13 Surprising Health Benefits of Leeches Therapy

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Have you heard leeches therapy before? It may seem a bit disgusting for some people. Leeches is a slimy animals which is small and thin, but it is sucking blood to grow up. When leeches have sticked to human skin, it will suck blood and difficult to release. Most of leeches are found in swamp and forest area. Even so, leeches therapy has been developed since ancient times. The blood that sucked by leeches is kind of dirty blood that cause disease for your body.

For this reason, leeches therapy is now being a popular research topic and is used to many medical and traditional treatment. In addition, if you want to try this therapy, it is highly recommended to get it with the expert help.

Leeches Therapy Process

Leeches used in leeches therapy is usually from selected and have been through special treatment. Clean leeches can be used for leeches treatment. The recommended leeches used for leeches treatment has small shape and grow bigger after sucking blood. This size is sometimes more than 12 cm after it is used for therapy. Here are the process and nursery system of leeches therapy.

  • Leeches will swell to the certain part of  your body. The expert plays a big role here to found the spot and put the leeches to your body.
  • After swelling to your skin will jab to your skin and starting to suck your blood. When it suck your blood, its enzyme and compounds will work effectively.
  • The blood that sucked by leeches will look like bloody blood and that’s all the blood it can suck.
  • After leeches works to suck your blood in this therapy, then tobacco is used to release the leeches from your skin.

The type op leeches that used for this therapy is a special leeches that is used in medication. most people that has experience leeches therapy has obtain the benefits of it, especially to cure some kind of diseases. The following are some lists of health benefits of leeches therapy.

  1. Cure Diabetes

Can diabetes be cured by the leeches therapy? A proof has been developed that leeches therapy is effective to solve death tissues. Death tissues mostly occurred to the patients of diabetes and their doctor will suggest them to amputate it. Leeches therapy can be used to improve blood circulation to tissues that doesn’t function well. In this way, your blood will circulate well and finally the part of your body that has problem will be better.

  1. Cure Blood Vessels and Cardiovascular Disease

A lot of prblems on blood circulation can improve some disease like heart attack, stroke, and another disease. When leeches therapy is applied then leeches will suck your blood and also release a compound that contain peptide. This compound works quickly to cure thrombosis so it will improve blood circulation inside your body. People who has wound also can be healed by leeches therapy.

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  1. Cure Hypertension

What’s more health benefits of leeches therapy? Leeches also contain a special compound in its saliva that can help blood pressure system. One of disease that mostly suffered by middle age and elderly is high blood pressure. To solve this problem, then you can use leeches therapy to some spot of your body and it will directly works to your veins.

  1. Relieve Organs Inflammation

All disease that caused by inflammation can attack any part of our body. To solve this problem leeches therapy is extremely effective. Leeches salva can works while the leeches absorb human blood contains bdellins that help your body to relieve any inflammation. Thus, all kind of inflammation, such as digest inflammation, hepatitis, and pancreatitis, can be relieved by leeches therapy.

  1. Skin Care

A lot of skin problem is caused by fungal infections, virus, and bacteria can be healed by leeches therapy. Leeches therapy is also can cured skin problem like herpes, eczema, and ulcers. Even, beauty salon in some country has used leeches therapy as skin care. Leeches saliva contains a special agents used to maintain the numbers of collagen in your skin, so it will be useful to cure another skin problems. Thus, you may also read about Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin Whitening

  1. Relieve Joint Pain

The disease that attack elderly the most is joint pain. This pain will be realized when our body do some movements that use joints, such as when going for walk or lifting something. To solve this problems then you can use leeches therapy because leeches saliva contains a compound that with anti-inflammation that will relieve joint pain. Thus, you may also read about Health Benefits of Zaatar Tea

Why Leeches Therapy can Cure Diseases?

In the beginning, leeches is just an annoying animals. Leeches will only suck blood from human so it will be dangerous. Even so, leeches therapy is being developed scientifically with some proof. The following lists are some reasons why leeches therapy is effective to cure some kind of disease.

  1. Leeches spread an anti-coagulant agent that will dilute thrombosis. Leeches saliva contains natural anticoagulant such as hirudin that is used to bind thrombocytes.
  2. Leeches contains calin that is used as natural anticoagulant and dilute any factor that prevent collagen damage. Even so, calin also used as an inhibitor to collagen.
  3. Leeches saliva that through human skin also contain Xa inhibitor. This compounds also benefit to manage coagulation system.  
  4. Leeches saliva is also used as destabilase. This system will prevent your body to produce fibrin, so thrombosis system can be managed better.
  5. Leeches saliva contains bdellins that is used as a anti-inflammation compound that can prevent the forming of trypsin, plasmin, and acrosin.
  6. Leeches saliva contains histamine, acetylcholine and carboxypeptidease inhibitors A that will be powerful to stretch blood vessel and improve blood circulation systemin your body.
  7. Leeches saliva is also effective to relieve any pain in any part of your body and also obstruct the growth of bacteria.

Side Effect of Leeches Therapy

Leeches therapy is a kind of therapy that actually done easily. Some expert in this area even raise special kind of leeches that will be useful to cure many kind of diseases. Until now, there are no side effect found in this therapy.

But, people with low immunity system is not suggested to do this therapy because it is feared that they will suffer bacteria infection and virus from the leeches.

So, this therapy will be safe as long as the patient is in fit state. This is also the reason why patients of HIV and AIDS is forbidden for this therapy. May this information useful for your healthy life. Be healthy, be happy.

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