7 Proven Benefits and Uses of Honey for Your Healthy Heart

The benefits of honey has been famously known for centuries. Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, always applied honey to keep her face and body beautiful. However, honey is not only beneficial for face and body but also for our health, for example for treating heart disease. Heart disease is commonly caused by the lack of blood that […]

57 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Honey #1 Beauty Tricks

Honey is one of natural essences that people consume for various reasons. They use honey to recover or improve the health, to beautify face and skin, to cook delicious (or sweet) food or simply as a favorite snack. As commonly known, it is bee which produces honey so the natural value of honey is unquestionable. […]

7 Proven Benefits of Honey for Skin and Hair – Including Tips on Using

Honey is popularly known as natural sweeter that often use in a cook or beverage. Maybe not many of us knowing that honey have another use and function that we can apply in our daily life routine. Honey nowadays is often used in beauty products such as cosmetics, shampoo and soap. You can find this […]