20 Health Benefits of Black Grapes Fruit That You Never Know

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One of many fruits that contain lots of fiber and high level of antioxidants is grapes. There are many kinds of grapes; such as, red grape, green grape and also black grape. Between these kinds of grapes, black grape is quite popular and easy to find at the market in Indonesia because black grape contains lots of water and tends to have sweet taste, which makes it savory when we consume it.

In the Europe country, black grape fruits can only be found in summer. That’s why the price is always expensive. Mostly they use black grape to make wine.

That is a common knowledge about the use of black grape. However, do you really know what is the true health benefits of black grapes fruit in our life?

Nutrition value of black grapes

Scientifically, black grapes are high in vitamins and minerals. One serving of black grapes provide 25 percent of daily vitamin C. Black grapes also supply 2 percent of calcium, iron and vitamin A.  Lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants that black grapes contains. The level of lutein and zeaxanthin of black grapes are as high as egg yolk, corn and greens.

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  1. Medicine for migraine

Migraine can be quite bothering if it continues for a long time. However, there is a best solution for migraine now. Based on a research, consuming more black grapes can help in reducing the pain.

  1. Overcome dehydration

Dehydration or lack of water in our body can cause death. Therefore, consuming black grapes as the replacement of water can overcome dehydration since black grape contains lots of water.

  1. Materials for cake decoration

Nowadays, a lot of bakery tends to use natural ingredients in baking or decorating a cake. They used natural decoration such as fruits on cakes or fruits fillings and dressings inside breads. Grapes can be a beautiful decoration because they have variants of colors.

  1. Solution for constipation

Fiber in black grape is good for constipation. Besides that,  fiber in black grape is good for ladies who undergo a diet program. Fiber is a kind of carbohydrates but low in calories. So, it is more safe to be consumed while dieting.

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  1. Good for anemia patients

Zinc in grape fruits is good for our body. Zinc can help reproduce the amount of blood that we have, which is good for people who suffers from anemia. Anemia can also be caused by wrong way in dieting, so it is better for the person who suffers from anemia to follow a diet program in a healthy way.

  1. Preventing cancer

Cancer can be prevented by consuming black grapes. It prevents the occurence of cancer cell. Black grape works the best with breast cancer. Anthocyanin and resveratrol substances inside black grape skin can avoid the growth of cancer cell. By consuming it regularly, automatically the cancer cell  is hard to survive.

  1. Decrease the risk of obesity

Some researches prove that the resveratrol substance that black grape contains can fight the risk of obesity. This substance lowers weight significantly.

  1. Cure sprue

What’s more health benefits of black grapes fruit? Sprue can be quite bothering since we can not eat properly when our mouth hurts too much and it can reduce our appetite. Kids tend to suffer from sprue due to lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C that black grape has can cure this mouth disease.

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  1. Healthy skin

Black grape can be a good solution for the ladies. It can change your dull skin to a healthy skin since it contains vitamin E which maintains the moisturizing level to keep your skin always healthy and radiate. Antioxidants inside grape fruits can protect you from excessive ultraviolet from the sun.

  1. Treatment for hair

Maybe some of you who has a hair problem had to consume more of this fruit. Consumption of this fruit helps you to battle any types of hair problems, whether it caused by heredity or wrong diet program and so on. Black grape strengthen the root of your hair, overcoming hair fall and eradicate dandruff.

How to use it?

You just need to blend some grapes until they are smooth. Apply some to your hair. After 30 minutes,rinse your hair with water, then you are finished. It works better if you apply it two to three times a week to get a better results.

  1. Raisins

Who does not love raisin? Besides the sweet taste that it has, raisins have many benefits toward our health. Raisins come from black grape fruit that is squeezed and dried. It mostly used in cooking, baking or brewing.

  1. Improve your vision

What is unique about black grape is almost all parts of it is beneficial for human’s body even the smallest part of it. Black grape seeds contain lutein and zeaxanthin that protects eyes from radical damage. Karotenoid plays a big role in preventing eyes disease that is caused by the factor of age.

  1. Increase brain function

Consuming black grape regularly can help to increase brain function as research has been done to animals. Alzheimer and Parkirson are one of the fear of the elders. From the research, they found out that black grape can increase our memory.

  1. Best for pregnancy

Pregnant woman recommended by doctors to consume black grapes in moderate amount. Black grapes help the growth of mommy’s womb. Since black grapes contain high nutrition which is good for eyes, it was said that pregnant woman who consumes black grape can give birth to a good vision baby.

  1. Get rid of black spots

Don’t use chemical ingredients to get rid of black spots on your face. You better use black grapes instead. Black grape is famous for getting rid of dead skin.

How to use it?

Use black grape mask on your face and let it for 30 minutes then massage your face slowly; after that, rinse with warm water.

  1. Muscle sprain

Most Athletes that suffer from muscle sprain are suggested to consume black grapes in healing process.

  1. Increasing body endurance

Most mommies worry about their kids since some kids have weak body and are susceptible to disease. However, black grape plays a big role in maintaining body endurance. Besides that, it protects the body from any diseases that attacks our body.

  1. Increasing our sleep quality

If you suffer from insomnia, you better consumed more of fruits; especially, black grape fruits. The secret that black grape fruits have is melantolin hormone.

According to the research, this hormone organizes biological time of our body. Starting from 6 pm, this hormone starts to flood our body until 10 pm and at that time we start to feel sleepy. That’s one of many health benefits of black grapes fruit.

  1. For kidney disorientation

Consuming black grapes diligently will help your kidney in doing its job. Black grapes help decreasing the tension that kidney has and it also decrease an excessive acid level in your kidney. That is why patients with heartburn are suggested to consume black grapes or raisin.

  1. Overcome asthma

Asthma mostly happens when the weather is too cold or when we have an allergy toward some things. However, you can overcome asthma with black grapes since black grapes help by adding the content level of water toward our lungs.

There are much more benefits that provided by black grapes. Some of them are preventing the growth of bacteries inside human’s body, helping digestion problem, refreshing our body, good for heart attack and so on.

Cautions on Too Much Consuming Black Grapes

Nevertheless, consuming black grapes too much can cause bad than good impact on our bodies.  For some people who are easily allergic to fruits better avoiding this fruits for black grapes could cause hives, red patches, wheezing difficulty in breathing and sneezing for person who are susceptible to allergic.

Besides that, although black grapes help mostly in diet program. Consuming it excessively could cause weight gain since it contains too much sugar and carbohydrates. Grapes can cause bloating and flatulence. This is because when our body digest grapes then a lot of fructose is released

Never consume black grapes and drugs such as warfarin at the same time. Consuming both together might cause bruising and bleeding.

The same goes to pregnancy woman, excessive consumption on grapes can be toxic due to its high level of resveratrol. Also, better avoid consuming raisin for the safetiness of the womb.

Those are super health benefits of black grapes fruit that mostly people do not know. Actually, black grapes have more benefits than that are being mentioned above since it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Not only for health benefit, black grapes provides beauty benefit as well. Black grape can whiten teeth and beautify nails.There are so many use of just one small grapes for our lives.

However, be caution that consuming everything excessively may cause danger. When you aware of your health and cautions that have been provided, you may lead a healthier life. Starting from now on, be healthy and love your body.