Miraculous Health Benefits of Pomelo for Diabetes

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Pomelo (Citrus grandis, C. Maxima) is one type of orange that is very famous, because it has a larger size than most other oranges. If other oranges are on average fist-sized, pomelo  can reach two or three times the size of that.

In addition to the large size of the fruit, it also has a thick skin. Thick and large skin is often used as a means of creativity, such as made cars, or miniature sailboats, surely after having the health benefits of pomelo.

Uniquely, although alternatively named Balinese oranges, but this fruit actually has nothing to do with the island of Bali. It is never clear the origin of the naming of this orange, nor is it clear why it is named Pomelo.

The obvious fact even shows otherwise, that this orange has no connection with the island or province of Bali, because its breeding is actually on Java island of Indonesia

Pomelo, like other oranges, has vitamin C content that the body needs to maintain health, especially improving the immune system and body’s health in general. In 100 grams of pomelo there are 350 micrograms of vitamin C.

In addition to vitamin C, it also contains pectin compounds as found in other oranges, which is useful to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Then, pomelo also contains bioflavonoids, lycopene, vitamins A, B, B1, and B2, as well as folic acid. All vitamins and minerals have the ability to cleanse the blood, so that the health of the body is more maintained.

Especially for folic acid, the nutrient is very needed for pregnant women, because it supports the growth and development of fetuses in the womb. That’s why, consuming pomelo is always recommended for pregnant moms since they can get the wonderful benefits of pomelo for pregnant woman.

Aside from being really useful for supporting pregnant women, pomelo is also great to consume for people who have diabetes. It can offer miraculous benefits such as:

1. Lowers blood sugar levels

This pomelo fruit has a high flavonoid compound, one of which is naringenin. According to several researches, naringenin is able to stimulate the burning of excess fat in obesity. Naringenin makes triglyceride levels in the blood become normal so as to restore blood sugar levels to normal.

Diabetics with increased blood sugar due to obesity or unhealthy diet. The breakdown of carbohydrates and excess fat causes blood sugar levels to increase. Control of fat due to obesity can be done by consuming pomelo fruit regularly.

The condition of controlled blood sugar levels is beneficial for diabetics in order to feel better. For example, making you feel more energized, and less likely to experience infectious conditions.

In addition, blood sugar control is also important to prevent a wide range of dangerous diabetes complications, such as heart disease, vision impairment, nervous system damage, and kidney disease).

That’s why diabetics could control it by consuming some fruits including pomelo, or the others like benefits of passion fruit. It’s a much better alternative than consuming sweets.

2. Lowers cholesterol

Pomelo has a lot of pectin content compared to other types of oranges. 1 pomelo contains 3.9% pectin. Every 15 grams of pectin is able to lower 10% cholesterol levels and the Pectin content in pomelo is a type of fiber that easily dissolves so that it affects absorption in the intestine. Absorption of body fat becomes more effective and channeled to be disposed of through feces.

Cholesterol is a component of fat levels whose fluctuations follow blood sugar levels. People with Diabetes may have high cholesterol levels due to their not ideal weight or excessive food intake.

Controlling cholesterol levels will affect blood rate and prevention of increased blood pressure in diabetics so that it does not reach the risk of complications of heart disease.

Aside from the pomelo itself, you can find the other fruits that contain this same benefit, like lemons, avocado, oranges, and the benefits of guava.

3. Regenerates damaged tissue

Pomelo has antioxidant content such as lyikopen, vitamin C, and others, plus it contains high vitamin C as much as 350 micrograms per 100 grams of orange meat. Vitamin C is a good source of oxidants for the body.

Vitamin C also acts as a substance to regenerate the body’s cells. The body’s cells will regenerate itself at all times, so it takes vitamin C intake to help regenerate. Vitamin C also affects the healing of wounds or damaged tissues. In addition, vitamin C is also able to increase immunity.

People with diabetes are very prone to pressure or wounds because the healing will be very long and the prognosis of the wound could be easily worsened.

Consumption of pomelo fruit can avoid worsening the condition of wounds in diabetics. Vitamin C in Grapefruit is more contained in the skin fibers than the fruit, so you can also use the skin of this pomelo fruit as an alternative treatment.

4. Natural source for antioxidant

Other than the benefits of furanocoumarins, pomelo is one of a variety of fruits containing high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants in pomelo fruit are very important for the health of the body because it can prevent the entry of free radicals that will enter the body.

Free radicals themselves have a lot of negative impacts on the health of the body, because it can cause a variety of diseases and health disorders. With this presents sufficiently in the body, diabetics can be more protected from various more serious health problems that could harm their lives.