Miraculous Health Benefits of Honey in Islam – Halal Food

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The golden silky sweet liquid we know as honey is packed with health benefits. The Health Benefits of Honey is supported by a number of scientific studies.

However, before all those studies, the suggestion to take honey had mentioned in the Quran, the holy script of Islam. It is clear that Islam recommend the believers to consume and use honey for its health benefits of honey in Islam.

The health benefits of honey in Islam

The suggestion to make use of honey is contributed by the magnificent health benefits of honey in Islam. So, who would deny when health benefits are packed with delicacy? Here are the health benefits of honey in Islam.

  1. Potent remedy

Prophet Muhammad once mentioned that Muslim should make use two kinds of remedies, which are honey and Quran. Therefore, along with Quran as the remedy for your mind, honey can perform natural remedy for your physic.

  1. Cure stomachache

One hadith by Bukhari states that a man came to Prophet Muhammad and said that his brother had stomachache. The Prophet then suggested the man’s brother to drink honey with water.

The man’s brother drank it and was cured. The fact is also backed up by scientific studies, that drinking honey with warm water can heal stomachache. Especially if you add cinnamon and apple cider vinegar to gain the Health Benefits of Honey, Cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Good for skin

Honey are mainly derived from flower nectar. It is rich with antioxidants. Therefore, it can be a valuable nutrition for skin. Not only consumed as skin supplement, honey can also be topically applied as natural skin treatment.

As we know, there are many ancient beauty secret which make use of honey for its Health Benefits of Honey for Skin, such as the traditional beauty secret from Egypt, India, and some other places around the world. They rely on honey as anti-aging property.

  1. Natural antibiotic

What’s better than a natural antibiotic? It sweeps away illness naturally, so we can minimize the side effect. The inhibition effect of honey is very good to heal some health ailments such as cold and flu. It can also be used as topical antibiotic for wounds and infections.

  1. Maintain overall health

Drinking honey and warm water on empty stomach is mentioned to be powerful in maintaining overall health. This is what Prophet Muhammad used to do every day. This way honey can be considered as both food and medicine, as it cleanses the arteries and bowels from impurities.

It is also related that he said: “He who desires protection, let him eat honey”. Drinking honey with lemon water at night is good to give you the Benefits of Drinking Warm Water with Lemon and Honey every night.

  1. Healthy sweetener

Have you ever minded changing your regular granulated sugar with healthier sweetener? If yes, honey is the best answer. Honey is mostly made up of fructose, the natural sweetener from fruits. The health benefits are that honey present more energy with 40% less calories than the regular sugar.

Isn’t it good news? It keeps you energized, yet never add a chance for you to gain weight. Long ago, when slavery is permittable, Prophet Muhammad also recommended that: “If any of you buys a female slave, first feed her honey, for this is the very best thing for her.” It is clear that honey is very good to provide you with energy.

  1. Reduce pain

The anti-inflammatory property in honey is powerful to reduce pain due to inflammation. It is also the reason why honey is highly recommended to be topically applied on open wound and burns. Not only reduce the pain due to inflammation, it also helps our body to build the new cells.

  1. Improve brain performance

The golden liquid produced by bee can amazingly improve brain performance. It helps the production and circulation of blood to all over the body, including brain. The good circulation of blood to brain will optimize brain work. The minerals contained in honey such as potassium also contribute to the great value of honey for brain.

How to use honey for the health benefits of honey in Islam

Here are some recommendations on how to use honey and get the health benefits of honey in Islam. Honey might be good for overall health. However, avoid give honey to baby under one year of age. It is because honey might contain bacteria which might be harmful for baby’s digestion. Giving honey to baby may cause botulism.

You can use honey as sweetener in any kind of your foods such as smoothies, juice, or else you can also replace the staple maple syrup for your pancake with honey. Eating your oat for breakfast with honey will also add some shots of energy for your day. You can also get the Health Benefits of Replacing Sugar with Honey.

Don’t forget to store the honey properly. Keep it in dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight and make sure to place it in a glass jar, the best container for honey as it will maintain honey’s flavor, color, and the beneficial value.