Surprising Benefits of Quitting Nail Biting #Healthy Habits

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 People may have their own habit when they are nervous, such as pacing, fidgeting, and nail biting. From those habits, pacing and fidgeting any be considered to be harmless. But nail biting is a different case.

It may be harmful and cause some health problem. Underlining this fact, some institution even conducted some researchers about benefits of quitting nail biting and how to stop it, such as the research conducted by Texas A&M University Health Science Center.

Nail biting might be common for some people. It’s a kind of habit of children or adult. But do you know that his habit may represent the state of mental concern? Well, some people bite their nails when they are nervous or worry about something. But some people else might not realize that they have this kind of habit.

From the fact that nail biting may indicates problem, it is better if people quitting nail biting. It is because by quitting nail biting, people will also solve the mental problem. In addition, the benefits of quitting nail biting may also affect the other part of the body such a s finger and teeth. So, let’s find further information about the benefits of quitting nail biting.

The Health Benefits of Quitting Nail Biting

This is the reasons to stop biting include with the benefits of quitting nail biting as concluded by Texas A&M University Health Science Center. What are they? Let’s check this out.

  1. Improve immunity

Nail biting might be very risky, as your nails are where the germs grow and hide. You may think that your nail is clean, but often, it doesn’t look like what it looks. Nail biting give chance for the germs to directly enter your body through the mouth multiple times in a day.

Of course, it will also give chance to the germs to wreck your immune system multiple times too. This way, quitting nail biting may improve your immunity as you can avoid germs to easily enter your body.

  1. Reduce the risk of infection

When you bite your nail, you might also bite the cuticle or the surrounding skin. It might be okay for your nail. But for your skin, your biting habit may leave open wound.

As we know, hands are the hotbed of germs. The open wound on hands is very risky as it will easily improve the risk of infection. Therefore, it is better to keep your hands and nails off your teeth. But if you have already got the open wound, treat it gently. You can use the safe and gentle skin product such as Vaseline with its Benefits of Vaseline for Skin .

  1. Maintain healthy teeth

Not only harmful for nails and hand, nail biting may also harm your teeth. As we know, some nails are strong and thick. Biting this kind of nail may be bad for your teeth, as regularly biting your nail can cause your teeth to shift, and even jaws dislocation.

Nail biting can also break your teeth and damage the tooth enamel. As we know, tooth enamel is essential to protect our teeth in carrying its function, which is to chew food perfectly.

  1. Avoid hangnails

Have you ever heard about hangnails? Hangnails is a condition where you can see a piece of torn skin at the root of your nail. It will also emerge painful open sore.

The only thing to prevent this problem is by quitting nail biting. Or else, you can also apply nail and skin treatment such as vitamin E oil and get the Health Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Nails

  1. Prevent ingrown nails

Ingrown nails commonly happen on toenails. But it will also happen on your fingernails if you keep biting your nails. So, it is better to quit and have the benefits of quitting nail biting in order to prevent your nail to grow under your skin.

You know, ingrown nails can be very painful and may lead to infection. So, quit your nail biting habit to avoid surgery for ingrown nails.

  1. Reduce the risk of poisoning

Women and nail polish might be an inseparable. Nail polish is one of the essential points to enhance beauty. Nail polishes are commonly made of chemical ingredients, that might be toxic.

This way, nail biting while you have the nail polish on may improve the risk of poisoning. So, it is better to quit you nail biting habit as it not only ruins your nail beauty, but also increase the risk of nail polish poisoning.

  1. Alleviate stress

Some people bite their nails in stressful condition. In this case, quitting nail biting may alleviate the stress. As you know, to quit nail biting, we need a distractor to avoid you to focus on your stress. Biting nails actually deepen your concern on your stress.

Therefore, you should quit nail biting by doing something else  such as listen to the music and have the Health Benefits of Listening to Music when you are stressful or nervous. This way you can also alleviate your stress. 

  1. Enhance nail beauty

Nail beauty is significant for women. But what to do with nail biting habit? Well, there is nothing to do other than damaging your nail. It can keep your nail short, but not beautiful at all.

Instead it may also damage your nail. Therefore, to maintain your nail beauty, you can apply some nail treatment product, but over the top, you should quit your nail biting habit.

Recommendation on How To Quit Nail Biting

If you are a hardcore nail bitter and want to stop in a short time, here are the recommendation about how to quit nail biting. By going on the following steps, you can have the benefits of quitting nail biting.

  • Cut them short, so that it is difficult for you to bite your nail.
  • Coat them with bad taste. So, every time you bite your nail, you’ll feel like yikes! And thing twice before you bite them.
  • Keep you hands or mouth busy when you nervous. Therefore, you have something else to do other than biting you nails.
  • Wear gloves may seem silly. But it is effective to remind you, or at least to keep your hands off your mouth. If you can’t wear this in public places, you can try this at home first.
  • Improve interaction with other people to distract you from your problem. Especially when you are in public places, take the chance to interact with new people and you’ll get the Health Benefits of Talking to Strangers. Or else you can also try some kinds of therapy such as Health Benefits of Prayer and Meditation.

Besides, it is also important for you to set your own target to get the benefits of quitting nail biting. For example, you may try with no biting zone first. For the other method, you can also consult the expert for the better result.