4 Unknown Health Benefits of Apple Seeds

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Who don’t know Apple? Yes, All of people in the world know about this fruit. It has special shape and green or red skin. Many people love this fruit because it has delicious and unique tasty.

Besides, Apple has a lot of nutritional value and nutrients, so apple is very good for our body health. We can find apple very easy because this fruit is widely circulated until villages. You can process it become many kinds of food or drink according to your taste.

Actually, Apple pulp has a lot of benefits for our body. Not only its pulp, there are parts of apple that has benefits for our body, too, such as its skin and seeds. This time, we will concentrate with health benefits of apple seeds. Apple seeds has good benefits for healthiness and beautify. But you should not eat apple seeds directly because it can poison your body. You should take its oil, so you can get health benefits of apple seeds.

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Nutritional Value of Apple seeds

  • Protein : 36.93 g
  • Fat : 25.68 g
  • Ash : 3.76 g
  • Fiber : 12.03 g
  • Carbohydrate : 21.61 g
  • Energy KJ/g : 19.44
  • Oleic : 40.8 %
  • Linoleic : 45.8%
  • Total saturated : 12.4%
  • Total unsaturated : 86.6%

Health Benefits of Apple Seeds

Apple seeds oil can be taken its efficacy and benefit by our body well. This oil contain very beautify. What are health benefits of apple seeds? Check them out

  1. Smoothen and moisten skin

In apple seeds oil, there is healthy fat acid as skin moisturizer. When you use this apple seeds oil, your skin will be hydrated, so your skin is not dry and dull. Another side, Your skin will be smoother, moister and protected from sunlight. You can use apple seeds oil to ward off the radiation of UVA and UVB.

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  1. Make your skin younger

Everyone hope that they have soft, smooth and young skin. Today, that is not only hope. But it can be real if you used this apple seeds oil. Apple seeds oil can synthesize collagen naturally, where collagen has important role in skin cells formation. So your skin will be not dry and dull. Besides that, healthy collagen will block the symptoms of premature aging. You may also read list of fruit for healthy skin.

  1. Glowing your skin

When you use apple seeds regularly, your skin will be smoother, cleaner and brighter. In some cases, this apple seeds oil can lose stretch mark on skin. Because natural contents in apple seeds oil are very good for skin. You may also read benefits of cucumber for beauty treatment.

  1. Prevent Skin Cancer

Dangerous pollution, free radical and sun radiation make our skin and body more vulnerable to get skin cancer. Direct sunlight that contains UVA and UVB can grow new cancer cells in skin. This problem can be solved by apple seeds oil that have been done research by scientists. Apple seeds oil can protect skin from sun radiation, pollution and free radicals.

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Caution of Apple seeds

Apple seeds contain amygdaline. It can release cyanide, a powerful poison, when it contact with digestive enzymes. Whole seeds will pass your digestive system relatively untouched, but if you chew the seeds, you may be exposed to the toxins. One or two will not be harmful, as the body can handle small doses of cyanide, but if you or a child chews and swallows a lot of seeds, you should seek medical attention immediately. A very large helping of apple seeds may be fatal.

Those are health benefits of apple seeds oil. Apple seeds are very useful, but you are not recommended to eat it directly because it can poison your body. It is caused a dangerous chemical compound in apple seeds for our body. So, only use apple seeds oil, ok.