9 Health Benefits of John Dory – Excellent Source of Omega 3

Who is John Dory? Well, the right question is what is John Dory? If you are not so into fish world and then you should learn more about John Dory, a type of fish with a lot of benefits for human health. This fish is considered to be one of the expensive fish in the […]

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Eating Flounder

What is a flounder? Flounders are a group of fish species called flat fish. These flat fishes or flounders are often found at the bottom of oceans around the world. There are many ways to cook flounders, such as baking it, frying it or grilling it. Also flounder have the essential nutrients into your diet. According to […]

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Eating Eel Fish

Eel fish, although it is mainly to be found in Asian regions, eels have been a world wide consumption commodity. Most people avoid eating it due to its resemblance of a small snake, but many are enjoying eating eel. Are you one of them? If your answer is yes, then you are in luck. Many […]

14 Health Benefits of Galunggong Fish (No.5 Surprising You)

Having healthy diet is actually should be considered by people nowadays because food is important part to keep healthy body. Right food will be good to maintain normal metabolism and organ function. Healthy food shoud contains nutrients and one of the most important nutrient which is required by the body is protein. Protein is important […]

35 Benefits of Salmon : Health – Brain – Diet

Salmon considered as one of the healthiest and most nutritious food in the world is not without reasons because salmon is rich of nutrients as well as beneficial for human’s health.  There are a lot of types of Salmon and Alaska salmon is not only tasty but also considered to be sustainable food so there […]

29 Proven Canned Tuna Benefits (No.3 Very Impressive)

Tuna is a fish species with high protein content and low fat. Tuna have proteins content between 22.6 to 26.2 g / 100 g meat, while it’s Fat content is between 0.2 to 2.7 g / 100 g meat. In addition, tuna contains the minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron and sodium, vitamin A (retinol), and vitamin […]