4 Amazing Health Benefits of Oregano Oil for Flu

Are you experiencing disturbance while you get flu? Flu may seem not really severe, but it will disturb your daily activities for sure. As you can see in the drugstore, there are thousands medicines that are effective for curing flu. However, have you thought that some natural ways are better than medicines? Oregano oil is […]

Benefits of Chicken Soup for Babies During Cold

It is a quite long tradition to believe the benefits of chicken soup for babies during cold. As this food contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, many people might be thinking that consume chicken soup will bring you a better and faster cure. However, this could be not simply true at all. Therefore, check […]

Health Benefits of Chicken Soup for Cold (#1 Home Remedy)

Many people believe in the health benefits of chicken soup for a cold. And you might be one of them. But is it scientifically proven? Or is it just a myth? Well actually, if you think that chicken soup is able to cure common cold, it might be a myth. But the fact that chicken […]

15 Proven Benefits of Ginger Root for Colds and Flu

Ginger is not only good and useful for kitchen’s prep but it is also useful for traditional medicines, especially to cure flu. Flu is a type of disease caused by virus that can easily attack anyone, moreover due to the changing weather, exhaustion, lack of sleep, night wind and even weaken immune system. Here are […]

Benefits of Onions for Cold and Flu Symptoms – Natural Remedy

Why is the weather so extreme recently? Sometimes it could be extremely hot, but then suddenly the weather change and the rain fall heavily. The extreme weather and climate change often makes our body immune decrease and makes us vulnerable from suffering various diseases. Usually, it can cause us suffering fever and cold. If you […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Whiskey for Cold Remedy

“Drinking alcohol? No way!” The sentence above could be the reaction of people when they are being asked to drink some alcohol. Alcohol is often connoted with bad things, such as drunkenness. Old people usually tell their children or young children to avoid consuming alcohol because it’s not good for health. But that bad stigma […]

20 Symptoms of Flu in Adults (No.4 Unexpected)

You must know what influenza is. So, influenza, or commonly just called as flu, is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system, which are your nose, throat, and lungs. This disease is classified as the common disease since every person would suffer from this disease at some point in their lives. But, commonly this […]

18 Best Foods to Eat After Having the Stomach Flu

Gastroenteritis, which commonly known as stomach flu, is an intestinal infection that can lead into several symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal cramps. Although the name of the disease is stomach flu is not influenza at all. This disease often called stomach flu since it will bring you some discomforts like seasonal flu does. […]