Benefits of Vaseline on Your Breast Size Are Facts or Myths?

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Vaseline is probably one of the well known skin care brands which benefits have been proven scientifically and clinically. There are even billion people around the world who are depending on Vaseline for their skin care to deal with chopped lips because Vaseline has incredible benefits of homemade lip balm, cracked skin or dry elbows. However, do you ever consider the benefits of Vaseline on your breast?

Does Applying Vaseline Affect Your Breast?

Speaking of breast, most women are dreaming of having bigger or firm breast and a lot of them are willing to do everything to make that dream comes true. When they heard about the possibility of Vaseline to increase the breast size, without thinking twice, they will try it right away, though of course some information below is really important to know.

  1. Breast Size is Determined by Genetic and Body Weight Not the Vaseline

Vaseline is made of natural wax and mineral oils which are extremely good for skin health. There are a lot of health benefits of Vaseline for skin but one thing to ensure that it may have no effect to the size of your breast because the size of breast is determined by genetic and body weight. The menstrual cycle when certain hormones are dominant could affect the size of your breast as well but only temporarily.

  1. The Massage May Likely Affect Your Breast Not the Vaseline

If you feel that after applying Vaseline the size of your breast is increased, probably it is not because of the Vaseline but more likely because of the massage you have done to your breast. Some muscles will become relax and the firmness increased, so the effect you will feel like the size of your breast is increasing. The benefits of Vaseline are similar to the benefits of coconut oil for breast massage.

  1. Vaseline May be Helpful to Maintain the Health of Your Breast Skin

However, applying Vaseline to your breast has nothing to do with your breast size but it could affect the firmness of your breast skin significantly. It means, you could still apply it regularly to maintain the health of your breast skin.

  1. There Is No Clinically Evidence about This Claim

No matter how many people have written in the internet about the effectiveness of Vaseline in increasing their breast size but the fact is there is no clinically evidence of those claim. So, don’t waste your time doing something that has no effect at all.

  1. Vaseline May Affects the Firmness of Your Breast but Not the Size

One of the reasons why there are a lot of people who are claiming that Vaseline is effective to increase the breast size is probably because it could affect the firmness of the skin in your breast. When you feel the firmness, it may give the effect that somehow your breast is growing in size when the fact is not.

Those are the five important things you should know about the relation of Vaseline and your breast. So, there is no such thing like Vaseline could increase your breast size. It may able to enhance the firmness of your breast because it has good affects to your breast skin when it becomes healthier and firm.

How to Increase Breast Size?

The next question that may appear in your mind after you know that Vaseline will do nothing to the size your breast is what you should do to increase the breast size. There are several factors that affect your breast size:

  • First is genetic. Yes, it is a totally genetic when a woman has big breast or small breast. It means, if your mother has big breast, the possibility of you genetically having big breast is higher. It is natural.
  • Second is body weight. Yes, it is also true that sometimes when you gain weight it may affect your breast size as well. It is one of the natural ways of your body to make it look in a good proportion.
  • Third is affected by menstrual cycle. During menstrual period, some hormones may affect your breast so it may look bigger than usual but it is only temporarily.

From the three factors about you could see that nothing you could do to increase your breast size naturally though there are a lot of claims that certain types of exercise could help increasing both the size and the firmness. Well, firmness is possible but not the size but the firmness of your breast may give significant effect like your breast is somehow growing in size. So, what you should do to increase the breast size? Actually there is one solution; it is breast augmentation surgery. However, before you decided to choose this solution, there are some things you should consider first.

  • The risk is high. Yes, risks like breast pain, bleeding, bruising and infection are likely to happen. Moreover, the procedure may affect the natural sensitivity of your breast because the procedure may affect the nerve systems around the breast.
  • The process is painful. Though you have heard there are a lot of people out there or even your friends have been doing this kind of procedure and getting the breast size they have been dreaming of. There is one thing you have no idea; it is the painful process they have been experiencing. So, if you want to do it, you should make sure that you are ready to face the process, no matter what.
  • The result may miss your expectation. Well, no matter how good you plan something, there is always a possibility that sometimes may go wrong like the result of the surgery is far away from your expectation. When it happens, you cannot blame your doctor, instead you could accept it or do another surgery and get through all the painful process all over again.
  • The cost is high. It is also important for you to consider because not only the risk that is high but also the cost. The more experience the doctor is the higher the cost you should pay. It is not only about the cost during the surgery but also the cost after that because you need to do regular check up, maintenance and many more to keep your breast in its best performance.

Well, if you ready to face the risks, the painful process, the possibility of getting result lower than your expectation and lose some money to increase your breast size and then it is your decision to do it or not.