21 List of Herbs and Health Benefits for Home Remedy

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Herbs are actually part of everyone’s daily life but most people don’t aware of the health benefits of herbs they consume every day. When it comes to herbs, the first thing most people thought is herbs used in traditional medication which have bitter taste and quite smelly. Well, the fact is not all herbs are smelly with bitter taste some of them are even so delicious and packed with a lot of benefits for human health. The list of herbs and health benefits below may open your eyes that your house is actually stocked with certain healthy herbs that you use every day without knowing about their health benefits.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the herbs commonly used as food flavoring or additional ingredients to certain beverages. Cinnamon is one of the herbal remedy well known for its benefits to treat hypertension. Moreover about the benefits of cinnamon are it is great for stomach problems from diarrhea, heartburn and even constipation. There are two types of cinnamon and the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon is considered to be better than the cinnamon obtained from cinnamon tree of Cassia genus because it is highly recommended for diabetic patients.

  1. Turmeric

The benefits of turmeric are not only used for food flavoring and natural food coloring but also because turmeric contains potent antibacterial properties and some active compounds that are effective to eliminate fungi and virus. The antioxidant properties found in turmeric are considered to be among the powerful antioxidant. Furthermore, turmeric is also packed with other essential nutrients like vitamin and minerals. Recent studies also stated that turmeric is one of the natural solutions to weight loss.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is more than just herbs used as food flavoring but it is also potent herbs to treat some serious condition. Benefits of garlic for your healthy heart and health benefits of garlic to liver are just two of more health benefits of eating fresh garlic, the fact is garlic contains some super powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential for body metabolism. Garlic is a great immunity booster, so adding more garlic to chicken soup is a great home remedy to accelerate the recovery process after severe illness.

  1. Cayenne

All spicy foods are not going to be complete without cayenne pepper or best known as chili. The spicy flavor of cayenne is actually having a lot of benefits to human health. Among the health benefits of cayenne pepper is this food seasoning is great to increase appetite and since it is super rich of vitamin C and beta-carotene, cayenne are great immunity booster for those who are currently in recovery state. However, those who have stomach problems may take cayenne a bit lightly to avoid heartburn.

  1. Mint

There are a lot of varieties of mint leaves and each country has its own signature of mint leaves variety but overall, mint leaves have distinctive flavor that makes them different from the other herbal plants. The health benefits of mint leaves are including as home remedy to light cold and sore throat due to its expectorant properties found in mint leaves. Meanwhile, the health benefits of mint water that you consume regularly could act as excellent energy booster and at the same time optimizing your digestion and losing some weight.

  1. Coriander

When talking about coriander, the health benefits of coriander seeds are equal to the health benefits of coriander leaves because both seeds and leaves of coriander are packed with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and some natural compound like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and so on. Coriander seeds are rich of vitamin A which is great for skin while the leaves are packed with antioxidants and effective anti-cancer properties. Among the Asian, coriander is one of the spices commonly used in their cuisines.

  1. Ginger

Who doesn’t love ginger bread or ginger candy? It is not only the flavor which is unique but ginger is also giving a natural vibe of warm feeling to your body. Benefits of ginger are mostly enjoyed during rainy and cold season; a cup of tea made from ginger root is going to be a delicious beverage while at the same time provides protection to your body. Some of the health benefits of ginger root tea are for weight loss, fighting cancer, treating heartburn and could act as home remedy to some stomach conditions, especially diarrhea.

  1. Thyme

Thyme is one of the herbal plants that commonly used as part of cooking ingredients but when talking about thyme perhaps the health benefits of red thyme essential oil are what you are thinking about now. Thyme leaves are excellent home remedy to treat sore throat while the anti-inflammatory properties are excellent to treat conditions like pains caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Keeping a bottle of thyme essential oil is highly recommended because its anti-bacterial effect could be used to treat open wound up to acne.

  1. Sage

Do you have problem with your digestion, such as constipation or diarrhea? What you need is some dried herbs of sage leaves. This herb is popular as food seasoning due to its unique flavor that could enhance the taste of foods. More than that the health benefits of sage leaves are also could be used as anti-depressant and for women, sage is effective herb to reduce the symptoms of PMS and syndrome of menopausal. Sage also could be consumed in the form of tea and one of the health benefits of sage tea is to treat insomnia.

  1. Basil

There must be at least a reason why basil is well known as the king of herbs. The basil itself derived from Greek word which has literal meaning ‘royal plant’ because if you make it into a list the health benefits of basil could be endless. Basil is packed with vitamin K which is not only beneficial for your bone health but also promote healthy gum and overall oral organs. Vitamin K is also responsible to make sure proper blood clotting and prevent unnecessary blood clotting. The health benefits of basil leaves have been well known for over centuries and that’s why it is commonly used as part of food seasoning and ingredients.

  1. Pepper

Pepper is originated from Asia regions and there are two types of pepper, white pepper and black pepper. The health benefits of white pepper are not really different with the health benefits of black pepper but they are so distinctive in flavor. The spicy taste of black pepper is stronger than the white pepper. Both types of pepper are well known for digestion and natural energy booster. That’s why adding more pepper to chicken soup during recovery state is not a crime at all.

  1. Cardamom

Cardamom is one of the spices that most Indian would not forget to add to their cuisine, because the Indians are the ones who aware well of the health benefits of cardamom to human health. Since ancient time the health benefits of cardamom have been recorded in the Ayurvedic medicine but even science has stated that cardamom is packed with vitamin C and certain minerals such as manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. Cardamom could be great home remedy solution to treat sore throat, light cold and fever.

  1. Cloves

If you have a chance to read the list of Indonesian herbs health benefits, you must have found that cloves are among the herbs listed. It is because cloves are originated from one of the islands located in Indonesia and has been part of Indonesian spices and cuisines since ancient time. Benefits cloves health is not limited to aid digestion but it also contains potent anti-oxidants properties that could help fighting cancer naturally.

  1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the herbs recommended for women because some studies have proven that fenugreek contains certain compounds that could help breastfeeding mothers stimulating the milk productions.

Furthermore, since it is also packed with minerals, especially calcium, the health benefits of fenugreek seeds are also excellent for bones and oral health.

The other mineral found in fenugreek is potassium which makes this herb also great for heart.

  1. Rosemary

Don’t mistaken rosemary with sage, though they are quite similar in the appearance. Among the health benefits of rosemary is this herbal plant is commonly used as natural body detox especially for liver organ. Rosemary contains specific chemical compounds that will be used by body to eliminate toxins from liver and the effect is nutrient absorption will be optimized naturally. You could consume the fresh leaves of rosemary, the dried rosemary or even rosemary tea for your health benefits.

Those are the list of herbs and health benefits you could easily found in your kitchen cupboard and below is some list of herbs that commonly found in people’s backyard. If you know their health benefits, perhaps it is a perfect time to give your shovel a chance and plant some of herbal plants as below.

  1. The health benefits of pandan leaves are not just as natural food coloring but also proven to be able in lowering high blood pressure.
  2. As one of the flowering plants commonly planted as insect repellent, the health benefits of lavender for skin are among the reasons why people love this flower.
  3. Curcuma is one of the essential herbs used as spices by the Indonesian and health benefits of curcuma are great to manage cholesterol.
  4. Bilimbi is one of the fruit originated from Indonesia with sour taste but the health benefits of bilimbi fruit are not only for beauty but also for reproduction.
  5. Curry leaves are commonly used in Thailand and Indian cuisines because they know well about the amazing health benefits of curry leaves for human.
  6. The health benefits of moringa leaves for laxative mother are the reasons why this herbal plant is so popular to be planted in the backyard.

For some people who are depending too much on their doctor may find this information as a surprise because they wound never thought that the list of herbs and health benefits mentioned above are not only easy to be found but also super potent to deal with certain health conditions naturally.