10 Secret Health Benefits of Himalayan Honey Just Revealed

Honey is known bringing many benefits for the body, including the health benefits of Himalayan honey that can maintain a healthy living. Therefore, consuming honey is one traditional healthy habits that last for thousands years. It has been known since ancient days that honey can bring numerous advantages. hence, honey is proven bring various positive […]

8 Health Benefits of Rowse Honey (#Cough Reliever)

Consuming honey is important to keep the healthy body. However, nowadays, it is hard to find the pure honey. In this case, pure honey can boost the body function and protect the body against infection. Hence, in this article, we will talk about the Rowse Honey which is a honey product from United Kingdom manufacturer. […]

7 Incomparable Health Benefits of Coconut Flower Nectar

The coconut flower nectar has become popular these days. To replace agave with their sweet foods, raw foodies start using coconut flower nectar. In addition to food, coconut flower nectar is also used by chefs when baking. Coconut flower nectar is also used to replace refined sugar by many families recently. Not only the Health […]

15 Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey You Never Known

Local raw honey is the unfiltered and unheated honey which is produced within our local area. Local raw honey is praised for its purity. In addition, the fact that the honey is collected no more than 50 miles from your area enables us to make sure the quality of the raw honey. Not to mention […]

10 Unmatched Health Benefits of Jarrah Honey

No doubt, people already know about Benefits of Honey. One of the best honey producers in the world, Western Australia introduced another famous honey Jarrah honey. Jarrah honey is famous for its benefits to kill candida. Compared with Manuka honey, Jarrah honey provides a more delicious flavor of nectar and has some of the higher […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Honey in Ayurveda

Since ancient times, people already know the Benefits of Honey. Because the benefits of honey other than as a sweetener have been found through some research, the ancient people of the Vedic age consider that honey is one of the most extraordinary gifts of nature to mankind. Much research has been done to prove the […]

17 Benefits of Applying Dabur Honey on Face #1 Beauty Secret

Honey has been known as powerful natural ingredient for both health and beauty. There are lots of Benefits of Honey for weight loss . In addition, we can easily find honey on mother’s kitchen shelf. However, we can use any honey available in the market. Especially for beauty treatment, it is highly recommended to use the […]

7 Awesome Benefits of Honey On An Empty Stomach

You probably have known a thing or two about the benefits of honey in a human’s body. But have you ever heard of the benefits of honey on an empty stomach? Before we get there, let’s take a quick review of honey as a food. Honey has a long history of usage and production. It has a […]

16 Fantastic Benefits of Honey on Face (No.4 Is Best)

Health benefits of honey for human body already proven around the world, how about its benefits on face? Honey is well known as natural home remedy and one nature wonder. It has been used for a long time and by people around the globe. Honey actually is nectar that gathered from the flower by bees. It has […]

10 Proven Health Benefit of Ginger-Honey Mixture

The natural herbs currently are being focused as the most effective way to heal and treat some diseases naturally. One of the most common herbs which currently is being used commercially as the treatment and healing is Ginger. Ginger is very good for human health due to its turmeric and cardamom. Those are very important […]