7 Health Benefits of Fern Plants #Nutrients Source

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Ferns, that classified as Pterydophytes live and evolve in a its population. As pterydophytes, his plants is also classified as a tracheophytes. Most of tracheophytes reproduce with seeds, but not Ferns. This Pterydophytes reproduce with spores and live easily in any environment.

Ferns spread in all over the world and in most of environment except in snow area and sea. There are more than 12 thousands species of Ferns in all over the world, 1300-3000 among the species live in Indonesia and some country surround it.

As mentioned, ferns spread in most of environment, so human is actually able to breed the fern in their environment. and it also can be used as a decoration for our park, and hall. But, you have to know that there are another benefits of ferns you should know. (See also Health Benefits of Kyani Fruit Supplement)

Here is the health benefits of fern plants:

Ferns as Vegetables

Most countries in the world use ferns as a main menu for their cook. Nepal, India, America, Canada and of course Indonesia are some of them. There are lot of food menu to cook ferns as a main menu.  The following are some of food made with Ferns.

  1. Cah or Stir-Fry Ferns
  2. Campuran pada Sup
  3. Fresh Food

Another creative food you may try is Pizza with vegetable topping. You can add ferns on the top of pizza and put the sauce on it. It will taste delicious with the savory taste of ferns on the top of pizza

The texture of Ferns taste like kale, so you can change your daily food made with kale Pakis sendiri memiliki tekto ferns. The green color of ferns may tease you to add it on your food.

What is the nutrients contained by Ferns and how it can beneficial for your body?

As an easy to consume vegetable, ferns also contain various nutrients and of course it will be beneficial for our body. The following lists are the nutrients of Ferns and its benefits for our body.

1. Vitamin A

100 gr of ferns contain about 3617 IU. This is the same as 120% vitamin A needed for your body in a day. The vitamin A will be extremely beneficial for your body because it may,

  • be antioxidant for your body
  • boost your immunity
  • prevents from lungs cancer
  • Eye Care
  • Prevents from Oral Cancer
  • Skin care

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2. Flavonoids

Flavonoids is a compound that converse vitamin A inside your body.  It consists of alfa carotene and beta carotene. The benefits of flavonoids itself are as mentioned in this following lists.

  • Antioxidant
  • eliminate free radicals inside your body
  • anti-aging
  • prevent various dangerous diseases
  • Effective to avoid virus
  • avoid thrombus
  • immunity system
  • avoid diarrhea

3. Vitamin C

It is not surprising that vegetable contain vitamin C. Likewise the ferns. 100 gr ferns contains 26.6 mg vitamin C. Of course consuming ferns will be helpful to satisfy the daily need of vitamin C. Here are the list of vitamin C functions for your body:

  • Increase your immunity system
  • Eliminate free radicals  on your body
  • antioxidant
  • Avoid cancer, inflammation, and virus. Such as the influenza
  • avoid sprue and bleed gum

4. Kalium

Surprisingly, ferns also contain high numbers of Kalium and of course it will be useful for our body. 100 gr sof ferns contain 370 mg kalium it gives 7 % the daily need of kalium for your body. These are the benefits of Kalium for our health:

  • decrease the level of high blood pressure
  • help to strengthen your bone
  • decrease the excessive heartbeat

5. Vitamin B Complex

Ferns also contain high vitamin B complex, such as :

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B7
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12

The vitamin B complex contained by ferns are beneficial to:

  • immunity system
  • help the creation of red blood cell
  • cell division
  • brain function optimization
  • Tissues creation
  • boost metabolism

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6. Kalsium dan Fosfor

Beside those 6 nutrients, ferns also contain another nutrients, such as

  • 34 kcal Energy
  • 5.54 gr Carbohydrates
  • 4.55 gr protein
  • 0.40 gr fat
  • 0 mg cholesterol
  • and another vitamin and minaral

Thus, there are some best health benefits of fern plants.

7. Ferns is low calories, fat, and cholesterol!

The interesting things from ferns that you may found are: it is a low calories, fat, and also cholesterol. Moreover, it contains zero cholesterol. This is a good news for your health diet program or for you who tries to avoid high cholesterol. Besides, ferns also contain a high numbers of protein. It is said that there are 4.55 gr for 100 gr of ferns. This protein is beneficial to:

  1. form your muscle (especially if you are an athlete)
  2. immunity system
  3. Give strength and energy for your body.

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How to optimize the benefits of ferns?

To get the optimum benefits of ferns, you may mix the ferns with some ingredients. The ingredients we recommend are in this following lists:

  • olive oil
  • red onions
  • white onions
  • Another kind of vegetables
  • chicken broth (original)
  • red and green chilli
  • add some proteins, like meats or beans.

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Though health benefits of fern plants, it is not recommended for you to consume it in large quantity. Moreover some kind of ferns also contain toxins. To consume it, you have to make sure which one is the safe ferns to consume. One of ferns we recommend is the fiddlehead. It is the mostly used ferns for cooking purposes. The fiddlehead is a young fern with its fronds tightly coiled. It resembles the top of a fiddle, and that’s why it is named as ‘fiddlehead’.

Those are the benefits of ferns that you should know. And in addition, this fern will taste better if you mix it with another vegetables  and ingredients that contain high numbers nutrients. May the information help you to be healthy. (See also Health Benefits of Ashitaba Leaves)