then, you can use both of these stones to promote your romantic and passionate side. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Ginger Benefits for Men’s Health – Physical, Mental and Sexual Health

4. Improves Circulation

For those who want to boost the circulation in the body, then you can count on carnelian. This stone can improve circulation as a way to deal with a stressful situation. Not only for that, it helps you to purify the blood as well as promoting courage and self-confidence. Then, it is recommended to wear carnelian at the time you need to show your best. By doing this, you will reduce the worries, fear, anxiety, and panic for sure. Then, be ready to say “I can do this”. You can also check on Benefits of Exercise for Circulatory and Respiratory System

5. Stimulates Metabolism

As stated before, carnelian has the healing energy including to stimulate metabolism. It helps the body to absorb the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to promote the circulation. As the consequence, it can help to supply of blood to the organs and tissues. More than that, it turns out this stone is beneficial in promoting fertility and aids in menstruation. Indeed, having carnelian is something that should be taken into account for your health.

6. Prevents Rheumatism

Due to the work of carnelian that can improve the circulation, then it can prevent certain diseases such as lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and accelerates healing in bones and ligaments. Besides, to be staying healthy, you need to apply a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food for sure. You can also check on How to Use Coconut Oil as Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief and The Benefits

7. Promotes Wound Healing

The next one is the ability of carnelian to promote the wound healing. To get the benefit, you can put the stone on the top of the wounds to speed up the healing process. Moreover, it can help you to deal with common headaches by placing it on the eyelids.

8. Circulates Vital Energy

As the consequence, wearing carnelian will help you to circulate vital energy. This is due to the meaning if the stone that represents the hot cauldron of the lower three chakras. As a result, it will allow you to stimulates the root chakra, helping circulate vital energy to your center and create powerful creative instincts. To get this benefit, all you need t do is by keeping the carnelian by your side or use it as jewelry. Then, it can give great benefits to you.

9. Relaxes You

Many people find the benefits of wearing gemstone to promote joy in life. In the same way, wearing carnelian can help you to relax. In this case, you can discover the true form of you and find the comfortable place to enjoy the moment. Indeed, carnelian can be a thing for meditation. This will help you to focus and relax as well.

Also, there are other health benefits of wearing carnelian which are:

10. Promotes Love

Surprisingly, wearing carnelian can help you to promote love. This may sound unbelievable, but it is believed that Orange and red Carnelian are important crystals to use for love, and for the consummation of love. More than that, it is also known that orange crystals is the symbols for fertility which is associated to conceive a child. Therefore, carnelian can be used to rekindling the fade loving relationship. Great, isn’t it?

11. Promotes Good Luck

On the other hand, people may use gemstone to search for their best luck. Then, the same thing happens to carnelian. It has been used to attract prosperity, new resources, and good luck. As a result, it is being used by coworkers or corporations who want for the big success in life.

12. Promotes Emotional Health

As a matter of fact, carnelian is the stabilizing crystal. It can boost your confidence and prevent anxiety as well. More than that, it provides energy to restore lost vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity for new pursuits. Then, you can use this stone during meditation to improve concentration and protects against envy, rage, and resentment.

As the conclusion, wearing carnelian is a good way for you. This stone will help you to prevent stress and promote emotional health. At this point, you can use carnelian as a jewelry or simply hold it when you need it. Hence, with the right use of carnelian you can get powerful benefits to promote body energy and relieve certain diseases such as a headache, rheumatism, and depression as well.