12 Useful Benefits of Saprophytic Fungi You Should Know

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There is many species of fungi that have been used in many food and beverages, and also medications. So far, fungi has been cultivated widely for scientific purposes. Thus why it is important in history of biotechnology and the making of fungi-based products. There are some types of fungi that is best used for specific purposes. For example, there is saprophytic fungi, our main focus here.

Saprophytic fungi means that fungi is feeding on dead organic matter. It is similar to decomposers such as bacteria. In fact, saprophytic fungi is main decomposer in forests. Saprophytic fungi as microorganism plays important role in ecosystem.

But, is that all benefits of saprophytic fungi? Of course not, as shown in health benefits of brussel sprout leaves. Recent studies shows that saprophytic fungi potentially provides more benefits, from wide scale purpose to simple purpose such as producing alcoholic beverages, bread, dumplings, etc. This writing will provide you with the information about benefits of saprophytic fungi, and why is it very beneficial for human to use. Let us jump to next section.

Characteristic and Physiology of Saprophytic Fungi

Saprophytic fungi is a microorganism, and only visible via microscope. Even though fungi share the same characteristics as plant, it has its own kingdom. Saprophytic fungi is eukaryotes, and contains some amino acids, proteins, lipids, and organic molecules.

How to Get Benefits from Saprophytic Fungi?

Saprophytic fungi is different from mushrooms. Apart from its microscopic size, saprophytic fungi also can be dangerous if eaten directly. In fact, saprophytic is closer to being a yeast than mushroom. Therefore, the safest way to consume saprophytic fungi is to consume it after it has been processed through fermentation. Some food and beverages made from saprophytic fungi are soy sauce, alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and health benefits of eating irish potatoes.

The benefits of saprophytic fungi are :

1. Saprophytic fungi as beneficial antibiotic

The first benefits of saprophytic is its use in antibiotic production. Accoriding to various sources, saprophytic fungi has been used as one of antibiotic’s producer, along with Penicillium and Fusidium fungi. Antibiotic is very common in medical treatment, especially for obstructing the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria health benefits of sage leaves.

2. Saprophytic fungi helps improve immune system

Another useful benefits of saprophytic fungi as antibiotic. According to some experts, antibiotic produced by saprophytic fungi is effective againts bacteria. As we all know, bacteria is a threat to immune system. So, by preventing the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as other microorganisms, body immunity will be boosted. Starting from health benefits of dried tarragon.

3. Saprophytic fungi can be used to prevent bacterial infections

Another superb benefits of saprophytic fungi as antibiotic. According to biologists’ report, it is proven that saprophytic fungi produce antibiotic that is highly effective against bacterials infection. Saprophytic fungi will increase body’s resistance against bacterials infection and also health benefits of indian long pepper.

4. Saprophytic fungi assists in surgical procedure

Saprophytic fungi and other microscopic fungus such as penicillium and fusidium, are biggest producer of antibiotic. In turn, antibiotic has been used frequently in surgical procedure and other medical procedure health benefits of organic tobacco

5. Saprophytic fungi has been used to make delicious cake and bread

Saprophytic fungi may be used as yeast or leavening agent to make bread and cakes. Without saprophytic fungi, bread or cakes cannot be leavened and risen from its original state.

6. Saprophytic fungi helps reduce body stress and muscle sore

Not only it can be useful in making food and beverage, saprophytic fungi can also helps reduce body stress, pain, and muscle sore. It is very simple and easy to reduce soreness and body stress with saprophytic fungi. Just add saprophytic fungi into any ointment or oil you used to massage. After that, rub the ointment or oil on body parts with stress and feel sore, and then massage it.

7. Saprophytic fungi helps control blood sugar and prevent diabetes

Another good benefits of saprophytic fungi we can get. Apparently, according to analysis, saprophytic fungi is good for diabetic or obese people, and people with high blood sugar (glycemic index). All of this thanks to saprophytic healing properties and lowering of blood sugar levels in the body.

8. Saprophytic fungi is useful in stabilizing blood pressure to prevent hypertension or hypotension

For those who have problem maintaining blood pressure and has suffered hypertension, saprophytic fungi can be an alternative solution. The antibiotic produced by saprophytic helps keep blood pressure at normal rate, thereby preventing hypertension and hypertension. It has been proved by experts.

9. Saprophytic fungi helps the development of DNA and cells

One of the benefits of saprophytic fungi is in its protein structure. Albeit in low concentration, these proteins still can help the formulation of DNA, and repair damaged cells. 

10. Saprophytic fungi helps relieve itch and treat skin problems

Another helpful benefits of saprophytic fungi. Most people believe that all fungi can cause itch and other skin problems. The truth is, not all fungi are harmful to the skin, and in fact, some fungi are effective againts itchy skin and irration. One of those fungi is saprophytic fungi. Saprophytic fungi can quickly relieve itch, and treat various skin problems, such as fungal infection, acne, and irritation.

To relieve itch and other skin problem, simply pour saprophytic fungi into water. After that, apply the water into itchy area. The itch should be relieved. If not, try another remedy or consult doctor.

11. Saprophytic fungi helps treat and prevent acne problems

Apparently, saprophytic fungi is also good againts acne. The method to treat acne with this fungi is the same as above. Apply the fungi-containing water into area affected by acne.

12. Saprophytic fungi helps improve and maintain body metabolism

According to experts, food and beverage made from saprophytic fungi and other yeasts can help improve and maintain body metabolism. This is a good thing if you are on a diet program.

Precautions Before Using Saprophytic Fungi

If something wrong should happen, immediately contact nearest clinic to avoid further complication.