19 Health Benefits of Tempe (No.8 You Must Get)

Health benefits of tempe from its high an complate nutrients is very important for human health. Tempe is fermented by soybean with rhizopus fungi, a type of fungi that can break down the protein in soybeans into amino acids, making it easier to digest by the body. That is different from protein content in soy […]

22 Benefits of Tofu : Health – Beauty – Pregnancy (#1 Insane)

As a result of processing soybeans, Tofu contains vegetable protein because it has a complete amino acid composition (up to 8 amino acids) and believed to have a high digestibility (by 85% -98%). When compared with other food sources, nutritional content in Tofu is still less than the egg, meat, and fish. However, with prices […]

16 Symptoms of Inner Ear Infection in Children and Adult

An ear infection is a condition that affects the middle ear. It is especially caused by viruses or bacteria. Ear infections also known as Acute Otitis Media. Together with symptoms of pain in general, the condition is characterized by inflammation of the middle ear and the fluid that formed in the area. The disease is […]

16 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance (No.6 Scariest)

Insulin resistance is a scourge that worries anyone since the beginning of the forerunner of pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes mellitus, and even increase the risk of other complications such as heart attack and stroke. Insulin resistance is a condition in which insulin secreted by the pancreas to control blood sugar levels in the body […]

20 Benefits of Coffee For Skin And Hair #1 Beauty Treatments

Not only beneficial for the health of the body (See: Health benefits of drinking black coffee), coffee also can be useful for the beauty such as facial beauty, skin care, hair beauty and so on. Coffee is very effective in helping to reduce cellulite skin. It is one of materials of list of herbal beauty […]

40 Benefits of Castor Oil For Health, Beauty, Skin & Hair

We know, since a long time ago castor oil has been in use in traditional medicine, like as a laxative and anti-inflammatory. However, beside than medical purposes, castor oil has been found to be useful for a range of industrial applications nowadays. its contains several substances, there are ricinoleat acid, sebacic acid, dicarboxylic acid, iodine, […]

19 Health Benefits of Using Mustard Oil In Cooking

So far, people only know the Mustard as a vegetable. We often call it a Caisim for Meatball noodles, or as Cha Caisim. Though Mustard-seed is processed into Mustard oil and condiment such as seasoning or sauce. In India, Mustard oil is known as quite important oil for cooking Additionally Mustard oil is also an […]

44 Uses and Benefits of Witch Hazel for Health & Beauty

Witch Hazel, or known by it’s Latin name as Hamamelis Virgiana is an herbal plant from North America, which used for many treatment. Although many people are not familiar with this plant, Witch Hazel can be utilized its leaves, bark, twigs and even its drying branch. Witch Hazel is a herbaceous plant with a height […]

40 Health Benefits of Drinking High Ph Water (#Beauty)

Forget about fat, calories, on blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone abnormalities and signs or other health parameters. It turned out that the most important measure for your health is the pH of your body’s blood and tissues, it is means how acidic or alkaline your body fluids. Keep the pH of your body fluids, automatically […]

37 Health Benefits of Lebanese Zaatar (No.1 Super)

What is Zaatar? Zaatar is a food that has been famous in the Middle East which is made from a mixture of Thyme, Sesame Seeds, Sumac and Salt. It is a combination with a unique flavor. The way to make Zaatar very simple, just prepare this ingredients: 2 tablespoons of minced fresh Thyme, 2 tablespoons […]