15 Secret Health Benefits of Pangasius Fish for Body

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Pangasius is a type of fish that is still a family with catfish or can be spelled out, similar to catfish. Pangasius have whiskers that are useful as Patil, just like catfish. Pangasius is one type of fish that is favored by the people of Indonesia, as evidenced by the many processed catfish that exist. Starting from pangasius vegetable soup, pangasius curry, until abon made from pangasius meat.

Just like other types of fish, pangasius fish have a tasty and tender taste. Almost all parts of the fish can be consumed. Meat and the head can be processed into delicious cuisine, while the bone can be a fish broth that is equally delicious. Pangasius has become the favorite ingredient for the type of food that exists in Indonesia and proved liked by the community. Usually processed pangasius contain complex spices, so it brings a taste that is very intriguing.

As one type of fish that much favored by the people of Indonesia, pangasius of course has a lot of advantages that are good for us. Especially benefits for health and fulfillment of nutritional intake in the body. The following are the health benefits of pangasius fish:

1. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Meat from pangasius fish can help in preventing the occurrence of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. This is due to the unsaturated fats that are present in pangasius meat, very useful in preventing the occurrence of the disease. The content of unsaturated fats in pangasius meat reaches 50% of the total nutritional value contained in pangasius fish. You may also read about: Saury Fish Health Benefits

2. Reduce the cholesterol content

For those who have cholesterol disorders such as high cholesterol in the body, you can try to eat these pangasius fish. The content of unsaturated fats can help in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol contained in the body.

3. Prevent coronary heart disease

One type of chronic disease that can be prevented is coronary heart disease. Just like cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases, unsaturated fats contained in the benefits of pangasius fish make the body protected from coronary heart disease. This is because unsaturated fats will not settle and block the flow of blood in the blood vessels. You may also read about: Health Benefits of Eating Fish Head Soup

4. Optimizing Baby Growth

For pregnant women, pangasius fish can be beneficial to the health and growth of your fetus during pregnancy. This is due to the content of DHA and the benefits of omega 3 rich in pangasius fish. Both substances are useful for:

  • Maintain fetal health while in the womb
  • Keeping fetal growth healthy
  • Keep the fetus healthy

5. Helps muscle formation

For those who are doing a diet program to raise and strengthen the muscles, pangasius fish meat is very good for the consumption. High protein content of pangasius fish meat make its meat will be very effective for:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Tighten muscles
  • Maintain endurance and body immunity
  • Increases body strength

6. Maintaining bone health

Bones and spines of pangasius fish contain phosphorus and high calcium benefits. This high phosphorus and calcium content will help meet the phosphorus and calcium requirements of the body in a day. In addition, calcium and phosphorus can also be useful for:

  • Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth
  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Diabetes osteoporosis

7. As a business land

One of the benefits of pangasius fish, in addition to the health of our bodies can also support in terms of economy. You can try pangasius fish breeding business or can also do business of processed pangasius fish . One type of processed pangasius fish that has been successful is pangasius fish abon. Of course for those who are keen on seeing opportunities, pangasius fish will be the source of health and also the main source of income. You may also read about: Health Benefits of Catfish

Advantages of pangasius fish

Pangasius fish itself has several health benefits of pangasius fish that make this fish become one of the favorites. These advantages include:

1. Meat is soft and tasty – One of the hallmarks of pangasius fish is the texture of the meat is tasty and tender. This makes pangasius fish a favorite of all people, especially in Indonesia. You may also read about: Health Benefits of Fish for Breakfast Bodybuilding

2. Easy to find – Pangasius fish is a type of fish that is easy to find. Almost every traditional and modern markets sell this type of pangasius fish. It is also one type of fish that can be bred quite easily.

3. Almost all parts of catfish can be processed – Not only meat and head, bones and fish spines can also be processed. It is a pangasius fish dish, which also involves the spines of the pangasius fish in its manufacture. This makes almost all parts of pangasius fish can be processed and consumed.

4. Low cholesterol – you have a high cholesterol level? Do not worry, pangasius fish is a type of fish that has low cholesterol content. This is one of the most important advantages in pangasius fish benefits, especially for those who have the high level of cholesterol disease or are on a diet. You may also read about:  Health Benefits of Grilled Fish #High Protein

5. High nutritional contentpangasius fish have a very high nutrient content. At least, pangasius fish have a very high protein content and unsaturated fat. Both types of these substances are very useful for the health of the body to:

  • Prevent fat accumulation and blockage in blood vessels
  • Accelerate muscle growth
  • Prevent the occurrence of various diseases, such as cardiovascular and coronary heart

Those are some of the health benefits of pangasius fish that can be obtained, not only the meat but also the bones are beneficial to our bodies, and capable of economic value.