20 Scientific Health Benefits of Dried Tarragon

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Among many varieties of herbal plant, there is one name called tarragon leaves. This plant names after a Latin word “Dracunculus”, which means a little dragon. There is no further information on the history of the plant’s name. Some mention that it was named probably due to the benefits of this plant to cure from a beast bite. But another mention it is due to the hot effect of the oil in its roots.

Tarragon is known in the culinary world as one of the flavoring spice. Furthermore, people using it as an alternative herbal medicine. Some researchers have been done on this plant. Hence it is concluded that tarragon leaves are giving health benefits to peoples.

The most cultivated species of tarragon leaves are Russian and French tarragon. Same as most of the herbal plants, it grows better in a dry soil with warm environment. Hence this plant may suitable to put in a backyard. But to be noted, it shall be planted during summer or planted in the tropical country. Currently, the biggest supply of tarragon leaves is coming from Spain.

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Nutrition Value of Tarragon Leaves

Tarragon leaves contain nutritional value as below (per 10gr):

Calories 295kcal
Carbohydrates 50gr
Fat 7gr
Saturated Fat 1.9gr
Cholesterol 0mg
Natrium 62mg
Kalium 3mg
Dietary Fiber 7gr
Calcium 1.1mg
Iron 32.2mg
Magnesium 347mg
Vitamin A 4200IU
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 2.4mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 50mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

The list below explained the health benefits of dried tarragon:

1. Anti-Oxidant

Since tarragon leaves is rich with vitamin C and vitamin B, it is a good source of anti-oxidant. Based on some research, anti-oxidant works to against the free radical effect from the bad environment. Therefore, it helps the body to against illness.

2. Anti-Cancer

With relate to the anti-oxidant benefits, the leaves might work as an anti-cancer. It prevents the cancer cell to growth up by avoid the cancer cell to get nutrients. Therefore, the cell will self-destroyed. However, this benefit needs further studies.

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3. Anti-Aging

The benefit of anti-oxidant can also work to be an anti-aging. High contains of vitamin C improving the healthy skin. Therefore, it helps to reduce wrinkles and resulting a smooth youthful skin surface.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

There is a research that show the capability of this leaves to be an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is good to prevent arthritis. The anti-inflammatory works by reducing the swollen. It is due to the contain of the acid in the leaves. Furthermore, it helps to soothes the ache.

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5. Pain Relief

Due to its anti-inflammation capability, the leaves are working as a good pain relief. The vitamin B contain in the leaves help to optimize the neuro works to stimulate the pain feeling at the nerve.

6. Maintain Cholesterol

One of tarragon leaves benefits is able to maintain the number of HDL inside the blood. It is lower down the LDL and triglyceride level.

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7. Maintain Blood Circulation

Based on a research, the vitamin B inside tarragon leaves working to maintain blood circulation. It helps the blood to properly distribute oxygen and nutrients to the body system. It is also working as a detoxification and able to eliminate toxin from the body. Further study find that it prevents aggregation and adhesion to the blood vessel wall.

8. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Since the leaves capable of maintain cholesterol and maintain human blood circulation, then it works to prevent many cardiovascular diseases. Such as stroke, or heart attack. The possibility of cardiovascular risk can be lower down. Since it helps to avoid narrow blood vessel of the heart and the brain. Therefore, it maintains a good work of the body system.

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9. Prevent Diabetes

What’s more scientific health benefits of dried tarragon? Tarragon leaves contain polyphenolic, which able to lower down the blood sugar lever. Therefore, it helps to prevent diabetes. Further study shows that it is restore the sensitivity of insulin in the type 2 diabetic patients.

Consequently, the muscle cell will regulate the synthesis enzyme of glucosylceramide. Which is responsible to insulin resistance. This will lead to the low amount of ceramide in the body. Therefore, it helps to lower down the blood sugar level.

10. Maintain Digestion System

The leaves maintain digestion system by stimulating the enzyme to fasten digestive metabolism. Therefore, the peristaltic movement becoming effective. The nutrients can be absorbed effectively into the body. Then, the body can gain its maximized needs of vitamin and mineral. Furthermore, it relief the upset stomach and abdominal pain.

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11. Prevent Dyspepsia

Due to the capability of maintaining digestive system, it is proven that the leaves work to prevent dyspepsia. Based on some research, it is found that the leaves extract helps to reduce nausea feeling. Furthermore, it is also work to reduce the pain and fullness feeling. The number of vitamin B and C inside the leaves, stimulating the gas forming inside the stomach. Therefore, it reduces a heartburn sensation.

12. Stimulant

The leaves are a good stimulant for the brain and the nerve system. Since it is stimulating the brain to increase the appetite. Therefore, it is suit for elderly to add their appetite on consuming food.

13. Anti-Depressant

Tarragon leaves has effect as an anti-depressant. The essential oil helps to give a relief mind. Therefore, it leads to a positive mind and relaxing the body.

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14. Prevent Insomnia

Since the leaves is act as an anti-depressant. When it consumes before sleeping, it helps to give a calming effect and maintain a good sleep. Therefore, it is suitable for people with insomnia problems. The relaxing mind and body increase the quality of the night sleep.

15. Antiseptic

Some research mention that the tarragon leaves actively works as anti-bacteria. Therefore, the essential oil is their best form to be an antiseptic. This benefit helping to soothe some illness related to bacterial infection such as diarrhea and fever. Well, there are many scientific health benefits of dried tarragon.

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How to Use Tarragon Leaves

We can gain the health benefit of tarragon leaves through some ways. The most common ways are listed below:

Through cuisine
It is common to add tarragon leaves in the dishes. For example, in roasted chicken. Tarragon gives strong flavor on the dishes. Therefore, it is suit in any kind of meat. Another common way is using the leaves for pickles and sauce. While other people using tarragon leaves by sprinkle it over their salad or omelet.

1. Infused Water

It is a good idea to making an infused water from tarragon leaves. Since it is not only easy, but also gives a huge health benefit. Infused water seems like absorbing all nutrients of the leaves into the water. Therefore, this is the best way on consuming tarragon leaves. To give more flavor, we can mix it with mint or lemon.

2. Extract Tea

A fresh tarragon tea can be extracted to a cup of tea. Since it is quite simple, it is possible to making a homemade tarragon tea. First of all, boil some water. Put the leaves into the cup. Then put the boiling water over the leaves. Wait for 3-5 minutes until the water color is slightly change. Finally, tarragon tea is ready to consume. We can add honey or ginger for variation.

3. Essential Oil

Some companies distill the leaves into an essential oil. To get tarragon essential oil is quite easy. Since it is sell out in many stores and countries. The oil can be use as aromatherapy and give a pleasant feeling.

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Side Effects of Tarragon Leaves

Same as with any other herbs, tarragon leaves might have some side effects. Since this shall be considered low, hence for most persons, this leave is not endangered and good to consume daily. Below are some of the side effects and how to deal with it:

  1. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the usage of tarragon leaves shall be controlled by the doctor. There is no specific evidence whether it is harmful or not. But to be sure, better to consult with the appropriate doctor.
  2. The same way with another herbal plant. Hence the use of this leaves combine with medical prescription shall be in controlled by the doctor.

Well, there are many scientific health benefits of dried tarragon and you can be wise to consume it.

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