Health Benefits of Sweet Granadilla Passion Fruit

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Granadilla (Passiflora liguralis) is a variant of passion fruit that is first grown in South America’s Andes Mountains, spanning from Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, to Venezuela. In where it comes from, it is called “granadilla”, but outside that, it is just known simply as “passion fruit.”

Granadillas are round yellow or orange shaped with light markings, measuring 6.5 cm to 8 cm in length and 5.1 cm to 7 cm in diameter. This extremely aromatic fruit is also loaded with numerous nutritional goodness. But in order to know what they are, here are the health benefits of sweet granadilla passion fruit.

Granadilla vs Passion Fruit

Many generalize granadillas as simply as just “passion fruit.” They may be related, and may look similar, but then there are some noticeable differences in between the two. First, granadillas are larger than ordinary passion fruits, with large and elongated form, and are deep yellow to orange, while passion fruits are smaller, rounder with a hint of purple on the skin.

The two of them are similar in terms of having very visible seeds, however the main contrast comes in the flesh. Granadillas have clearer and mucus-like texture. The two also taste pretty different; granadillas taste like kiwi fruit, whereas passion fruits taste like a cross in between strawberry and grapefruit.

What are its Health Benefits?

1.   1. Granadillas are Nutritious

First of all, there are many essential nutrients offered by granadillas, ranging from potassium health benefits, iron, protein, flavonoids, antioxidants, various vitamins, and so much more!

2.      2. Granadillas Provide Immunity Boost

Here is one classical treatment that involves granadillas. Scientifically, this is made possible thanks to the presence of vitamin C, cryptoxanthin, as well as carotene.

3.      3. Granadillas May Help in Battling Cancer

The same antioxidants contained inside granadillas also possess anti-inflammatory traits that help the reduction of carcinogenic activities within our body. They make sure that free radicals are taken care of and removed from our body.

4.      4. Granadillas are Rich in Vitamins

There are many vitamins present inside granadillas, such as vitamin C benefits for immunity, as well as vitamin A for eye and vision health.

5.      5. Granadillas Support Digestion

There are also fibres available plentifully inside granadillas, which makes sure that our digestion runs smoothly. In fact, granadillas already complete our daily fibre requirement by 98%!

6.      6. ranadillas Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders

Granadillas serve as an excellent laxative so that our digestive track is always on check and at the best condition. Furthermore, it prevents constipation from taking place, and so is colon cancer.

7.      7. Granadillas Improve Cholesterol

Granadillas improve cholesterol by removing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) or the bad cholesterol in return for more high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) or the good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol may increase blood pressure and also artery blockage.

8.      8. Granadillas Improve Circulation

The rich reserves of copper and iron inside a granadilla works out very well when combined with the blood-thinning properties of potassium, which leads to an improved blood circulation.

9.      9. Granadillas is Good for Bone Health

There are magnesium, health benefits of wearing copper, iron, and phosphorus, which are all as good as benefits of calcium when it comes to maintaining bone health at its finest.

10. 10. Granadillas Treat Various Respiratory Conditions

Present researches reveal that granadillas can also act as an expectorant for respiratory conditions like symptoms of asthma or persistent cough.

11. 11. Granadillas for Insomnia Management

And finally, here is one fact about granadillas that many aren’t aware of. Granadillas has soothing and calming effects, which may work as a sedative to promote a good night’s sleep.

Cautions and Recommendations

There are no explicit health risks of granadilla, pretty much like passion fruit, however people with diabetes is very much recommended to eat it in moderate servings.

In this case, consult your doctor for the best advice and don’t forget to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly should you choose to consume it on a regular basis.