23 Health Benefits of Solanum Nigrum (Black nightshade)

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Who have known Solanum Nigrum? Fruit that is also known with Leunca for Sundanese, is used as vegetable. So no wonder, if there is not much people who know this fruit. But who know, indeed this infamous fruit has interesting benefits. For more detail, this article below will explain about health benefits of Solanum Nigrum.

Know More about Solanum Nigrum

Ranti or Leunca (Solanum Nigrum) is a kind of vegetable in eggplant family which come from West Asia. Commonly, Solanum Nigrum can grow vigorously in the open nature like paddy, field, and garden.

Commonly, Solanum Nigrum height is around 30 until 175 cm and it has many branches. Its leaves is located alternate, group and oval with sharp top and base but wavy until flat. Solanum Nigrum flower is inflorescence with 2 – 10 white or violet buds.

Solanum Nigrum fruit is ovale with 0.8 until 1 cm diameter. Its color is green when it was young and dark purple when it was old. First glance, Solanum Nigrum shape is as same as mangosteen, but it is smaller. When it is on ripening, This fruit is looked shiny and contained many seeds. Solanum Nigrum seed is round flat, small and white. It has also crispy and rather unpleasant taste.

As this article said before, Solanum Nigrum is many used as vegetable. Not infrequently for people to use this fruit as herbal medicine. But, we have to noticed that not all of Solanum Nigrum can be consumed safely. It can contain toxin in it, depend on its strains. Kind of Solanum Nigrum that can be eaten is Solanum Nigrum that contain toxin in low level.

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Solanum Nigrum Content

Before talking more about Solanum Nigrum, How good if we explained first about contents in Solanum Nigrum. Solanum Nignum is believed many contents like vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, phosphor, calcium, fat, saponin, DNA and atropine. Besides that, there are also glikoalkaloid, solanine, solasonin, solamargine, soldsodim, diosgenin, tigogenin, saponin, tannin and fat oil.

Health Benefits of Solanum Nigrum

Because of contents in it, Solanum Nigrum is believed that it has many benefits for our body. Efficacy of Solanum Nigrum has been found since 2000 years ago. In order to you don’t be misunderstanding, we present health benefits that is gotten from consuming Solanum Nigrum. Here they are health benefits of Solanum Nigrum : 

  1. As Anti Cancer

Solanum Nigrum is believed that it has anti cancer content. It can help to prevent and cure cancer. This thing is caused this fruit has good nutrient for body health, especially prevent cancer. For you who want to handle cancer in your body, no harm to try consuming Solanum Nigrum as traditional medicine in cancer prevention.

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  1. It has skill analgesic

Solanum Nigrum is also believed if it has skill analgesic that can reduce pain. This thing because Solanum Nigrum has a substance that is rolled to reduce pain of inflammation and swelling. To curing pain in your body, you can try to consume this fruit. See also health benefits of willow bark.

  1. Help to prevent inflammation

It is still related to number two, Solanum Nigrum can also be useful to prevent inflammation in your body, such as sore throat and mouth sprue. For getting this benefit, you can consume this fruit until your inflammation in your body abate. You may also read health benefits of arnica as anti inflammatory. 

  1. Boil medicine

Another health benefits of Solanum Nigrum is as boil medicine. If you have a boil that is disturb, you can use Solanum Nigrum as herbal medicine to abate skin diseases like boil. You can get this benefit from using Solanum Nigrum and its leaves as ointment to cure a boil.

  1. As Antipyretic

Solanum Nigrum can be useful as antipyretic that soothing and abate fever in the children. To get the health benefits from Solanum Nigrum, you can consume this Solanum Nigrum fruit with mixing it another vegetables or boiling it.

  1. As Contraceptive for men

Perhaps, Solanum Nigrum is believed as natural contraceptives for men. Because consuming Solanum Nigrum is believed that it can reduce sperm production and fertility of men. See also health benefits of huckleberry.

  1. As Antibacterial

Solanum Nigrum can also be useful as antibacterial that can avoid many bacteria which cause many diseases. This thing because contents in Solanum Nigrum can protect your body from germ and bacteria that effect to your body health. You may also read health benefits of fingerroot.

  1. Help to prevent scurvy

Scurvy is a disorder in mouth because less vitamin C. Do you know? Consuming Solanum Nigrum can prevent scurvy because it has vitamin C that is useful as scurvy preventive medicine. Besides that, consuming Solanum Nigrum can help body to solve many problems of infections mouth.

  1. Help to cure herpes

If you get herpes, no harm for you to try Solanum Nigrum as traditional medicine to solve your herpes. Substance content in Solanum Nigrum is believed that can prevent herpes ant its symptom. You may also read health benefits of karela leaves.

  1. As Anti oxidant

Who knows that Solanum Nigrum that has toxin content, have anti oxidant content that is useful for our body. If we consumed it, its natural anti oxidant can help to attack free radicals that can cause many diseases.

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More Solanum Nigrum Uses

Besides benefits above, There are another benefits that is also attempt from consuming Solanum Nigrum. They are

  1. Help to take care eyes health
  2. Help to take care immune system
  3. Good for bones
  4. Help to take care teeth health
  5. As vitamin source
  6. Help to make healthy skin
  7. Help to lose pee and launch urinary tract
  8. Soothe breath and abate cough
  9. Prevent hypertension
  10. Increase heart organ function
  11. Lighten up back discomfort and rheumatism
  12. Help to cure rheumatism
  13. Help to kidney damage

How to use Solanum Nigrum

Commonly, you can consume Solanum Nigrum as side dish. But as herbal medicine, you should add 10 pieces of Solanum Nigrum to vegetable juice. Besides that, you can boil 20 g Solanum Nigrum into 800 cc water. Then yo have to consume it in the morning and evening one glass of drinking.

Side Effects of Solanum Nigrum

Solanum Nigrum contains glycoalkaloid solanine. Solanine has varying degrees of toxicity in a dose dependent manner. The toxicity of plant depends on the climate, soil type, season and maturity. The green unripe berries are generally considered more toxic than the ripped berries. Few cases of poisoning after eating berries of plant are also reported.

Thus this article about health benefits of Solanum Nigrum. Hope it will be useful for you.