13 Health Benefits of Salted Fish – You Can’t Underestimate

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Maybe some people don’t realize that consuming salted fishes is able to bring a lot of benefits for our life. Moreover, salted fishes also have the affordable price which is compatible for all economic class in society. The salted fishes are the processed fish, either it uses sea fishes or fresh fish. The fishes are salted and dried for several days in order to preserve the fishes. That’s why the salted fishes can last much longer than fresh fish.

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There are some kinds of fish that can be processed as salted fish, such as:

  • anchovy
  • squid
  • fish cork
  • Mackerel tuna
  • Flying fish
  • Stingray

For the one who underestimates and thinks that the salted fishes are not more than just the simple food, you may see the nutritional value contained in the salted fishes first:

  • Dry Salt Fish Energy = 193 kcal
  • Total Protein Content of Salty Fish = 42 g
  • Total Fat Content of Salt Fish = 1.5 gr
  • Total Carbohydrate Content of Dry Salt Fish = 0 gr
  • Total Calcium content of dried salted fish = 200 mg
  • Number of Phosphorus Content of Salt Salt = 300 mg
  • The amount of iron content of dried salted fish = 3 mg
  • The amount of Vitamin A content of dried salted fish = 0 IU
  •  Number of Vitamin B1 content of dried salted fish = 0.01 mg
  • The amount of Vitamin C content of dried salted fish = 0 mg

The nutrition of salted fishes is good enough to keep your body healthy. Are you curious with the benefits of salted fishes for our life and also for our health? Well, here are the health benefits of salted fish:

1. Side Dishes

Well as the benefits of common fishes, the benefits of salted fish also can be consumed as side dishes which are paired with white rice and chili sauce, as preferred. This is one of the common ways to consume salted fish. In addition, salted fish can also be used as a mixture of various dishes that would greatly enhance the taste of the cuisine.

2. Good for Teeth and Bone Health

Salted fish have high levels of calcium and phosphorus benefits. Some facts mention that dried salted fish which amounts to 100 grams has 300 mg of phosphorus and calcium content of 200 mg. phosphorus and calcium is very beneficial to the health of our bones and teeth and has other health benefits of salted fish that are:

  • Increase height during growth
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Prevents bone abnormalities
  • Strengthens bone structure 

3. Helps Accelerate Wound Healing

The benefits of salted fish can help the body in accelerating wound healing. However, this may not be the case if you have hemophilia. The content that plays a role in wound healing in salted fish comes from the benefits of iron is quite high, which is about 3 mg per 100 grams of salted fish.

4. Prevent anemia

Iron is contained in salted fish is also very beneficial for our body to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Anemia is a symptom of a lack of blood. Iron contained in salted fish will help the body in producing blood cells and prevent anemia. As for the symptoms of anemia include:

  • Easy to feel tired
  • Often feel dizzy and headache
  • Often do not focus on doing activities
  • Has a high risk of several diseases 

5. Maintain Immune System of Body

Salted fish was also able to maintain and increase the immune system. It is because of the content of protein benefits that exist in salted fish. If your immune system is good, then you will not easily feel tired and not susceptible to disease.

6. Helps Muscle Formation

The benefits of salted fish have a high enough protein content, which is about 42 grams of protein per 100 gr. This protein will be very useful to build muscle and increase muscle mass, especially for those who are undergoing muscle building program. However, you shouldn’t consume salted fishes too often due to this the high salt content in salted fish. Read more about health benefits fish oil muscle building.

7. Source of Energy For the Body

100 grams of dried salted fish can provide energy for the body as much as 193 kcal. This can help to fulfill the body’s energy needs in one day. Especially, when combined with other food ingredients that have high nutritional value.

8. Prevent Heart Disease

Salted fish has a high content of omega 3 benefits. In addition, the benefits of salted fish also have a high content of good cholesterol. Therefore, salted fish is very good to prevent heart disease and some heart problems. Similarly, cholesterol, because omega 3 in salted fish can help lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

9. Maintain Healthy Skin

Here are the health benefits of salted fish. Salted fish has a lot of mineral content that is very good for the health of the skin. Here are some types of salt fish content that are good for your skin health benefits, such as vitamin E, selenium, omega 3 and essential fatty acids.

10. Reduce the Risk Factors of Skin Cancer

Vitamin E contained in the benefits of salted fish can protect you from exposure to ultraviolet light and can reduce, even prevent the occurrence of skin cancer, caused by UV radiation. Read more about benefits fish oil skin disorders.

11. Maintain Eye Health

Salted fish also has a high vitamin A content. Vitamin is also very good for your body’s resilience and immunity. Benefits of vitamin A is, of course, will be very beneficial for the health of your eyes, such as:

  • Prevent cataracts
  • Prevent eye minus and plus
  • Prevents macular degeneration 

More Salted Fish Uses

In addition to benefiting the health of the body, salted fish also has other benefits, namely:

1. As an economic Wheel Drive

Salted fish is one of the inseparable commodities of Indonesian society. Salted fish sold in many markets, both traditional and modern is one of the wheels of the economy of society. This is the same as the benefits of protected forests that produce economic valuable goods such as wood and rattan.

2. As animal feed and pets

Salted fish is sometimes used as one of animal feed and pets. An example is a cat. The benefits of maintaining a cat is fun, but it does cost a lot. Cats are often fed in the form of salted fish and rice, this is done to reduce the cost of cat food that costs much higher. Read also health benefits of fish for dogs.

Well, that’s all the health benefits of salted fish that you may obtain. But, remember to consume salted fishes properly and sufficiently because salted fishes also have side effects for the body, including heart diseases due to the high content of salt contained in salted fishes. So, be wise in consuming food, especially salted fishes. Thank you, guys!