17 Shocking Health Benefits of Agarikon Mushrooms

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Agarikon mushroomsOne of the oldest and longest-lived mushrooms on the planet is the Agarikon mushroom. Agaricon mushrooms can live up to the age of 70-100 years. There are many of amazing health benefits of Agarikon mushrooms, such as helping cancer survivors, tuberculosis, and many other diseases. Although the Agarikon mushroom has a long life, this mushrooms is rather difficult to find. Even so, we will not lose its genetic code for deforestation because now Agarikon mushrooms can be cultivated. Read about Health Benefits of Mushroom.

Agarikon mushrooms also have other names namely Laricifomes officinalis and Fomitopsis officinalis. Both of these mushrooms have the same healing qualities. This mushroom has more than 40 different types.

Since 2000 years ago, Agarikon mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as a healing. The amazing healing qualities that can be done by Agarion mushrooms have been described by The Greek Healer Dioscorides.

Agarikon mushrooms can be found in Europe, Poland, Italy, Austria, Oregon, Washington State, California, British Columbia, and several other places in the world. In Douglas Fir Trees, Hemlock, and Spruce Tree as well as the Larch Tree, Agarikon mushrooms can grow. Wetland is a favorite place of Agarikon mushrooms.

Agarikon mushrooms have a very large size, as big as a 5-gallon bucket and have a honeycomb-like shape also has many white and brown lines on the outside. Agarikon mushroom is very beautiful and because of its slow growth, this mushroom needs to be protected.

Inside Agarikon mushroom was found, Quinine Conk. This quinine conk is different from ordinary quinine used to treat malaria. Agarikon also has many contents such as strong beta-D-glucan, other polysaccharides, and agaric acid which is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

As people consumed the raw Agarion mushrooms, they initially tasted the sweet taste that then turned bitter, and also had a warming quality. Agarikon mushrooms have a flavor similar to American ginseng.

Health benefits of Agarikon mushrooms!

  1. Agarikon mushroom is used to treat tuberculosis

Its history shows that the Agarikon mushroom has been used to treat tuberculosis and it’s symptoms. 2 super strong anti-tuberculosis compounds in this mushroom have been found by Dr. Scott Franzblau and his staff.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Agarikon mushrooms also have good anti-inflammatory properties that help in overcoming arthritis, joint pain, sciatica, and other inflammatory diseases and symptoms.

  1. Strong Anti-Viral ability

The compound which is a great anti-viral agent is also found in Agarikon mushroom, which is very helpful in treating bird flu, cattle, swine flu, herpes and many other viral diseases.

  1. Antibacterial and Anti-Yeast ability

Good antibacterial also found in Agarikon mushroom makes this fungus able to help cure the infection. There are many compounds in Agarikon mushrooms that can not be understood but believed by experts that this fungus is beneficial in overcoming many diseases. Agaricon mushrooms work well in overcoming E. coli and candida infections.

  1. Strengthen GI Tract

For those of you who have constant stomach problems including indigestion, nausea, and vomiting constantly, you can consume Agarikon mushrooms as tea, drink 1 to 3 times a day so that Agarikon mushrooms can work well to produce health. Read about Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms.

  1. Overcoming pain

Agarikon mushrooms also help to overcome pain and help reduce arthritis, lumbago, and other disease processes. You can also look information about Hemp Oil Benefits for Arthritis.

  1. Treating kidney disease

Agarikon mushrooms are also considered to have benefits in treating kidney disease. If you consume Agarikon mushroom tea every day, this fungus will help overcome the kidney infection, swelling, and other kidney problems.

  1. Lowering fever

You can count on the benefits of Agarikon mushrooms in helping to reduce fever.

  1. Improve circulation

Improving circulation is one of Agarikon’s mushroom abilities and thus helps in overcoming heart disease, stroke, poor circulation in the distal extremities and more.

  1. Resolve respiratory problems

Those of you who have respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, chronic cough, and other lung problems, may try to consume Agarikon mushrooms. Agarikon mushrooms work in helping to open the lungs and get rid of mucus and swelling so you can breathe easier. You will get advantage if you read about Symptoms of Asthma.

  1. Diuretics

The remaining water, edema, and other associated conditions can be treated with the Agarikon mushroom.

  1. Improving the immune system

If you consume Agarikon mushroom, this fungus will also work to boost our immune system so as to help prevent diseases entering the body. Beta-D-glucan and other polysaccharides are the compounds found in Agarikon mushrooms that work in helping to boost our immune system.

  1. Cancer

Agarikon mushrooms also have a role in improving interferon, T cells, interleukins, and tumor necrosis factor that all work against cancer.

  1. Helps With Bleeding

Agarikon mushrooms can also stop internal bleeding. Further research on these benefits needs to be done.

  1. Skin Wound

If you have wounds on the skin, Agarikon mushroom powder can be used to speed healing of wounds on your skin.

  1. Supports adrenal function

Adrenal fatigue is very common disease now and Agarikon mushrooms can help heal the tired adrenal glands in a short time. Agarikon mushroom consumption 2-3 times a day to get this benefit.

  1. Agarikon Mushroom Tea

You can make tea from Agarikon mushrooms, by taking 1-3 grams of mushrooms, then pour a cup of boiling water. Let stand for 15 minutes to cool and drink 1-3 times a day.

Recommendation intake!

In its form as a capsule, Agarikon mushroom powder can be your consumption in an amount of 500 mg to 3000 mg every day. It should only be consumed in 7-10 days.

Agarikon mushroom side effects!

Although there are many health benefits of Agarikon mushrooms, there is some information that you need to know about the side effects of Agarikon mushrooms. Read about Mushroom Side Effects.

  • Consuming Agarikon mushrooms in large doses can cause diarrhea and GI disrupt.
  • For those of you who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or small children is not recommended to consume Agarikon mushrooms.
  • Agarikon mushroom products can cause hypoglycemia in some diabetics. Itching, nausea, and diarrhea can also be caused by the product.
  • Consuming Agarikon mushrooms during your cancer treatment is not recommended, as it can damage the liver, and cause allergic reactions.
  • For those of you who already have liver disease, it is not advisable to consume Agarion mushrooms.

That’s the explanation of the benefits of Agarikon mushrooms for your body’s health. Try to make the tea.