20 Super List of Superfoods and Health Benefits You Should Know

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Surprisingly, people are more familiar to the term of junk foods instead of super foods. Super foods are type of foods that are considered to be super due to the nutrient contents. So, all foods are supposed to be packed with nutrient contents and why some foods are considered to be super and the others are not? It is actually the good question and the list of super foods and health benefits below may answer your question.

  1. Dairy Products as Super Source of Calcium

One of the reasons why all dairy products from milk, cheese yogurt, sour cream and so on is considered to be the super foods because they are the excellent source of calcium.

The health benefits of calcium itself are not only limited to maintain healthy bones but also great for heart and prominent nutrient during pregnancy because it also assist in optimizing the development of fetus. However, for optimal absorption of iron you should aware of the side effects of taking iron and calcium together because calcium may be the interference of iron’s absorption.

  1. Dark Chocolate as Super Source of Antioxidant

Don’t mistaken dark chocolate with chocolate products you could find in the marketplaces because those chocolate products have been mixed with milk and sugar that may cause weight gain with less content of antioxidant because the milk content may reduce it super power.

However, among the amazing list of health benefits of dark chocolate is chocolate is a super source of antioxidants that may act as natural immunity booster and protect your body from the worst effect of free radicals.

  1. All Types of Nuts as Super Source of Potassium

Why all nuts are great for heart? It is because all types of nuts are super source of minerals like potassium. The benefits of potassium is more than just the supplement that your body needs but potassium has prominent role in maintaining your healthy heart by eliminating the excessive amount of sodium that may be the main root of heart problems, hypertension and cholesterol.

Each variety of nut may has its own health benefits but nuts like almond, walnut and cashew are among the recommended ones.

  1. Red Meat as Super Source of Animal Protein

The fact that red meat is super source of animal protein is no longer a big question because there is no better protein source but red meat. Red meat including beef, lamb and pork are among the highly recommended super foods and the health benefits of red meat are not limited to protein that used to promote healthy muscle but the iron found in red meat also excellent treatment to anemia and super food for brain.

However, no matter how long the list of benefits are, still you need to aware of the effects of eating too much meat every day because it may lead to problems like hypertension and cholesterol.

  1. Berries as Super Source of Fiber

Actually all fruits are excellent source of fiber but when talking about fruits that super rich of fiber and then all types of berries are the answer.

Berries are including strawberry, blueberry, mulberry, cranberry and so on are the group of berries highly recommended because they are only packed with vitamins that are essential for human body but also rich of fiber. The health benefits of fiber itself is including maintaining healthy digestion, preventing constipation and binding unnecessary properties like fats and cholesterol to be washed off the system.

  1. Colorful Fruits as Super Source of Beta-Carotene

What is beta-carotene? Beta-carotene is one of the carotenoids found in the pigments of fruits with bright color and the health benefits of beta-carotene are such as promoting healthy vision because it is a potent pro-vitamin A, protecting your body from free radicals because it is also excellent antioxidants and some studies also showed the amazing function of beta-carotene in fighting dementia by delaying the cognitive aging of brain cells.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables as Super Source of Folate

The other name of folate is folic acid and the health benefits of folic acids are essential for mothers during pregnancy. It is because during the first trimester when the fetus is strongly required essential nutrients to develop, folic acid has prominent function in optimizing the development of brain and nerve system.

The optimal development of nerve system and brain could reduce the risk of baby born with birth defect significantly. Cruciferous vegetables are including broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Furthermore, broccoli with its dark leafy green also super source of iron.

  1. Dark Leafy Green as Super Source of Iron

When talking about the most important minerals, iron is probably in the top of the list because the health benefits of iron is not only about promoting the production of red blood cells because without enough amount of RBCs, body metabolism could not work optimally because no matter what, all cells in your body need oxygen to function and oxygen is distributed by hemoglobin found in RBCs. So, there must be reason why the creator of Popeye was using spinach as the example of dark leafy green as the source of his energy because it is packed with iron.

  1. Whole Grain as Super Source of Carbohydrate

Most people are putting aside the health benefits of whole grains to the fact that whole grains are containing carbohydrate. It is true that carbohydrate maybe the main cause of weight gain and not recommended during weight loss program but do you know that the main health benefits of carbohydrate is as energy booster.

It means you cannot just avoid carbohydrate at all cost, besides whole grain contains enough fiber to help your body digest the excessive amount of carbohydrate and prevent weight gain.

  1. Fish as Super Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid

You must have been familiar with the amazing benefits of salmon as super foods that are great for brain especially for kids during development period. It is because salmon is rich of omega-3 fatty acids.

The omega 3 fatty acids health benefits are including promoting healthy heart, great for skin, hair and excellent main ingredients of beauty products, natural treatment to mental disorder, immunity booster and recommended supplement during pregnancy to reduce the risk of baby born with birth defect.

  1. Green Tea as Super Source of Phytochemical

When talking about tea, green tea is probably the most popular one because the benefits of green tea are not only about the fact that this type of tea packed with vitamins and minerals but also excellent source of antioxidants and phytochemicals.

What is phytochemicals? Well, when your body doesn’t get enough phytochemical, there is no trouble you should face but when your body is packed with phytochemical the effect may be amazing because they could prevent and protect your body excellently from diseases like cancer.

  1. Eggs as Super Source of Calories

Breakfast is the time when you should eat foods that are rich of calories because though there are a lot of people are too obsesses of low-calories foods but you cannot avoid the fact that calories are the source of energy you need.

That’s why the main health benefits of eating eggs for breakfast is to give you the energy booster you need to do whatever activities without worrying about gaining weight. Furthermore, eggs are also excellent foods for those who are having problem with weight gain.

  1. Avocado as Super Source of Healthy Fat

When talking about fruit perhaps you should spare a special section to discuss about avocado. This fruit is an excellent source of healthy fat that your body essential needs.

The calories found in avocado is enough to give you energy you need all days but the fiber content will make sure that the calories will not cause you a weight gain. Furthermore, besides the amazing health benefits of avocado this fruits is deliciously mouth-watering fruit that could maintain your beauty both from inside and outside.

  1. Dried Fruits as Super Source of Vitamin C

You must be surprised with the list of dry fruits benefits because they are actually considered to be super foods and healthy snack which are rich of vitamin C.

If you don’t have any idea about what you should bring for your friends who are currently in recovery state after illness perhaps some packs of dry fruits could do the wonders because they could help accelerating the recovery process by making sure the daily intake of vitamin C is fulfilled.

More Superfoods for You

When you start talking about the list of super foods and health benefits the list is going to be longer than you’ve expected because to maintain your health, what you need is just regular consumption of those super foods. Below is more list of super foods you could easily found around you.

  1. As a super source of Omega-3 Fatty acid, the benefits of salmon are including for brain and heart health.
  2. There must be a reason why among the spices, saffron is the most expensive one because the health benefits of saffron is such as for beauty, diet and sexual treatment.
  3. The benefits of ginseng for males reproduction is no longer a secret and because of that ginseng is also considered to be among the top of super foods.
  4. For vegetarians, the health benefits of edamame are more than just beans in their salad but also super source of protein.
  5. The humble bean sprouts are having a quite long list of health benefits of bean sprouts which among them is good for cardiovascular health.
  6. Health benefits of coconut water from young coconut are just some of the benefits of coconut because not only the water but the meat and oil are packed with super nutrients as well.

Now you already have the list of super foods and health benefits; it means you should add them to your daily diet if healthy lifestyle is your current goal. However, healthy lifestyle is not only about what you eat but also about how you care and treat your own body.