13 Benefits of Using Body Lotion Everyday for Skin Beauty

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Using body lotion right before you are going to bed has many unbelievable advantages for your skin. Body lotion will provide nutrients to your skin and it will gives you more advantages than you can imagine. Hand and body lotion or commonly just called as body lotion is an element that almost exists on every make-up storage or dressing table. Not only for women, most of men also use body lotion in their daily activities because of its benefits that will give nutrients for skin. Moreover on high temperature in the afternoon, using sunblock (that is one kind of body lotion) is a must, even for women or men, because it will protect you from the bad effect of sunshine that may make your skin darker.

Commonly, body lotion is used after taking shower or before doing activity outside. The fragrant and cool sense of body lotion will also increase your confidence level when you interact or meet people. In addition, using body lotion will also make your hand skin softer that will raise your impression when you handshake people. Not only after taking shower or before dong activity outside home, body lotion can also be used in another moment, such as after using scrub, when you are sweat, or before going to bed.

Moreover, some beauty expert also recommend the use of body lotion as a routine and a habit, because it will give you some amazing effect. Some of the benefits of using body lotion before going to bed are as the following lists:

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1. Improve Skin Rubberiness and Elasticity

The first benefits of using body lotion before going to bed is for skin care. Almost all body lotion contains moisturizer that can improve skin rubberiness and also skin elasticity. Both of them can be reduced or even lost when skin contact the sunshine directly.

Using body lotion before going to bed will help repairing skin damage and replace your skin elasticity. Especially in the morning, skin will lost lot of water content about 25% that will reduce skin humidity. In this matter. body lotion will replace and even improving the humidity. There are many benefits of using body lotion everyday.

2. Helping  Skin Regeneration Progress

Normally, skin will regenerate once every 28 days, while dead skin cell is relased after 28 hours.  Applying body lotion in the evening or before going to sleep can accelerate cell regeneration because its ability to release dead skin cell faster than without.

This way is also supported by the time factor because night is the best moment for skin to regenerate optimally which is marked by the opening of pores. When skin regenerate faster, the freshness, humidity, and health of skin will be better since the dead skin cell that become parasite is replaced by the new cell. You may also like Health Benefits of Green Tea and Cranberry Mixture

3. Avoid Dry And Cracked Skin

Applying body lotion to some port of our body that easily dry or cracked such as heel, knee, and elbow before going to bed is extremely effective to avoid dry and cracked skin. It is because when you are sleeping, you make less movement than in the day so body lotion will work effectively to solve dry and cracked skin.

Beside that, in general, body lotion also refresh your skin and avoid dry caused by sunshine or even the effect of air conditioner usage in your work place or may be in your room. Thus, if you use air conditioner in your room, make sure to apply body lotion before going to sleep in the night to avoid dry and cracked skin and to have fresh skin. You may also read: Benefits of Drinking Salt Water for Skin

4. Provide You to A Qualified Sleep

What’s more benefits of using body lotion everyday? The fragrance and comfort aroma from body lotion also provide you to have a qualified sleep because it is comfortable and relaxing. After doing your routine activity all day long, your body will be tired. The fragrance ad softness of body lotion will be a therapy for you that will make you to sleep faster, prevent you from insomnia and also gives you a qualified sleep moment.

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5. Optimeze Skin Nutrients Absorbing

Applying body lotion before going to sleep able to optimizing nutrients absorbing for skin. It is because our pores will open in the night. Mostly, nutrients contained in body lotion can’t be absorbed perfectly because our pores is closed or may be blocked by dirt or bacteria swelled on our skin.

That’s why it is also recommended to apply body lotion after taking bath or showering. In this state our skin is in clean condition and so it is ready to absorb nutrients. Therefore, applying body lotion before going to sleep and also after taking bath is a powerful treatment to have health skin. You may also read: Health Benefits of Candlenut Oil for Hair and Skin

6. Healthy Skin

Night is also a time for skin to work optimally so if you can meet the need of nutrients for it, your skin will be healthier and freshen than before. Beside getting nutrients from the food you eat, skin also need a direct food from body lotion, sunblock, night cream, or another things that feeds your skin.

Among those nutrients for your skin, body lotion is told as the most nutrients and the most basic things you have to use. Applying it routinely to your skin will provide the basic nutrients need for your skin. 

7. Repel Mosquitos

Beside as a time-to-eat for skin, night is the perfect time to use body lotion because its fragrance also powerful to repel mosquito. Mosquito’s bite is one of the factor that may disturb your qualified sleep.

Not only its bite, its flight sound is really annoying. Applying body lotion before going to sleep may give you two advantages, firstly you will free from mosquitoes bite and it also provide nutrients for your skin.

More Uses of Body Lotion on Skin

  1. Moisturizes your skin
  2. Fights free radicals
  3. Promotes skin glow
  4. Makes skin smooths
  5. Protects you from sun exposure
  6. Makes you feel more beautiful

Tips to Choose Body Lotion

  1. You could try natural skin treatments
  2. Read the ingredients of body lotion before you take it
  3. Only apply body lotion that’s good for your skin type

Those are the benefits of using body lotion for your everyday life. May the article helps you to have healthy life. Be healthy, be happy. You may also like Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face Thus, that’s all benefits of using body lotion everyday.