15 Proven Health Benefits of Using Corn Oil #Omega 3 Source

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Most of Indonesian citzen may only know palm oil as one of ingradients needed to cook. In fact there are another alternative that we can use to replace palm oil to cook. For example, the corn oil. All types of  cooking oil basically are the combination of saturated and unsaturated fat in different measure.

The saturated fat in corn oil is lower than in the palm oil so it can be used as to substitute palm oil in order to have healthier life. Palm oil contains almost 41% saturated fat.

The Process of Corn Oil Making

Corn oil is made as the extraction result or squeezes from corn. The color of the corn should be yellowish. The corn is usually used as the ingredients of soap, lubricant, cosmetic, cooking oil, and also animal feed.

In the process to make the corn oil, oil is obtained from the extraction of corn, whether it use pressing tool or maybe organic liquid. The pressing tool to make corn oil is only used after corn has been soaked in hot water approximately for 2 days so it can be pressed by the tool. The pressing tool  is commonly form by hydraulic with high pressure that will condense material. By the high pressure, the corns will be mashed and gain oils that known as corn oil. Even so, the disadvantages of using this method is consuming time while the oils obtained is just few compare to the organic liquid method.

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The organic liquid method of corns oil making at least need the following components.

  • n – Hexane  (C6H14), used to dissolve the mashed corns.
  • NaCl dan NaOH, used to decrease the free fatty acid and dirts from the oil.
  • bleaching earth and active carbon as color purifier agent
  • bleaching earth and active carbon, used as absorbent odor agent and deodorizer process.

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After that, all the components are being mixed and purified by distillation process.

  1. Cure Cancer Because the Phenolic Acid Content
    The main health benefits of corns oil is to cure cancer. Phenolic acid is proven scientifically to kill cancer cell, including breast cancer and liver cancer. Even in some research, the growth breast and liver cancer’s cells can be pressed by consuming corns oil routinely. Moreover, antioxidant contained in corn oil effectively increase immunity so it is powerful to prevent any dangerous disease, including cancer.
  2. Cure any Digestion Problem
    Evidently, fiber is not only contained on food like vegetables and fruit. Oil also contains fiber, including corn oil. As we have known, fiber from any food is good to have health digestion. Just like the fiber in corn oil. A cup of corn oil contains 18.4% fiber from daily need. In other way, consuming corn oil routinely will be a great prevention to some digestion problems such as constipation, hemorrhoid and colon cancer. Moreover, this fiber is also recommended to help your diet programs. It made you feel full longer than before. So, you can have a light body. 
  3. Solve Pregnant Problems By Folic Acid
    For all woman who hasn’t been blessed by child, now you can be more optimistic. In many cases, doctor will prescribed you with folic acid supplement to support your fetus. In fact, folic acid is also good for fertility, especially to strengthen the ovum, so it may improve the possibility to pregnant.
    For men, consuming corn oil is also useful to improve pregnancy possibility to their partner. The folic acid contained  in corn oil also benefits to improve the quantity and quality of sperm and it will be helpful for fertility.
  4. Strengthen Bone by Linoleic Acid
    Linoleic acid or Omega 6 is an unsaturated fat that is produced outside our body but from our food. Fat, including linoleic acid plays an importantrole to distribute fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin D. That’s why, the nutrients of corns oil inside our body will be helpful to absorbing the need of vitamin D  to strengthen your bones. 
  5. Lower Cholesterol Level by Linoleic Acid
    It is proved that corn oil benefits foe cholesterol level. Unsaturated bond in linoleic acid or omega 6 contained in corn oil plays big role to lowered the cholesterol level contained in blood drastically. In other wise, the saturated bond  found in the canola oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, and sesame oil is lower than in corn oil. Research found that corn oil lowered more than 8% cholesterol level in total. Other wise, another oil lowered only 2%. In other way, corn oil is more effective to lowered the cholesterol level.
  6. Lowered BloodSugar Level
    Linoleic acid is also important to normalized the function of pancreas. Disfunction of pancreas will cause obstruction of the production of insulin. Furthermore, it will also obstruct insulin to stabilize blood sugar level. Therefore, it will also cause diabetes. That’s why linoleic acid in corn oil can lowered or normalized blood sugar level as it plays role to normalize pancreas function.
  7. Treat Rheumatism with Linoleic Acid
    Corn oil with its linoleic acid can press the compounds that cause inflammation and joints pain. In other words, all disease that cause by joints inflammation, like rheumatism, or another diseases caused by decreasing function of your joints could be helped by the existance of linoleic acid in our food, including corn oil.
  8. Skin Care by Linoleic Acid
    There are a lot of factor that affect skin. Two of them are cell regeneration and oxygen transfer in blood. Both of them can be helped by linoleic acid contained in corn oil. It will be useful to have light skin.
  9. Nourish Brain by Omega 3
    Less Omega 3 in brain cell will cause your brain to lack of energy that is used to brain growth and development. Omega 3 is not only best for children, but also for adult. For adult is powerful to nourish your brain, thus your brain function will not drastically decrease.
  10. Eye Care by Omega 3
    Not only for brain, Omega 3 is also beneficial for eye. It will act as your eye care because 60% of retina is composed by omega 3. So, consuming corn oil that contain omega 3 will care your eyes. You may also read about Health Benefits of Python Oil
  11. Form bones by Omega 3
    Bone is compose by some important element, including calcium. Less calcium will cause bone easily fragile. Just like when you have omega 3 deficiency, it also affect to bones strength because in omega 3 also contained calcium.
  12. Improve Blood and Heart Health
    The important role of omega 3 for fetus is to form red blood cell and heart. For adult, omega 3 also plays important role to heart and blood vessel. The difference is, when you are adult, the role of omega 3 is to improve blood and heart health. As it is known, omega 3 is contained in corn oil, so consuming corn oil will keep your blood and heart healthy. You may also read about Health Benefits of Pine Essential Oil
  13. Chase LDL with Omega 3.
    LDL or best known as bad cholesterol plays role to store fat in bloodd that will be dangerous for health. It can cause high blood pressure, stroke, and another heart disease. Omega 3 contained in corn oil known to improve HDL (good cholesterol) in blood. 
  14. Improve Child Intelligence with Omega 3
    As it is known, corn oil contain omega 3. This Omega 3 is powerful to improve children’s intelligence. Omega 3 contains LNA, DHA, and EPA that are known to provide nutrients to brain. Thus, consuming corn oil for mom and pregnant mom will improve their children and baby’s intelligence.
  15. Prevent Eczema with Omega 3
    Based on a research from Swedish, Omega 3 is effective to relieve inflammation in any parts of our body, including skin. Omega 3 is also good for immunity so it will prevent you from any disease caused by immunity deficiency, such as eczema. That’s why consuming corn oil will be a prevention from eczema risk.

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Those are the health benefits of corn oil, including for beauty. And for information, the corn oil benefits is also depends on how you made it. So you should be careful to corn oil that produced in factory.  Be healthy, be happy.