15 Greatest Health Benefits of Farro #1 Anti Oxidant

There are many types of grain which bring many advantages, including the health benefits of farro. This type of grain has been known from ancient times, where it brings advantage for a healthy body. Therefore, people looking at this grain as another optional source of healthy digestive and stomach problem. Finding the grain in many […]

17 Surprising Health Benefits of Oats for Dinner

Basically, if it regards healthy food, no matter what time you consume it will benefit your body. One of the lists of healthy foods is oats. Although most people consume it in the morning as a breakfast menu, you will also be surprised at the health benefits of oats for dinner. Oats are able to […]

20 Health Benefits of Almond Pulp #Top for Beauty Purpose

Almond (kernel, drupe), which is commonly used for food ingredients actually is the seed of the almond tree (Prunus dulcis). This plant is otherwise known as “badam” and originates in the Middle East. Almond trees that grows wild is toxic due to a chemical it contains named Amygdalin Glycoside. The compound can further react into […]

16 Impressive Health Benefits of Jowar You Might Never Know

Jowar is how most Indian call sorghum. Yes, jowar is that cream or light brown tiny grains with many health benefits. People might not know about what are the health benefits of jowar yet. But people have already known that this kind of grain is rich with carbohydrate. This is the reason why most Indian […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Bran Flour

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word bran? Rancid smell, drenched rice waste, cattle food, or filthy might be the words that will pop out in your head. When in fact, there are two types of bran. There is bran who come from the milling waste/first rice […]

15 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Khorasan Wheat

Have you ever heard of Khorasan wheat? The shape is small and rather long like rice. Behind the texture is soft, it turns out one of the health benefits of Khorasan wheat is to have lots of protein. Khorasan is one of the more ancient types of wheat that are more nutritious than other grains […]

15 Magical Health Benefits Of Dodder Seed (Chinese Herbs)

Herbal medicine is quite famous in recent years. Including health benefits of dodder seed, which has been known as one of the best herbal healing method since several years ago. This is a traditional herbal from China. Which used to cure some diseases and believe can avoid several symptomps. But unfortunatelly, not all the people […]

21 Health Benefits of Emmer Wheat – Miraculous Wheat

Emmer which has the Latin name Triticum dicoccum is part of the annual wheat-grass family. Emmer is a peeled grain, this shows that the emmer wheat has a glimpse of a strong husk that coats the grain. After the wheat is threshed, it takes grinding or beating to remove the grain from the chaff. Wheat […]

15 Health Benefits of Ground Caraway Seeds The Dish Spices

Ground caraway seeds or let us call it cumin is one type of spice owned by our country, Indonesia. So that the health benefits of ground caraway seeds are already familiar to the people of Indonesia. However, most Indonesian people know only a little of the many benefits that can be obtained from this white […]

12 Astonishing Health Benefits of Green Fennel Seed

Maybe it’s a bit unfamiliar in your daily words, but there is a plant from carrot family and it has lots of benefits for our body. It’s called fennel, and people mostly confuse this with parsley because it has similar form. This plant has a thick scent and usually used for cooking, but nowadays it […]