25 Health Benefits of Purslane Plant #Top Herbal Treatments

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This time, purslane plant for health will be an interest topic to discuss. It is known that this purslane is not a popular plant for many society, especially for citizen. Purslane is familiar in a rural place, where it growth wildly in any field or yard.

Unfortunately, purslane plant is only used to feed crickets.  Besides, purslane plants contain lot of contents that may benefit for health. Therefore, today we will discuss health benefits of puslane plant you should know. There are some benefits that must be useful to keep you health and to prevent various disease.

As mentioned before, less people know about the benefits of purslane plants. Thus, the publication of the information about the benefits is needed, especially for human health. At least, there are some benefits you should know. Here are the explanation about the benefits:

  1. Cure Appendix
    The main health benefits of purslane plants is in the appendicitis treatment. This method is important for you who need to treat your appendicitis without going trough any operation. You just need to consume traditional herbal made from purslane plants. The method is a piece of cake, as you can do it by yourself. Firstly you need to prepare some purslane leaves. Mash and squeeze the leaves till it gain some water from the leaves. Mix some water (mineral water), sugar, and honey to the purslane leaves water. Drink the water third times a day, then you will relieve the pain from the appendicitis.
  2. Cure Vaginal Discharge
    Vaginal discharge is an women vital organ that should be treated as soon as possible. As we know, the vaginal discharge symptoms is extremely uncomfortable in a long time. Thus, you need to solve it in any way you can. As a recommendation, you can use the purslane plants to cure it. All you need to do is prepare some purslane leaves,
    mash and squeeze, and gain the water. Boil the water with egg white and drink it in hot state.
  3. Hepatitis Treatment
    The next benefits of purslane leaves is to cure hepatitis. Hepatitis is a terrible and deathly disease. You can treat hepatitis using the purslane leaves. Boil some purslane leaves with water, drink the water in cool state everyday until you feel better and your skin color change. This is possible since purslane leaves is good to improve liver function.
  4. Inflammation and ulceration Treatment
    Skin is mostly experience inflammation and ulceration that will be annoying for your look. The purslane plants could be your choice to treat them. Properly processed purslane plant will be useful for your health, including to relieve inflammation and ulceration. All you have to do is to smooth the purslane leaves, add some salt, and apply it to your skin. And you will solve your skin problem.
  5. Cure Ulcers
    Another annoying skin problem is ulcers. It’s not just annoying, but also hurts you, moreover when it fester.To cure fester, you can consume herbal made by purslane plants. How to make it? First, dry the purslane leaves to be tea. boil it, and drink the water routinely until your ulcers dry and disappear.
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  6. Gastric Treatment
    Gastric or another indigestion can also be cured with purslane plant. Purslane plant content is good to stomach.
    To do it, prepare some purslane leaves. Mash it until smooth. And then, you will gain some water from the mashed of purslane leaves. Drink the water three times a day, routinely.
  7. Relieve Stomach Inflammation
    Just like gastric, stomach inflammation is really possible to attack someone’s digestion. The best way to relieve it this kind of inflammation is to use traditional herbal made from purslane. The water gained from the purslane leaves is extremely powerful for stomach health. That’s why, it is recommended for you to consume the water to relieve your stomach inflammation.  
  8. Improve Heart Function
    A health heart also can be obtained by consuming herbal from purslane leaves routinely. An easy way to gain the herbal is to mash it and add some water to it. After that, filter it to gain only the water, and add some honey to the water. Drink the water routinely everyday. You will improve your heart health and prevent from any hurt problem. You may also read about Health Benefits of Scallops
  9. Solve Intestinal Worms
    One of the health benefits of purslane leaves is to cure intestinal worms. As known before, this intestinal worms is generally infecting children. This worms cause nutrients from food is not optimally absorbed. Consuming purslane leaves help you to terminate the worms, naturally. Hence, food nutrients can be absorbed optimally. You may also read Health Benefits of Red Date Tea
  10. Fever Killer 
    If you or someone you know experience fever, then purslane leaves can be a first aid to relieve it. Drink the water you gain from boiled purslane leaves, it would help to relieve your fever.
  11. Solve bloody urine
    Bloody urine is a dangerous health problem that need to be solve soon. Purslane leaves contain antiinfectives contents that will solve the bloody urine. Again, all you need to do is drink the water gain by boiling the purslane leaves, to solve the bloody urine. You may also read about Health Benefits of Urine Therapy
  12. Have Regular Period Cycle
    irregular period cycle is one of woman’s health problem that can be solved with purslane leaves. Drink the water gain from boiling the purslane leaves along your period day and the period cycle will be regular again.
  13. Press High Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure also can be press by the benefits of purslane leaves. That’w why, it is recommended to people with high blood pressure. Consume the purslane leaves to press high blood pressure naturally and you’re body will be healthier.
  14. For Bone and Teeth Health 
    The health of bone and Teeth is measured by their strength. The strength of both of them can you obtained naturally using purslane leaves. You only need to drink the water obtained from mashed purslane leaves. Your bones and teeth will be stronger and it will help your daily activities.

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Except the 14 benefits above, here are the other benefits of purslane leaves that is powerful for healthy life.

  1. Anti hairfall.
  2. Cure haemorrhoid.
  3. Remedy for Diarrhea
  4. Natural Skin Whitening
  5. Natural Detoxify
  6. Remedy forBlood Circular System
  7. Prevent Stress.
  8. Increase Stamina.
  9. Lungs Care
  10. Prevention of Anemia
  11. Relieve Intestinal inflammation

So, those are the 25 health benefits of purslane plants for human body. May the information useful for your healthy life. Be health, be happy.