15 Unexpected Health Benefits of Alkanet Root (Herbal Cure)

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Alkanet, or popularly known as alkane has several similar names such as dyer’s bugloss or hoary puccoon. The plant belongs to herbal plant with very specific health benefits for human health, particularly for its root. Alkanet root is quite large and thick with reddish color.

The leaves are hairy green like Bugloss’s leaves. The plant has Latin name of Alkanna tinctoria, included in Boraginaceae family. The plant is originally from Mediterranean area. Most people in that region using the plant for cosmetic particularly red dye necessity. Therefore, most of the benefits of alkanet root is used to cosmetic and beauty purpose such as soap and lip balm.

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Alkanet root is very invasive species and can survive in most of temperate environment either in pine forest or prime rangeland. According to World Health Organization, alkanet root tends to be very competitive since it can grow larger and very tight competition against the native plants to where it is planted. In this article, there will be further description about health benefits of alkanet root for your additional information.

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Alkanet Root Essences Containing

Most of you must have been known yet if the alkanet root can be very beneficial for health purpose. It is not only for cosmetic and beauty as people in Mediterranean do, but also for health maintaining. The root has several herbal functions to overcome multiple diseases. The root has atsiri oil and tanin which belongs to the found core of natural herbal disease. Alkanet root has the following containing essence based on World Herbal Journal:

  • Cynidin
  • Anthocyanin
  • Delphinine
  • Malvidun
  • Pelargonidin
  • Quercetin
  • Kaempherol
  • Anti-biotic
  • Diuretic
  • Mineral
  • Vitamin

Alkanet root is believed by most traditional people in Mediterranean to cure several diseases such as skin allergy, vomit, itchy, influenza and so on. The root contains such beneficial function as anti-biotic, anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria, and diuretic. Thus, the further health benefits of alkanet root will be very essential and interesting to be known by you.

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According to USDA National Nutrient, alkanet root has proven to be very important part of herbal plant to cure several diseases. Here are 15 health benefits of alkanet root which you can read and learn more in order to add your knowledge especially for your herbal and health information.

  1. Scare Recovering

One of the most essential and influencing of health benefits of alkanet root is to protect the skin from any infection and recover the inflammation. Alkanet root is now widely used to heal burn scars since it has the natural ability of anti-inflammation and cooling to absorb the heat out of the skin. This also makes alkanet root is useful as sunblock and sunburn remover.

  1. Fever Incline

The natural cooling character of alkanet root makes alkanet root has the ability to cool down the fever just like what Ayurveda traditional healing do. Besides, alkanet root can induce the sweat which will fasten the healing process of fever suffering.

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  1. Headache Curing

The anti-inflammation effect found on alkanet root can reduce the tight and slow mode of blood circulation which trigger to headache on your head. If you have such healthy and flowy smooth blood circulation, then the headache will be gone. Alkanet root with its benefit of anti-inflammation will cure the migraine and headache.

  1. Anti-Inflammation

The anti-inflammation effect of the alkanet root is very beneficial especially for your bones and muscles which may lead to inflammation. Inflammation can be very painful and attack many parts of your body part. By applying alkanet root essence oil on the inflammation area, this will reduce the symptom and painful caused by the inflammation.

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  1. Skin Health Maintaining

Anti-virus and anti-bacteria of the alkanet root contained will be very amazing to protect your essential organs of the body, particularly skin. As the most forward body protector, skin is very risky of getting suffered by any foreign materials which can create problems such as aging or wrinkle. Applying alkanet root oil or consuming alkanet root powder may help you to maintain the skin health and beauty by reducing aging and wrinkle by shadowing the remained scare.

  1. Sleeping Disorder Healing

Essential oil of alkanet root can help you to lessen sleeping disorder like insomnia and chronical worries. By using essential oil of alkanet root before sleeping along your head and under the nose, then you will feel relax and calm as the preparation of good sleeping. Do it regularly and you will feel way much easier to get sleep.

  1. Heart Health Maintaining

Alkanet root contributes much to maintain the health of heart. This can be done by soaking alkanet root into the water and extract the essence to be drunk. By doing so, the alkanet root can help to release the poison out of the body and optimize the function of heart to absorb blood.

  1. Hair Treatment

Alkanet root has been proven to be very effective in increasing hair strength since alkanet is natural hair color which is very safe and has no effect on your health. Alkanet root extracted into oil can be very useful to cover hair cuticle, prevent hair fall, and symptom of bald.

  1. Nail Treatment

Next health benefit of alkanet root is to prevent the cracking nail and lessen the inflammation happen to the nail. By routinely applying essential oil of alkanet root along your nail, it will prohibit the nail to be irritated, sore, and infected.

  1. Blood Pressure Control

Alkanet root has hypo-tense impact to lessen stress on your cardiovascular system and is very effective to reduce higher blood pressure. This also may help to prevent plague, prohibit heart attack to be happened and reduce the risk of get suffering from stroke disease.

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  1. Rheumatic Healing

The rheumatic disease is one which attack muscle and nerves to be painful and sore felt. Rheumatic can be overcome by continuously applying the essential oil of alkanet along the painful area or routinely consuming the powder to reduce the pain.

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  1. Sore Reducing

After sore and painful of rheumatic, the alkanet root is also beneficial to reduce the sore due to other cases. One of them is sore of stomach when the woman gets period or more popularly known as dysmenorrhea. When a woman has dysmenorrhea, the stomach will feel very painful that she cannot do anything. Therefore, the anti-inflammation effect of the root can act as anti-sore too to cure this condition.

  1. Healing Skin Fungi

Overcoming and healing your skin fungi by using alkanet root. The root has such very effective anti-fungi to particularly heal any diseases related to skin fungi such as phlegm, ringworm, and eczema on your skin disorder.

  1. Herpes Treatment

The health benefits of alkanet root to cure diseases can also be applied to cure herpes. Herpes is such immunity and skin disorder which lead to a very serious condition of skin scare or skin bleeding due to the open scare. Herpes is caused by virus, therefore, in order to heal the disease, you need such anti-virus effect which you can get maximal from alkanet root.

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  1. Weight Loss Helping

No need to consume much chemical diet medicine which is not surely safety guaranteed if you want such a slim and shaped body. Consuming alkanet root powder routinely may help you to reduce the excessive weight of the body safety and naturally.

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Those are health benefits of alkanet root which now you know. The root is proven to be very essential part of herbal treatment by its multiple benefits for the human health. it is your turn now to apply directly by applying or consuming the root regularly in order to get the same health benefits as above.