Benefits of Tempeh for Brain – The Incredible Brain Food You Should Know

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In some Asia regions like Indonesia and Malaysia, tempeh is a type of food that is easily underestimated because it is cheap and mostly made traditionally by the locals and only available in traditional market. Little did they know, Japan has claimed tempeh as part of their registered national food due to its high nutrients content and sold in quite high price in several well known super markets in Japan. It is because not a lot of people have realized about the health benefits of organic tempeh.

Nutrients Facts of Tempeh

For you who have been complaining of eating tempeh almost every day should know about the nutrient facts of tempeh which is well known as incredibly healthy food.

Tempeh (Cooked)

Serving Size: 113 grams

NutrientsDRI (%)Fatty AcidsDRI (%)
Protein21 gram (41%)Omega 3 Fatty Acid0.14 g (6%)
Carbohydrate11 gram (5%)Omega 6 Fatty Acid2.86 g
Total Fat13 gram (17%)
Dietary Fiber12 gram (43%)
Calories222 (12%)
VitaminsDRI (%)MineralsDRI (%)
Vitamin B10.06 mg (5%)Calcium109 mg (11%)
Vitamin B20.4 mg (31%)Copper0.6 mg (68%)
Vitamin B32.4 mg (15%)Iron2.4 mg (13%)
Vitamin B60.23 mg (14%)Magnesium87 mg (21%)
Vitamin B120.16 mcg (7%)Manganese1.5 mg (63%)
Folate23.8 mcg (6%)Phosphorus287 mg (41%)
Pantothenic Acid0.5 mg (10%)Potassium455 mg (10%)
Sodium16 mg (1%)
Zinc2 mg (16%)

Tempeh has super low glycemic index, zero cholesterol but high in water content (67.5 gram per 113 gram tempeh). Moreover, tempeh is packed with vitamin B complex including folate which is good for brain health and nerve system and Omega 3 fatty acids health benefits that are commonly found in fish oil. In other words, the benefits of tempeh for brain are not myth instead the list below will tell you in details.

  1. Excellent Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Now you know that for the health benefits of omega 3 fish oil is not the only source because you also could get it from some soy-based products, including tempeh.

  1. Soy-Based Protein for Brain Cells

There are two types of protein, plant-based protein and animal-based protein. No matter how important animal-based protein is for body metabolism, plant-based protein has more prominent role in maintaining the brain cells.

  1. Prevents Iron Deficiency

From the table of nutritional fact above you could see that tempeh is packed with essential minerals including iron. Iron deficiency could lead to some problems in the brain function. So consuming tempeh could help preventing iron deficiency significantly.

  1. Improves Memory and Focus

Tempeh is one of the foods that high in protein content. Protein has essential role in affecting of how people memorizing and maintaining their focus.

  1. Increases Cognitive Function

Some scientific studies have found out that tempeh is containing all the essential nutrients that could help increasing the cognitive function.

  1. Excellent for Children during Development Stage

Mothers should realize that giving tempeh regularly to their children during development stage is super essential to prevent stunting that could affect their brain development.

  1. Folate to Support Brain Development

It is a common knowledge that health benefits of folic acid or folate is super essential for brain development not only for children under development stage but also optimizing the brain development of the fetus during pregnancy.

  1. Optimizes the Production of RBCs

The existence of iron and other essential minerals are essential to the production of RBCs or Red Blood Cells. RBCs has essential role in distributing oxygen and nutrients to the whole body cells including the brain cells.

  1. Packed with Potent Antioxidants

The main role of antioxidants found in tempeh is preventing the oxidative stress especially in the brain cells.

  1. Contains Essential Minerals to Boost Brain Health

From the table of nutritional facts above you could see that tempeh is packed with all the essential minerals from all the health benefits of iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc up to the health benefits of potassium.

  1. Helpful in Regulating Normal Blood Flow

One of the main benefits of foods that packed with complete mineral contents is good in regulating normal blood flow. Normal blood flow means your brain will get enough nutrients and oxygen to optimize its function.

  1. The Presents of Niacin Prevents Some Nerve Conditions

Niacin is another name of vitamin B which has essential role in preventing some nerve conditions such as Parkinson diseases.

  1. Powerful Source of Protein

Protein has essential role in brain health because it has responsible to produce the key neurotransmitter; a brain chemical that has essential role in controlling the way you learn and remember.

  1. Prevents Some Degenerative Brain Diseases

It is a common knowledge that all foods that contain essential brain nutrients like what you have found in tempeh may be helpful to prevent some degenerative brain diseases.

  1. Healthy Probiotic Food

The health benefits of probiotic food for brain are really essential because the good bacteria contained in tempeh could affect your mood and your mental health. In other words, it could affect the way you use your brain to make decision.

Tempeh May Not for Everyone

Aside from the fact that there are a lot of incredible health benefits of tempeh for brain still you should know that tempeh is probably not for everyone.

  • Tempeh is made from soy. It means, those who are allergic to soy should avoid tempeh at all cost no matter how healthy this food for them.
  • You should aware that today, there are two types of soy beans; first is organic and second is soy bean with GMO. Consuming soy bean with GMO or Genetically Modified Organism in long term could cause some health conditions.
  • Some studies also stated that soy bean may contain specific compound well known as goitrogen. This compound could affect the thyroid function negatively when consumed by those with specific health condition like impaired thyroid function.

Well, the benefits of tempeh for brain are incredible to know. However, you should be super careful with the option of tempeh available in the marketplace. It seems like buying tempeh from traditional market which is made traditionally from the locals and made from organic soy bean they have been growing themselves are healthier option in this matter.