20 Inevitable Health Benefits of Enoki Mushrooms

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enoki mushroomsAre you a fan of mushrooms? Ever heard of enoki mushrooms? This time we will discuss the health benefits of enoki mushrooms. For you who love mushrooms, you must have been familiar with this type of mushrooms. This mushroom is also called bean sprout mushroom because of its long and thin shape like bean sprouts. In addition, it is also called mushroom gold needle and winter mushroom. There are enoki mushrooms that are the result of cultivation and some are growing wild in nature. Both have different shapes. For the enoki mushroom which is the result of the cultivation has a thin and long shape, white, and a small hood. While the enoki mushrooms that grow a wild form shorter and fat, big hooded, and brown to pink. Read about Health Benefits of Mushroom.

For the habitat, this mushroom is suitable to live in cool climates. Like mushrooms in general, enoki mushroom grows on the tree trunks are weathered and broad-leafed like Celtis Sinensis tree in Japan called enoki so make this mushroom named with the same name. This mushroom can also grow under the snow.

The nutritional content of the enoki mushrooms!

Enoki mushrooms contain many nutrients, such as:

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B
  • Mineral
  • Calories
  • Flammulin compound
  • Antiviral properties
  • Antibacterial properties

Health benefits of enoki mushrooms!

This mushroom is safe to consume even very rich benefits. This is supported by very high nutritional content such as vitamin E, B1, B2, minerals, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Some of the benefits we can get from consuming enoki mushroom are:

  1. Prevent constipation

Fiber consumption is highly recommended by experts to avoid constipation. If we usually get fiber intake from consumption of vegetables and fruits then as an alternative to food variations we can use enoki mushrooms. In addition to the delicious taste of this mushroom is also rich in fiber so it is very good to prevent constipation.

  1. Smooth digestion

The fiber contained in enoki mushrooms is also very good to smooth the digestive process in the body so that the juice of the food can be absorbed properly and the process of disposal of food waste went well.

  1. Lose weight

This mushroom has a fairly low calorie of about 20 kcal in a bowl of raw enoki mushrooms so it is perfect for those of you who are running a diet program. In addition, the benefits of fiber in the enoki mushrooms also make the stomach feel full longer so it can prevent us to overeat.

  1. Lowering blood pressure

Another benefit that can also be felt by consuming an enoki mushroom is this mushroom is one of the food that can be Natural High Blood Pressure Treatments. This is very good for maintaining blood sugar stability especially for those of you who have high blood pressure.

  1. Lower cholesterol

Not only helps in blood pressure, consuming enoki mushrooms is also very good for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. Although cholesterol is needed by the body if levels are too high in the body it is thought to cause various dangerous diseases such as stroke. Read about Health Risks of Cholesterol.

  1. Safe for diabetics

Low sugar levels in enoki mushrooms make this food safe for diabetics. Because as we know diabetics are very limited eating foods that have high sugar content so that this mushroom can be your diet choice.

  1. Prevent cancer and tumors

In addition to several types of fruits and vegetables, enoki mushrooms can also be used to prevent cancer and tumors are very feared. With the content of flammulin compounds, enoki mushrooms can help prevent the development of cancer cells and tumors in the body. You must to know about Medicinal Plants Used for Cancer Treatment.

  1. Prevent clogging of blood vessels

Blockage of blood vessels is the cause of various types of diseases. If blood vessels have been blocked, it can be sure blood flow to be not smooth, causing a lot of interference in the body. To prevent this can be done by eating enoki mushrooms.

  1. Reduce fatigue

The busyness and density of everyday activities can lead to fatigue. This tiredness if left unchecked, will make us not excited and not have the power to move the next day. In addition to adequate rest, you can overcome it by eating nutritious foods such as enoki mushrooms.

  1. Improve the immune system

A good immune system needs to be maintained and improved so that we avoid and not susceptible to disease. Because basically around us there are various kinds of viruses and bacteria that are ready to attack when the immune system is decreasing. For that, it is good for us to consume enoki mushrooms to improve the immune system. The protein content of this mushroom helps to regulate the immune system so it is work better.

  1. Antibacterial

This fungus also has anti-bacterial properties so it is very well consumed to help fight the various bacteria that are around us.

  1. Improve your metabolism

Unfavorable body metabolism can result in disruption of important processes in the body. For that, it is important for us to maintain the smooth metabolism of the body by eating foods such as enoki mushrooms.

  1. Helps overcome Lymphoma

Lymphoma is one type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system or lymph nodes. This disease includes a dangerous disease because it can weaken the body’s immune so that the sufferer susceptible to various other diseases. To overcome this disease, one of them by consuming enoki mushrooms. This benefit already proved by research.

  1. Helps overcome prostate cancer

In addition to lymphoma, one study also found prostate cancer can also be overcome by eating enoki mushrooms. Prostate cancer itself is a type of cancer that attacks the reproductive system in men characterized by symptoms such as difficult urination, erectile dysfunction, and so forth.

  1. Natural source of antioxidants

Enoki mushrooms also have a high antioxidant content that can be a source of natural antioxidants for the body. Because as we know antioxidants are very good to prevent the development of free radicals in the body that can cause the emergence of dangerous diseases such as heart disease and cause premature aging.

  1. Treat a headache

Do you experience headache or a migraine? You should also often eat this enoki mushrooms. Because the benefits of enoki mushrooms can be analgesic and antipyretic that will gradually relieve a headache.

  1. Being a natural antibiotic

Antibiotics are needed in the treatment of diseases due to the activity of bacteria to cause the body’s infection. Apparently, we can get a natural antibiotic from food, like from this enoki mushroom.

  1. Eliminate body odor

The benefits of enoki mushrooms are also very large in influencing the sweat glands. Body odor caused by sweat mixed with bacteria will vanish, if only you regularly consume this mushroom.

  1. Prevents bone and teeth porous

Mineral content such as calcium and phosphorus in the enoki mushroom can be used to prevent bone and tooth loss. These two vital organs will be much stronger.

  1. Raises muscle and cell membranes

Raising muscle and cell membranes is also one of the benefits of enoki mushrooms. With this mushroom, your body will experience a significant enlargement due to the protein contained in this enoki mushroom. Suitable eaten by those of you who are undergoing program to build a body to be sturdy.


For those of you who have weak spleen and stomach caused by diarrhea, arthritis, and lupus erythematosus, you can’t take enoki mushrooms! You have to know information about Mushroom Side Effects.

That’s the health benefits of enoki mushrooms. Don’t forget to try this mushrooms.