16 Unbelievable of Health Benefits of Brown Algae for Life

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The benefits of brown algae for life may not have been studied generally. Brown algae is known as brown seaweed or Phaeophyta which is one of the photosynthetic protists. This photosynthetic protists is known as one of the plant species. The difference is Brown Algae have no connection with land plants  generally.

The main difference between Brown Algae and land plants is mainly located on the pigment and the content contained both. Brown algae have chlorophyll c and fucoxanthin pigments which other land plants do not have, while other terrestrial plants have plasmodesmata that brown algae do not have.

Brown algae with chlorophyll pigments a and c, as well as xanthophyl and fucoxanthin make the color has a greenish brownish impression. The brown color is what makes brown algae named as brown algae. Pigments belonging to these algae plants are the tools they use to survive under the sea.

The reason is that brown pigments can help algae plants survive in cold climates. This is in accordance with the results of research showing the majority of brown algae live and grow in ocean waters with cold climates such as in the northern hemisphere and only a few live in fresh water. This is what causes brown algae identical as underwater plants in cold climates.

The content in Chocolate Algae (Phaeophyta)

The benefits of brown algae for human life are widely known. The benefits of brown algae for life is closely related to its rich and very useful content. Here are some of the content of brown algae are widely used for industrial use by the community.

1. Alginic Acid

The most useful chocolate algae is alginic acid. This complex polysaccharide is very much sought after from brown algae. Extraction of alginate acid content is known to be very useful for industrial use and the manufacture of some foods.

2. Sodium

Sodium in brown algae is also known to be quite high in its percentage. Sodium content as known in general is very beneficial to the health of the human body. Sodium is especially widely consumed to ensure maximum human growth.

3. Potassium

Potassium is a nutrient that is needed by the body, especially in maintaining bone health. Brown algae are known to have high potassium content to meet the needs of one’s potassium consumption. Therefore, the production of brown algae into food is also very popular.

4. Iodine

Other ingredients in brown algae are known to be very high benefits are iodine. Iodine just like potassium is used to keep the body from some disease that threatens if not sufficient iodine needs. One of them is mumps.

5. Protein

Protein content in brown alga was no doubt. Brown algae are known to have very high protein and are very much targeted for the extraction of protein requirements. Therefore, foods made from brown algae are also known to have excellent protein content.

Here are some of the ingredients in brown algae that are known to be very influential on the many benefits of brown algae for life. As a complement to information, in the next section will explain what are the benefits of brown algae for human life. 

Benefits of Brown Algae for Life

Brown algae certainly with a very rich content, also has a rich benefit. The health benefits of brown algae are at least 10 kinds that are known in general by the public. Also read: Health Benefits of Sea Moss 

You wonder what are the benefits of brown algae for life? Consider the following explanation:

1. Iodine and Potassium Extraction

Previously it was explained that brown algae are rich in iodine and potassium. This is one of the health benefits of brown algae, which produces iodine and potassium by way of extraction. As it is known in a food industry, iodine and potassium content may be needed without adding certain ingredients such as salt (rich in iodine) or bananas (rich in calcium). Also read: Health Benefits of Sea Lettuce

For that reason brown algae is used, by doing iodine and potassium extraction hence iodine and potassium demand in food industry can be fulfilled. Brown algae is the most effective producer of iodine and potassium extraction tod.

2. Ice Cream Making

Not widely known in the food industry, ice cream requires a thickener known to be made from a substance called alginic acid. This alginic acid can be easily found in brown algae. Therefore, one of the benefits of brown algae is its function to accelerate the process of thickening in ice cream production. Also read: Health Benefits Of Wakame 

Production of ice cream is known as a type of food that many people favored by all ages. Ice cream is also widely consumed because of the many nutritional content, especially for pregnant women. It also shows that the content of brown algae is very nutritious and very safe to interfere in the production of ice cream. 

3. Making Ointment

Just like making ice cream, making ointment also requires alginic acid for the thickening process. Ointment is a widely used product in medicine. Ointment products are usually identical to the treatment of wounds, allergies, or other diseases by using this topical drug. Also read: Health Benefits of Sea Grape

Ointment in the form of ointment must have a thick texture, and it turns out the viscous texture is the result of alginic acid content obtained from brown algae. Therefore, one more benefit of the less-known brown alga is beneficial to help the process of making ointment.

4. Making Pills

The health benefits of brown algae for later life are known in the process of making pill-based drugs. As you already know, pill-based medicine is a drug that has an elongated shape and the content of the drug is in a safe packet that is consumed. Brown algae in this case play a role in the process of forming a pill pack that may have been quite often your consumption.

5. Making Toothpaste

Toothpaste is also a result of the benefits of brown algae for life. The health benefits of brown algae with other alginic acid content are to assist the production process of toothpaste. As it is known toothpaste has a thick texture and texture is the result of thickening made by alginic acid. Alginic acid content of brown algae paa is very much used for industrial products that require thickening role. That is why, toothpaste is included as a product that also utilizes brown algae in the manufacturing process.

6. Lotion Creation

Besides beneficial in the manufacture of food, medicine, and toothpaste, brown alga was also useful in the manufacture of beauty products that is lotion. Various beauty products produced in the form of lotions will use the content of brown algae to give a thick texture. Again the content of brown algae is alginic acid that needed in the process of making this lotion. Also read: Benefits of Using Body Lotion Everyday

For information many beauty products are produced in the form of lotions such as hand and body lotion, face cream, and many others. This indicates that brown algae are safe for use in products that are worn directly on the                   skin.

7. Seaweed Food Source

Did you know that seaweed is a food that is formed from the processing of brown algae? As it is known  brown algae is a type of undersea plants that are rich in protein and sodium, and potassium.  This  content is very useful for humans, therefore brown algae are then produced to be consumed by humans. Seaweed or nori is one of the food products resulting from the processing of dried brown algae. This food is suitable for consumption with warm rice because it tastes delicious and delicious.

8. Reduce Stroke Risk

Brown algae contain excellent active substances for healthy blood vessels. Therefore, consumption of brown algae in the form of seaweed is known to prevent the occurrence of blockage of blood vessels. Blood vessels are one of the health reasons that can cause a person to suffer a stroke. Therefore, the consumption of the content of brown algae is very good, then the risk of stroke can be reduced to the maximum. The blood vessels can drain blood smoothly without blockage. 

10. Serves as Organic Fertilizer

For those of you who have a hobby to plant would require fertilizer with an effective ability to nourish your plant growth. Currently you are often worried because most of the fertilizer has been contaminated with chemicals that are not good for plants. However, you can use brown algae instead  of organic fertilizer. As it is known, brown algae contain protein, sodium, and various other nutrients that are good for the growth of your plants.

11. Food Supplements for Livestock

Farm animals are less appetite you can try to replace the food  by using brown algae (seaweed). Livestock food in the form of brown algae can meet the needs of standard intake of protein, sodium and potassium. Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of brown algae as a substitute for your livestock food.

Here’s some information about the benefits of brown algae for human life. Hopefully this information will help your knowledge needs in making useful things of brown algae.