6 Health Benefits of Wasp Sting Therapy #1 Unexpected

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Bee is quite familiar for earning honey. Honey is extremely important things to have a healthy life. Most of citizen consume natural honey because it contains a lot of contents in it that has been proven to have many benefits for health. Beside earning honey, bee is also known as an animal that can be used for therapy to some health problems. The therapy is wasp sting that use sting from bee or wasp to part of human body. The aim to use wasp sting is to solve any health problems.

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Wasp Sting Therapy 

After got wasp sting, or any another animals that have the ability to sting, the stung part of our body will be blister, or maybe even got swell. This is caused by the animals who have the ability to sting have toxins in their sting. Even so, the wasp sting can also used as a health therapy. This therapy is also called by apitherapy.

Wasp sting therapy is only effective if you this in the correct and proper way. Though WHO (World Health Organization) recommend it as an alternatives, there are some rule to gain the benefits of wasp sting therapy. The first rule is from the types of the bees used in the therapy. The bees used in the therapy must be selected selectively by the expert. Not any kind of bees can be used in the therapy.

The types of the bees must have 3 mm of sting and 3 mg of toxins in the sting. If you got the size of the sting or the number of sting more than that, your body may suffer some bad side of sting, and it is really dangerous for your health. Thus, you can’t use every bees you meet. It is recommended to have it from the expert.

Not only the types of the sting, the number of sting also affect your health. In the first term of the therapy, it is recommended to have only one sting. It aims to adapt your body to the sting. In the next term, you can add the number of sting, depends of your body reaction to the first term. If you got more sting than your body can accept, your body may suffer health problems, you may got high fever, or even dangerous disease, furthermore, it may cause death. Thus expert role is needed for the therapy.

Health Benefits of Wasp Sting

The last, to get the health benefits, the sting should be placed in the nerve spot of your body, not just any part of your body. So, the expert will plays an important role in the therapy.
Here are the following of the health benefits of wasp sting.

1. Stimulate Heart Work

As mentioned before, wasp sting contains toxins in it. This toxin is known as avitoksin. Avitoxins is actually a kind of compounds that will give warms to blood vessels. The warms on blood vessels can flow to your heart and it can make your heart healthier because it stimulate heart to work. So, it is really recommended for you to have a healthier heart by wasp sting. You may also read about Health Benefits Of Eating Insects

2. Prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is also known as a chronic inflammation to joints. It occurred because the existance of some problem in joints that may caused by some factor. Inflammation in the joints is not only cured by pain reliever. The wasp sting is also beneficial to cure the inflammation.

It is known that wasp sting therapy has cure a lot of case of rheumatoid arthritis. Research found that wasp sting contain analgesic and immuno-modulatory that can relieve any kind of inflammation, including prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. You may also read about Health Benefits of Eating Ants

3. Lowered High Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, or may be you have high blood pressure history, you may be prescribed by your doctor to consume some medicine from drugstore routinely to prevent it. But, there is another alternatives you may try, using wasp sting therapy. Thus, that’s health benefits of wasp sting.

Research has proved that wasp sting has solve many case of high blood pressure. So, you may try it to Lowered your high blood pressure.
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4. Cure Asthma

Oxygen tube is the most first aid for cure asthma patients. Even so, if the asthma relapse, it will be extremely annoying and also the patients must have difficulties to do their daily activities. The good news is the wasp sting therapy can be used to relieve asthma. The toxins in wasp stins is known to cleans sputum in bronchus tube so it can be a prevention to asthma.

5. Relieve Headache

Headache that occurred frequently is really annoying to do your daily activities. It also can cause your body feel tired. Consuming chemical from drugstore frequently of course will be dangerous. Fortunately, there is another choice you may choose, wasp sting therapy. Wasp sting has been proved to relieve any kind of pain, including headache and any other kind of pain.  

6. Solve Insomnia

Insomnia is a disease where their sufferer will have difficulties to sleep. This is of course will cause any social problems to the patients, while they must have tired to do their activities. People who suffer insomnia needs to do the wasp sting therapy. This therapy will help them to sleep tightly. So, their body can relax and they can do their daily activity normally.

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The sting of some insects commonly cause any bad side effect because the sting contains dangerous toxins. Even so, the wasp sting is a bit different. If it is used in the right and proper way, it will be helpful to some health problems. In a right dosage, the wasp sting toxins is not dangerous, but good for health. Therefore, there are some health problems that can be cure by wasp sting therapy.

May the information helpful for your healthy life. Be healthy, be happy.