14 Great Benefits of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi You Should Know

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Fungi is an important organism in biology and biotechnology. These microorganisms hold great value in science and antibiotic making. Fungi also cultivated widely in agriculture. Fungi has been used in food and beverage making, in medical treatment, as antibiotic, and so on forth. So, overall, fungi is a valuable organism to researchers, it is evident in health benefits of green potatoes.

One of species of fungi with tons of benefits is arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Among biologists, this variant of fungi is considered important in development of biotechnology.

On top of that, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is symbiotic to plantae kingdom, because AM fungi helps plant absorb nutrients such as sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, and oxygen. Therefore, AM fungi provided many benefits for human being. Now, let’s see some of benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi :

Structure and Formation of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi

Arbuscular mycorrhiza is a form of symbiosis between a fungus and a plant. AM fungi helps the plant capture nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and phosphorus, as stated in health benefits of yellow bell pepper. The fungus itself is proven to be safe to consume, and contains healing substances, as demonstrated in its use in some food and beverage making, e.g. alcohol, bread, antibiotic, pizza, and dumplings.

How to Use Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi

Fungi is not the same as mushroom, so it cannot be consumed directly. Instead, arbuscular mycorrhiza is used in making of some food and beverages. So, you will likely find them in bread, alcoholic drinks, yeast, pizza, dumplings, or even milk.

Well, now let’s head straight into extraordinary benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi :

1. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi acts as support for plants

It is important to mention this benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi before anything else. According to scientific research, AM fungi main benefit is helping plants to capture micronutrients. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps plant absorb more phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, as well as other micronutrients benefits of echinacea tea.

2. AM fungi helps treat burns

Another special benefits of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. It is proven that, the healing properties of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi can help treat burns on the skin. AM fungi increases the healing rate and speed up the cells regeneration. Therefore, the burns will recover quickly. This is also effective on health benefits of purple bell peppers.

3. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi helps cure constipation

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi has shown to carry decent amount of fibers. Fibers in AM fungi seems to high in quality and quantity. Hence, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is potentially laxative and can help cure constipation. It cleans digestive system from unnecessary wastes, and eases the bowel movement health benefits of sago rice.

4. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps cure hemorrhoid

One of useful benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. AM fungi is said to effective againts hemorrhoid. Why? Because arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi can prevent hemorrhoid from getting bigger, according to some sources.  

5. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps accelerate coagulation (blood clotting)

Another essential benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. Minerals, particularly iron in AM fungi is proven to be helping formation of red blood cells and speed up coagulation (blood clotting). It means, arbuscular mycorrhiza can help treat wounds, especially of that people with haemophilia, thus preventing many blood loss.

6. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi maintains the rates of blood flow

A proper blood flow rates will help other body organs’ performance. By consuming arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi, the blood flow rates will be increased.

7. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi neutralizes toxin and poisons in the body

According to some reports, arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi contains certain substance that can neutralize toxin in the body. There is also pectin that acts as powerful anti-toxin.

8. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps prevent or heal gout

One of excellent benefits of mycorrhiza fungi. Usually, uric acid or gout may occur to older people. But, it is not impossible younger people might have it, too. There are many ways to prevent gout, one of them is using arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. It is proven that AM fungi can heal the cause of gout, that is uric acid. For this reason, you may find arbuscular mycorrhiza as ingredient in many antibiotics and pharmacy.

9. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi maintains eye’s health

In order to have healthy eyes and excellent vision, one is recommended to consume Vitamin A regularly. But, that is not only way. Try out arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi for a better eyes’ health.

10. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps prevent cancer cells to grow

Another health benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. Bad habit, unhealthy lifestyle, and low hygiene environment may lead to grow of cancer cells if not taken carefully. It is true that the cure of cancer is yet to be found. But, to prevent cancer we can start from smallest things. For example, consuming foods with high amount of antioxidants may reduce the risk of cancer. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi will do, too.

AM fungi helps remove free radicals, thus cancer cells is cease to exist. 

11. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps fight off free radicals

In the air, there are many protons and electrons that can stimulate the growth of cancer cells. These protons and electrons are also called free radicals in chemistry language. Consuming health benefits of chai tea latte or arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi may help fight off free radicals, and prevent them from entering the body.

12. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps prevent irritation

Irritation is a medical condition that often occurs in mucous membrane. It can be classified as skin diseases. It can affect some areas in the body. Luckily, arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi is useful in healing irritation.

13. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps treat atherosclerosis

Another extra benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi. Not only AM fungi is good for cardiovascular health, but it also helps if there is any obstacle in blood distribution inside the body that often caused by bad cholesterol. Thus, arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps treat atherosclerosis.

14. Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi helps prevent diabetes

Not only good in lowering bad cholesterol, but arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi also good in lowering blood sugar level, thereby preventing diabetes.

Cautions in Using Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi

It’s strongly recommended to ask experts before using AM fungi in order to avoid misuse and adverse effects.