10 Beauty Benefits of Pearl Powder for Skin and Health

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Gaining health, soft, light, and beauty skin is what everyone’s dream on, especially for woman. Lot of way have been done to get ideal skin. As a recommended one, using pearl powder could help to get the ideal skin. It has been known from a long time ago that pearl powder has been used to get ideal skin. It is mostly known in Chinese for a long time ago.

Mostly used in Chinese after long time, pearl is not only used as a component that is used for skin care, pearl powder is also has many health benefits for our body.You may also like Benefits of Using Body Lotion Everyday for Skin Beauty

How to Take The Advantages of Pearl Powder

Pearl powder can be used externally or internally. For external usage, pearl powder is usually mixed to foundation, or base make up, or it also can be used as a component of mask. In another hand, for internal usage, the pearl powder is used as a medicine where it is put to a pile and being consumed routinely. Even, you can mix the pearl powder to your smoothies.

But, important to note that you can only consume the pearl powder in small size. Until this time, there is no exact size that is safe to consume pearl powder. For more safety result, you can ask your private doctor about the usage of pearl  powder, whether you can use it or not (may be your skin is allergic to pearl), how much the safe size you can consume, and so on. You may also like to read about Health Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits and Nuts For Skin

Pearl Powder as Beauty Care

In China, the use of pearl powder has been known for a long time, may be from hundred years ago, as a beauty care for princess and also queen. As mentioned before, the pearl powder can be mixed to your day or night cream or even to your foundation.

Besides, you can also consume it by drink it by when it has been processed into capsule. Drinking pearl powder can also help to have beauty skin by the inside. Pearl powder usage, externally or even internally may help you to have ideal and beauty skin that free from black spot, have tight facial skin to avoid wrinkles, enlighten your face skin, and also to avoid dull face. You may also like Health Benefits of Candlenut Oil for Hair and Skin

Beside that, using pearl powder is also known to delay peroxidation process. This process is one of skin aging process. With the delay of aging process, facial skin and also another part of skin will stay young or ageless. Pearl powder contain lot of nutrients on it that may prevent the growth of melamin on skin. Its growth on your face skin may make your look worse. It cause the appearance of black spot on your face. The nutrients that is provided by the pearl powder will delay the growth of melamin on your facial skin that is similarly a prevention or remedy from black spot.

Nutrients Contained on Pearl Powder

It already has known popularly that pearl is one of two pure source of calcium. As it is comprised of 30-80 percents calcium. Beside that, pearl powder also contains magnesium, amino acids, and trace minerals. Those nutrients contained on Pearl Powder has their own role for your body. 

Health Benefits of Pearl Powder

Not only for beauty care, pearl powder is also beneficial to be healthier and prevent from various diseases. Pearl contain some important nutrients needed by our body which are beneficial for our health. Here are the benefits of Pearl Powder:

  1. Stronger bone. Pearl powder that is consumed in capsule form can improve the health of bones and teeth. It is possible because the pearl itself contain calcium in it. Calcium contained in pearl powder will be absorbed easier by our body in the capsule form. In capsule form, the pearl powder has been processed to powder form and be covered by capsule that will make it easier to be digested so the we can gain the benefits faster. To support this, a study said that pearl is a superior osteo-inductive material with high osteogenic activity that means pearl can build better bone than mother-of-pearl and hydroxyapatite.
  2. Consuming pearl powder is found to boost immunity system. A study said that pearl powder boost some animals immunity system. As your immune function improve, it will be a good chance to prevent you from various diseases. That’s the best benefits of pearl powder for skin and health.
  3. When you’re traveling around your period, consuming pearl powder is right thing to do. Nutrients contained in pearl powder balancing hormone production inside your body. Furthermore, it will launch the blood of your period. Beside that, it is also found that pearl powder usage also has calming and relaxing effect. Thus, you can also use it in your premenstrual syndrome to calm and relax yourself so you can do your routine activity well.
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  4. Energy booster. Pearl powder usage also known to boost your energy so you won’t feel tired to do lot of works on your routine activity. That’s the best benefits of pearl powder for skin and health
  5. Pearl powder is also said powerful to balance your blood pressure. So, consuming pearl powder will prevent you from high blood pressure or hypertension, and also low blood pressure.
  6. The usage of pearl powder has known to improve weak nervous system. Nervous system health will prevent you from various diseases, especially stroke.
  7. Prolong life. A studied found that the average life span of mice increase after consuming pearl powder 1% of their food. That’s the best benefits of pearl powder for skin and health You may also read about Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes for Skin

Facial care using pearl powder has been proved and also done by some beauty clinic. It is offered as a package provided by the clinic. But, you can also apply this pearl powder as facial care by self-taught and you can make the mixture by DIY. As the use of pearl powder routinely, you can gain more benefits for your skin and also for your health. You may also like Health Benefits of Eating Borscht Soup