21 Surprisingly List of Dry Fruits and Their Benefits

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There are a lot of people out there prefer fresh fruit instead of the dry fruits because according to them the preservation process of dry fruits which required salt and sugar are not healthy. Well, you must be surprised to find out the list of dry fruits and their benefits below that the preservation process are not only keeping the fruits edible in longer time but also trapping the nutrients that beneficial for human health.

  1. Dried Peaches the Excellent Source of Fiber

Fiber is one of the compounds that are easily found in each dried fruit including dried peaches. Per ½ cup serving size of dried peaches contain around 7 grams of fiber, almost 30% to fulfill your daily intake of vitamin A and some traces of minerals like potassium and copper.

You must have been familiar with the health benefits of fiber and that’s why peaches are excellent dried fruits for healthy digestion and solution to constipation. Though it is not really popular but peaches are highly recommended for those who love the mixture of sour and sweet flavor.

  1. Dried Apples as Low Calories Snack

One of the reasons why people love apple is because of the excellent benefits of eating apple for breakfast. However, how about dried apple? Well, do you know that even in dried form apple is considered to be a healthy snack because it is so low in calories?

In other words, whenever you feel like snacking but you don’t want to gain weight or add more carbohydrate to your diet, perhaps adding dried apple to your shopping list sounds like a great idea.

  1. Dried Lychees for Daily Intake of Vitamin C

Among the other dried fruits, perhaps the health benefits of lychee are not really popular but do you know that just half of cup serving size could fulfill your daily intake of vitamin C up to 244%?

Vitamin C has essential role in human health because it has responsible to keep your immunity system in check, vitamin C also the one that make sure your skin get enough collagen and vitamin C could optimize the iron absorption to produce red blood cells. So, it is a great snack during your recovery state after illness.

  1. Dried Apricot for Excellent Source of Potassium

When talking about dried fruits perhaps the most popular one is dried apricot because the health benefits of eating dried apricots are no longer a secret. Among those benefits of apricot is this fruit is rich of potassium even in dried form.

The main health benefits of potassium in your body is to make sure there is no such excessive sodium in your bloodstream; it means conditions like hypertension, blood pressure, cholesterol and even the spike of blood sugar could be prevented excellently.

  1. Dried Prunes for Iron Source

Prunes are the dried fruits made from plums and the health benefits of plums fruits are including the excellent source of iron. Iron is one of the essential minerals that strongly required by your body to support optimal metabolism process because the main health benefits of iron is to promote the production of red blood cells.

Iron deficiency will only lead to early symptoms of anemia because body doesn’t get enough RBCs as well as oxygen that brought by hemoglobin found in RBCs. So, snacking with prunes may help your body get the iron that is essentially needed.

  1. Dried Figs Recommended for Pregnant Mother

The health benefits of figs during pregnancy have been proven scientifically. It means that figs are one of the fruits recommended for mother during pregnancy due to its high content of folate to help preventing a baby born with birth defect.

Furthermore, folate also used to make sure the optimal development of baby brain and nerve system in the first trimester. Unfortunately, figs are seasonal fruits that you cannot get all year around. Well, since the dried figs also contains high folate, so you don’t need to wait until the figs seasons to enjoy it during your pregnancy.

  1. Dried Cranberries as Excellent Phytonutrient Source

The dark color of cranberries is the sigh of this fruit is excellent source of phytonutrients. Compared to other nutrients like vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients are not really essential but consuming foods that contain this compound may help your body working properly and even able to provide one more layer of protection against several diseases including cancer and diseases caused by macular degenerations that could lead to blindness in senior age. So, though the lack of phytonutrients will not cause your harm but its benefits is very important.

  1. Dried Raisins as Natural Mineral Source

Dried raisins are made from super healthy black grape which is well known for its excellent source of minerals such as potassium and manganese.

The health benefits of black grape fruits have been well known worldwide and since black grape is used as variety of grape to make wine, so there is no way you could doubt the health benefits of raisin as well. Whenever you think your body need more minerals, raisin could be a healthy snack you could try.

  1. Dried Pears to Fulfill Vitamin K Daily Intake

When talking about the health benefits of pear the list could be really long but the list could be as long as fresh pears when you talk about dried pears. It is true that pears are not common dried fruits but you must be surprised about the amount of vitamin K found in dried pears.

Vitamin K is essential for healthy bones besides calcium and since your body is not always be able to absorb calcium due to some factors such as old ages when your body is no longer able to absorb calcium and should use the stock in your bones whenever your body need it but vitamin K is always available whenever your bones need them.

  1. Dried Tomatoes is More than Just A Pizza Topping

Tomatoes are one of the fruits commonly found in vegetables salad or as pizza topping but the tomato’s health benefits are more than that.

The bright color of tomatoes are the excellent source of beta-carotene and the health benefits of beta-carotene are including as super nutrient for brain, natural antioxidants, inhibiting cancerous cells up to reducing the symptoms of asthma. Furthermore, the health benefits of tomatoes for skin and beauty also have been proven scientifically.

  1. Dried Dates for Healthy Heart

Do you know that heart attack is one of the silent killers which victims are progressively increasing every year? Surely you don’t want to be among the victims and consuming foods that is proven to be healthy for heart is one of the things you could do to maintain your cardiovascular health.

One of the health benefits of dates are for healthy heart and this fact is have been proved to several studies that showed dates are effective in lowering cholesterol, managing blood pressure and even maintaining weight.

  1. Dried Jujube as Excellent Antioxidant Source

The Chinese know well about the health benefits of jujube fruits and they have been consuming dried jujube as healthy candy snack for over centuries.

It is because this fruit is packed with vitamin C, riboflavin and some other potent antioxidants that used to protect your body from the worst effect of free radicals. Furthermore, as rich of iron this fruit is excellent solution to maintain healthy blood circulation to promote healthy heart and prevent stroke and heart attack.

  1. Dried Mango for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

There are a lot of reasons why mango is one of the fruits that should be consumed in dried form because it would be a great and healthy snack. One of the mango benefits are because this is packed with vitamin C and this vitamin is essential to the production of collagen that responsible to the firmness of skin.

Furthermore vitamin C is also excellent antioxidant to help optimizing the regeneration of skin cells that will make you look younger a bit longer.

  1. Dried Cherry as Beta-Carotene Natural Source

There are a lot of varieties of cherry and no matter what they are, cherry is well known for its distinctive bright color which is the excellent source of beta-carotene.

This compound is essential for healthy eyes because it is actually another form of pro-vitamin A that could help preventing the cells degeneration that could lead to conditions like blindness in old ages caused by macular degenerations.

More Superfoods and Its Health Benefits

When talking about dried fruits, the first thing that crosses people head is wrinkled fruits with sugary or salty flavor when the fact is dried fruits are not only limited to fresh fruits that are preserved but nuts are also included. Yes, nuts are also part of dried fruits and well known to be among healthy snack choices.

  1. Health benefits of cashew nuts as healthy snack for diabetic patients
  2. Among the health benefits of hazelnuts is this nut contains potent antioxidant to fight cancer.
  3. Enjoy the health benefits of pistachio nuts and lose some weight.
  4. Managing cholesterol level and reducing the risk of heart attack is the main health benefits of macadamia nuts you should know.
  5. Almond is considered to be a healthy snack because of the excellent health benefits of almonds for weight loss.
  6. Walnut is excellent snack for pregnant mother because among the health benefits of walnut during pregnancy is preventing baby born with birth defect and optimizing the brain development.
  7. Not only walnut the benefits of peanut for pregnancy is also making peanuts healthy snack for pregnant mother.

So, from the list of dry fruits and their benefits mentioned above surely you have known now that nothing you should afraid of dried fruits because they also contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for human health.

However, of course something that is too much is never good, so no matter how long the list of health benefits of dried fruits are eating them too much will only causes you harm. In other words, being a smart and wise consumer is more important.