18 Health Benefits of Sage Leaves Based on Research

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Sage leaf is an herbal plant which commonly use as medicine. It is a similar plant with rosemary. For many years, some research shows that there are many health benefits of sage leaves. It started from the traditional use for the treatment of snake bite. Continuous today that sage leaves is widely used in many kinds of way.

Sage leaf has some sweet taste and savory flavor. It names comes from Latin word “salvere”. It was known in Rome as substantial healing properties for digestion. It is then used in French as tea. By the time it comes popular as medical treatment in many countries in Europe.

Sage leaves originally are from Mediterranean region. Due to high request of this leaves, many countries now cultivated this plant. It grows almost anywhere. But it grows better in a region which is rich with sunlight. That’s why it is more suit to cultivate this plant in the tropical country such as Asia. Planting a sage plant is also not difficult. It can be planted by seed, or by cutting. There are now many tutorials on how to cultivated sage at home. So that each person can extracted the plant easily and get the health benefit from it.

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Nutrition Value of Sage Leaves

Below is the nutritional value of sage leaves per 100gr:

Calories 314kcal
Fat 7gr
Saturated Fat 1.8gr
Cholesterol 0mg
Natrium 11mg
Kalium 1mg
Carbohydrates 61gr
Dietary Fiber 40gr
Sugar 1.7gr
Protein 11gr
Calcium 1.6mg
Iron 28.1mg
Magnesium 428mg
Vitamin A 5.9IU
Vitamin B6 2.7mg
Vitamin C 32.4mg

As mentioned above, sage leaves bring many benefits. Below are the health benefits of sage leaves:

1. Digestive Problems

The leaves are a great stimulant tonic which can treat stomached and prevent digestive system issue. Sage tea or infusion is particularly effective to manage this problem. Its carminative effect working to remove the symptoms of indigestion by stimulating upper digestive secretions and pancreatic function.

2. Gastroenteritis

Sage can be used as a treatment for gastrointestinal problems and dyspepsia. It helps to reduce nausea in an empty stomach. Furthermore, research show that infusion of sage leaves reducing the gastritis condition inside the stomach. It help to relief the vomit syndrome in the gastroenteritis symptoms.

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3. Diarrhea

In relation with the capability to handle gastroenteritis, sage leaves help to against diarrhea. The vitamin C improve the body immune to against the stomach bacteria which usually the main caused of diarrhea.

4. Heartburn

Sage leaves can be used as a treatment to soothe the heartburn. The nutrients contained inside the leaves help to control the acid so that it will reduce the heartburn. It also helps to develop the digestive enzyme. So that, the food is easy to digest and the intestine metabolism can be improved.

5. Anti-Depressant

When used as aromatherapy through essential oil, it gives a relief feeling on the nerve. Therefore, it helps as an anti-depressant to prevent stresses. It remedies the nerve tension and bring serotonin hormone. So that the body will feel more comfort and the mind will feel calm.

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6. PMS Syndrome

In relation as anti-depressant, it gives benefit of relief feeling during PMS. Scientific evidence also shows that the sage leaves aromatherapy helps to balancing the hormone during PMS period. It is also can reduce menstrual cramp.

7. Natural Stop of Breastfeeding

The estrogenic effect can be benefit for women who try to dry up their breast milk supply. It is a natural way to stop the production of breast milk. Therefore, it helps reducing the risk of mastitis for woman which has stop breastfeeding their baby.

8. Menopausal Syndrome

Routine consume of sage leaves will improve the system of menopause. It can reduce hot flashes during menopause.

9. Gum Health

Certain compounds in sage appear to have an anti-inflammatory action. There is a study investigated the effects of a range of these compounds on the inflammatory response in gingival fibroblasts. Which is a common type of cell found in the connective tissue of the gums. Therefor it helps to soothe a swollen gum. The vitamin C help to maintain the gum health and avoid bacteria to produce any ache in the gum.

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10. Asthma

The anti-spasmodic effect of sage reduces tension in smooth muscles. This will used for steam inhalation and able to prevent asthma attacks. It is effective in removing mucous congestion and also preventing secondary infections.

11. Maintain Cholesterol

Consuming this leaf will help to reduce the number of cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL level. Furthermore, it will increase the HDL, so that the body can maintaining the level of cholesterol.

12. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

In relation with the benefit of maintain the cholesterol level, the leaves will benefit to prevent cardiovascular disease. This means help to reduce the possibility of heart attack and stroke. The salvigenin content in the leaf works as a vascular relaxant. So that the blood vascular can be well maintained.

13. Prevent Diabetes

There are some studies that proved sage leaf extract has anti-hyperglycemic properties. It works by lower down blood glucose levels by blocking the release of stored glucose from the liver. It is an effective way to lowering triglyceride levels in type 2 diabetics. However, further research is need to be done.

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14. Improve Brain Health

A research show that sage leaves can improve the memory. It works well to avoid Alzheimer syndrome. Furthermore, it blocks the degradation process of neurotransmitter activity in brain.

15. Maintain Healthy Skin

Sage leaves is a good toner for oily skin. It works by regulating sebum production in the oily face. Furthermore, it will help the body skin of getting smooth and silky. The nutrition content on it leaves help to treat some skin problems such as eczema and acne.

16. Maintain Healthy Hair

It helps to improve texture and tone of the hair. Applying sage leaves as rinse will produce a shiny hair. It is also stimulating the hair follicles to a rapid growth. Easily boil the sage leaves for minutes and simmer it. It can be done for 2-3 times in a week. The hair will get strengthen and the hair color become darker.

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17. Sore Throat Treatment

Sage leaves infusion has been found to be effective in the treatment of inflamed throat and tonsils as well as ulcerated throat. Using this as a gargle twice a day will provide fast relief. The vitamin C contain in the leaves help to increase immunity against the inflammation.

18. Eliminate Body Odor

There is a research shows that it helps to reduce sweat. Therefore, it helps to eliminate the body odor. Some deodorant products used this concentrate. Indeed, there are many health benefits of sage leaves.

How to Use Sage Leaves

There are some ways to gain the health benefits of sage leaves. But the common ways are both below:

1. By consuming through meal or drink

Sage leaves has been used for cooking along with parsley, rosemary and thyme. It appears in many European cuisine. To consume it, we can add it in the dishes through so many recipes. The easiest is to dried it and mix it as spice for marinated chicken or meat. Furthermore, the leaves also can be extracted for a homemade tea. It is also can used as infused water and bring a health way of drinking.

2. Apply to Skin

Nowadays there are many skincare products contain sage leaves. Such as body lotion, soap or serum. It is widely sell in the market with many brands. Applying skincare which contain sage is an easy way to gain a healthy skin benefit.

3. Through essential oil

Sage leaves can be distillate to an essential oil. The leaves which transformed to an essential oil usually contains Cineole, Borneol, and Thujone. There are a lot of sage essential oil variety in the market. Commonly they use as aromatherapy for relaxation.

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Side Effects of Sage Leaves

Sage leaves not only brings benefits. But it also has some side effects. There are some of the lists:

  1. Using sage during pregnancy shall be tightly monitored. It is found that sage produce a chemical called Thujone, which could cause a miscarriage. Therefore, it is considering unsafe to consume by pregnant woman.
  2. Spanish sage might increase the blood pressure. Therefore, the dosage shall be controlled if used by person with high blood pressure. But the other type of sage leaves considering safe to consume. Since they have no effects on increasing the blood pressure. Event, most of the sage leaves help to reduce the blood pressure.
  3. People with low blood sugar shall control the usage of this leaves. It can lead to hypoglycemia. Especially when use together with diabetes medicine. The dose shall be arranged correctly so that the blood sugar level is not coming too low.
  4. The chemical produce of Thujone may considering neurotoxic. Means that it is poisonous and can damage the nerve tissue. Therefore, it is important to keep control the use and the dose of sage leaves. With an exact dose and way to use, it considers give a good effect.

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