10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water First Thing in The Morning

As much as 70% of our body consists of water. So when the water requirement is not met. Then the body will bear some negative health consequences both in the short and long term. Prolonged dehydration will cause rheumatoid arthritis, migraine in benefits of sunflower seeds, angina, hypertension, hemorrhoids, kidney stones to breast cancer. Drinking […]

10 Health Benefits of Drinking 4 Glasses of Water in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, what do you drink? Water, coffee, tea, or milk? Most of us actually have a habit of drinking health benefits of civet coffee, tea, or health benefits of goats milk in the morning. While drinking water, not the main drink, but a companion drink. In fact, the Health […]

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach

Most of woman in Japan has slim, fit, and tight body compare to others over the globe. It is quite alleged to their habit and healthy life style. One of them is drinking water on empty stomach in the morning after waking up. The health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach are fantastically good […]

10 Health Benefits of Americano Coffee and Tips of Consumption

Coffee is all the rage right now. It has been a staple for people all over the world. It have been a must have for early mornings to boost our energy.  Not only is it energizing it is also really tasty. Because of the taste, coffee is now considered a delicacy. Now there are more […]

16 Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila #Surprising

Still in theme of health benefits, now we will discuss a little about alcohol drinks. Do you know something about alcohol drinks? There are gin, vodka, wine, tequila, and others. But this time we will focus in tequila. Do you know something about tequila? Maybe you will answer: “Tequila is alcohol drinks.”. Yup, it is […]

15 Health Benefits of Not Drinking Diet Coke (#1 Top Warning!)

Whatever various reason you have, removing coke from your drink intake will enhance your overall health. When you’ve determined to thrown down coke habit then this will be a great idea, perhaps you weren’t achieving your weight loss targets or couldn’t digest that long list of contents anymore. Or, maybe you listen many times that […]

13 Best Health Benefits of Soda (No.10 is Insane)

Soda becomes a popular drink in many countries which substitutes the water as a drink. However, do you know what actually soda is? How is it made? Or how the history brought this beverage into a great commercial drink? To find out, read the followings below. A soda water term refers to the carbonated water, […]

25 Health Benefits of Sake – Mental – Beauty Treatments

Sake is a beverage fermented which is classified as the non-carbonated beverage from rice grains. It is made with rice, yeast, water, and koji (a mold used to enhance the flavor and leads fermentation). At this point, the yeast plays an important role in sake’s quality. It is shown that the yeast gives sake’s characteristics […]

40 Health Benefits of Drinking High Ph Water (#Beauty)

Forget about fat, calories, on blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone abnormalities and signs or other health parameters. It turned out that the most important measure for your health is the pH of your body’s blood and tissues, it is means how acidic or alkaline your body fluids. Keep the pH of your body fluids, automatically […]

16 Gold Kili Ginger Drink Benefits (No.8 All Get it)

Gold Kili Ginger Drink is a product of ginger powder people like to consume and pick. It offers high quality taste as well as natural ingredients in practical package so they should not need to cook or process—peeling, slicing, boiling water and the likes—ginger by themselves but still could access the natural benefit of this […]