10 Secret Health Benefits of Himalayan Honey Just Revealed

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Honey is known bringing many benefits for the body, including the health benefits of Himalayan honey that can maintain a healthy living. Therefore, consuming honey is one traditional healthy habits that last for thousands years. It has been known since ancient days that honey can bring numerous advantages. hence, honey is proven bring various positive healthy effects.

Himalayan honey is comes from giant Himalayan honey bee. This bee has been lived for long time in Himalayan area and believed can produce the best raw honey in the country. However, to get the raw honey is mostly not easy. The Gurung peoples in Himalayan, Nepal are known as the honey hunter in the country. In their effort of getting the raw honey, they have to climb of a high stiff cliff in a forest without human living. Therefore, making the hunt of this honey is difficult.

There is one interesting fact on Himalayan honey. This raw honey is actually processed from poisonous flower. Therefore, if the honey bring benefits, it might bring a bad side effects too. However, it bring optimum benefit for some medical condition, making it still searched by many peoples around the world. Plus, due to its difficult way to get, the price is amazingly expensive compare with other type of honey.

Nutrient Content

There is no specific nutrient of the honey. However, as most as other honey it commonly contain carbohydrates, various vitamin and minerals, also contain sugar, dietary fiber and protein too. The percentage of nutrient may vary, depends on the brand available. Furthermore, for the health benefits of Himalayan honey, see below points:

1. As Superfood

Honey is famous for thousand years as a good substitute of superfood. Therefore, it is good to consume for bring optimum benefit in the body health. It will contain maximum vitamins and minerals that needed for the body development. This is the same health benefits tiger nuts that can work as a superfood too.

2. Natural Antibiotics

The benefit of this honey including to be as a natural antibiotic for various medicinal condition. However this shall be discussed with the medical practitioner. Since it might interfere the other medicinal prescription. Therefore, if plan to consume the honey, do not consume together with the medical drugs. Otherwise, consume it several hours after your daily drugs.

3. Anti Bacteria

Another health benefits of Himalayan honey is including as a good anti bacteria. Therefore, frequent consume of the honey will help to avoid bacteria infection. This will help to avoid the possibility of experience diseases due to bacteria, such as typhoid fever or respiratory infection. This is the same health benefits of finger root which works as anti bacteria too.

4. Anti Inflammation

The honey is a good anti inflammation too. Therefore, it is good to maintain the skin health through avoiding the skin inflammation. It will works to soothe the pain and reduce the swollen during any inflammation of the body.

5. Source Of Energy

Consume the raw honey will bring energy as needed for the early morning activities. Therefore, it is believed that Himalayan raw honey is a perfect source of energy. However, consume in proper portions only to avoid the dangerous side effects of the honey. This benefit is the same health benefits of onion and banana juice that can act as the best source of energy too, mainly in the early morning.

6. Anti Fungal

Another advantage of the honey is to work as an anti fungal. Therefore, it will help to avoid the possibility of fungal infection to the body. Furthermore, it can maintain a healthy body and reduce the fungal effects.

7. Soothe Cold

Honey if added with some hot beverages is the best treatment for soothing fever and cold. Therefore, Himalayan honey is a perfect choice to consume when having cold and cough. This is the same health benefits ginger milk that can use as cold treatment too.

8. Immune System

The advantage of Himalayan honey including to increase the immune system. Therefore, consume the honey in proper portions will help as natural immune booster that benefit to keep a healthy body conditions. Furthermore, it can help to avoid any diseases.

9. Maintain Wellness

Himalayan honey is the perfect way to maintain wellness too. Add the honey with other ingredients and feel the advantages for keeping a healthy metabolism, body system and all the body wellness benefit. This is the same health benefits of Korean honey citron tea that can help to maintain the wellness and a healthy body.

10. Better Stamina

Many peoples believed that raw honey is the best way to maintain the stamina. Therefore, it is consume daily in proper portions to keep the stamina for the day activities. Furthermore, it can improve the energy in producing better body stamina.

Cautions And Recommendation

The honey bring several side effects as explained people. Therefore, pay attention to below cautions for more information on the effects:

  • The honey made from the nectar of poisonous flower, therefore, it possibly can toxin the people in large amount of consumption. Hence, it is suggested to consume the honey in the right dose as per suggested by the medical practitioner.
  • The honey can bring effects of hallucination if consumed too much. Hence, consume it properly as needed. Avoid doing physical activities if experience loosing consideration after consume the honey.
  • Pregnant woman suggested not to consume this Himalayan honey. As it might be harmful for the fetus and can cause the possibility of miscarriage.
  • Consume this honey may bring effects of allergically conditions such as redness, itchiness, swollen mouth or even nausea and dizziness. Therefore, people with allergically symptoms suggested to avoid consume the Himalayan honey.
  • Too much consumption also can lead to diarrhea. Specially for the children and babies. Therefore, avoid giving the honey to the babies and toddler.

Those all the health benefits of Himalayan honey which interesting but might dangerous too. Therefore, make sure that no medical condition that can be harmful if decide to consume the raw honey. Always get to know the side effects first before thinking on the advantage. This will make the benefit of the raw honey become optimum but the side effects can be avoided earlier.