11 Top Benefits of Drinking Salt Water for Skin and Health

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Seawater has salty taste because there is salt content in it. Seawater usually call with saltwater, too. Saltwater can be an interesting tourist location. Some people love sea because they can look off without limits in the sea. Do you want to try to take a bath in the sea?

On the weekend, The children and adult usually take a bath in the sea especially along the shores. Actually, Salt water bathing has benefits for skin because there are some contents in salt water, they are

  1. Benefits of Potassium is useful for taking care bones and teeth health.
  2. Benefits of Calcium to increase metabolism in body.
  3. Iron. One of its health benefits is bringing oxygen from lungs to whole body. (See also health benefits of Iron)
  4. Nitrogen is an important part of the ocean ecosystem. It is released into water when dead plants begin decomposing, and the feces of marine life directly contribute to the levels of nitrogen in salt water. Nitrogen is also an essential nutrient for humans, making up approximately 3 percent of the human body.
  5. Phosphorus is a dissolved nutrient found in salt water that is important for plant growth. It is found in human bones and helps keep them strong.
  6. Sulfur in Salt water occurs mainly in the form of sulfate or sodium chloride. It helps protein in the human body to take shape, so it is an important element of thalassotherapy.
  7. It plays an important role in the human body because it plays an integral role over 300 metabolic reactions in the body.

Salt water composition (by mass)

  • Oxygen 85.84%
  • Hydrogen 10.82%
  • Chloride 1.94%
  • Sodium 1.08%
  • Magnesium 0.1292%
  • Sulphur 0.091%
  • Calcium 0.04%
  • Potassium 0.04%
  • Bromide 0.0067%
  • Carbon 0.0028%

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These are some substances in saltwater for skin. Skin is the outer layer of body skin which is useful for protecting internal organs. Because of its location, skin is useful as skin protector and it has sensitive character that can cause many skin problems. The example of skin problems are acne, blackheads and ringworm. But the variety of skin problems can be solved with using salt water. The health benefits of drinking salt water for skin are

  1. Relax Body Muscles

Actually, soaking in salt water can help to relax boy muscles, so it can make your body more powerful to do activities in the next day. Body muscles sometime get fatigue after doing some activities that was related with your work. Plus, your work need many muscle strength. So, many people choose to soak in salt water on the weekend. This way is effective to solve muscle cramp naturally.

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  1. Skin Nutrition

The next benefits of saltwater for skin is giving nutrients into skin from the outside. Salt water contents are very varied and believed to give nutrients into skin. Because of that, many people choose to soak in salt water, then they sun their body. Skin nutrition that was given can solve itchy on skin. So, Salt water is not only enjoyable to soak, but it can give some benefits for our skin.

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  1. Glowing Skin

Some people believed that soaking in the sea make your skin brighter. Glowing skin is a wish of everyone especially for women. Glowing skin make many eyes happy to see it. The aura of glowing skin can be indicator that your skin is healthy.  Everyone have been done many ways to get glowing skin.

Start from buying expensive cream and visit beauty clinic. But behind that, the easy and save ways to get glowing skin is using salt water. That way is natural and not big expenses. You may also read benefits of moroccan argan oil.

  1. Solve Dry Skin

Many people are disturbed with dry skin because dry skin is easy to wrinkled and scaly. Dry skin is usually on ankle, knee, elbow and another parts of skin.

But do you know that there is a cheap way to solve dry skin? One of that ways is soaking in the salt water. If you want to try soaking around 30 minutes and do it regularly. Hope your dry skin will be lose and not return. 

Early Side Effects of Drinking Salt Water

Drinking salt water will cause a number of early side effects as you get dehydrated. Dry mouth and rapid heartbeat are followed by low blood pressure, headache and dizziness. Lethargy and confusion will eventually start to set in.

It’s depend on how much salt water you had to drink and whether you are now drinking fresh water to eliminate the effects, it has the risk of blood in the stool or vomit, loss of appetite and unconsciousness.

Serious  Side Effects of Drinking Salt Water

If you continue drinking salt water even after noticing the initial side effects, your symptoms will get worse. According to the Medline Plus, kidney failure will eventually occur if your body cannot produce urine because the lack of usable water. Severe dehydration can also lead to delirium, seizures and kill you if it is not addressed. Even if you survive, permanent brain damage is possible.

Those are some benefits of drinking salt water for skin. So, the variety of salt water function can be a gift for everyone who always be grateful.