9 Hidden Health Benefits of Cordyceps as a Traditional Chinese Medicine

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For those who never hear about the health benefits of cordyceps, it might be important to read about the cordyceps first. Therefore, it will be easier to define the benefits. Cordyceps is known as a genus of fungi. It grows worldwide and comes from Latin words. Furthermore, it consists over than 400 species in the world. This is why it might have different color and size, even there are average size of this fungi.

Cordyceps is use as Chinese traditional medicine and have a longest history in Tibetan medicine. However, there is no specific information that notes about the use of the cordyceps in the ancient medicine in Tibet. But there are story among Tibetans including the benefits to bring younger look. Even it is all not well proved, still until today people in those country using cordyceps as part of the herbal medicine.

Health Benefits of Cordyceps

1. Relief Kidney Diseases

The main benefit of this fungi is to help with kidney diseases. The same benefits of eggplant for kidney health that will manage to cure kidney diseases. However, there is no specific research relate with this benefit. But, many Chinese people still rely on this ingredients if they get a kidney problems.

2. Improve Wellness

The fungi also believe can help to improve the body wellness. It will help to bring a calmness mind and restore the energy. This is why some people loves to consume the fungi and believe it will manage their day better.

3. Better Metabolism

Another health benefits of cordyceps including to bring a better body metabolism. Therefore, the same health benefits of mesclun salad, it can help to improve the food burning inside the body and change it into needed energy daily.

4. Life Span

Some people in Tibet or Chinese still believe that consume the fungi can help to extend the life span. It even claim can bring a younger appearance. However, since there is not much evidence about this benefit, people are not familiar with cordyceps with this kind of benefit.

5. Good Stamina

The fungi also can help to bring a good stamina for the whole day. The same benefits of ktchari that can improve the stamina including to avoid sickness and to help a healthy daily activities.

6. Avoid Tiredness

Not only good to bring a better stamina everyday, consume the cordyceps will also help to avoid tiredness. Mainly after a hard working day and needs a good recovery for the body. By having this fungi, it will bring back your power for the next activity.

7. Provide Energy

It also a good way to provide more energy to perform the daily activities and working. The same with the benefits of drinking lion dates syrup with milk that will able to improve the energy, cordyceps also suitable to consume to avoid feeling tired in the afternoon and boost your spirit back.

8. Improve Sexual Health

Some people also believe that consume cordyceps can help to increase their sexual health. It will improve the sexual hormones so that it will manage a better reproduction health and good for sexuality too.

9. Good Afrodisiak

It also mention that the fungi will work as an afrodisiak. Therefore, the same health benefits of curcuma zedoaria, it can manage to raise the sexual desire and help to lead expecting mother to pregnant. However, still it needs more evidence to prove this benefit.

Recommendation of Cordyceps

There are several reasons why this fungi is not widely use in the medicine world. Even it is use for traditional Chinese medicine, but the use for general medical world is limited. f want to know the side effects of this fungi, check out below points:

  • Most of fungi are poisonous, therefore, in case experience any nausea or dizziness it is better not to consume the fungi again.
  • Some people might get some allergy reaction after consume it. Therefore, carefully check any rash or itchiness on the skin after consume the cordyceps. If it is happen, then do not consume it again in the future.
  • There are several research mention that it can lead to health problems. Therefore, if want to use the medicine, it is better to ask the doctor first and make sure you have no problems with any related diseases.

Those all the health benefits of cordyceps that apparently has been used for many centuries in China. Not only believe can manage to relief several diseases, it also benefit for the health and wellness too. However, the same with most species of fungi or mushroom, there are several possible side effects that can be happen. Therefore, always carefully before consume the fungi and make sure if you have any medical problems, it shall need to check with your medical practitioner first. This can help you avoiding the bad effects and bring you the good effects immediately.